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Blue Wing School, Victoria, Australia
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By John, 7, Australia

Wayne likes to play and loves to fly. He is helpful to other creatures. He gets along with other dragons because he is friendly. Wayne loves to eat meat.



By Kenny, 8, Victoria, Australia

Drago likes to eat meat and he likes to fly. He dislikes fruit and vegetables. He's good at breathing fire. His favorite thing to eat is meat. His favorite colr is red and yellow.



By David, 7, Victoria, Australia.

My dragon likes to read books and he eats meat. He likes to fly in the sky and he is blue.


Shadow Fury

By Alex, 8, Victoria, Australia

Shadow Fury likes to fly and play with fireballs. He is good at games. His favorite game is fireball. Shadow Fury is a friendly dragon.



By Tina, 6, Victoria, Australia

Sunshine likes to fly and she sings. She loves red roses because they make her feel good.



By Manh, 8, Victoria, Australia

Ice likes to read and draw. He likes to eat ice. He lives in an ice cave.



By Caitlyn, 6, Victoria, Australia

Rose loves hugs and she gives you hugs and kisses. Her favourite color is red.



By Deng, 8, Victoria, Australia

Dragonball is a hero, he is a prince. He dislikes evil. He is 10 years old. dragonball is good at inventing things. His favorite thing to do is disco dancing.



By Natalia, 7, Victoria, Australia

My dragon is a good dragon. She likes to play. She helps dragons that are hurt. She has travelled all aound the world to help any hurt dragons. She likes Dragonsville because it is fun.



By Manu, 7, Victoria, Australia

Jack likes to play and play games with me. He likes to play down ball. Dragon Jack also likes school.


The Naming Pool

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