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The Cave of Fame
Outside Kids' Castle

Monsey, New York, US

Dear Sarah,
Thanks for the letter, I love reading messages from you humans. Do you really think I look fierce and independent? It must be the portrait outside the cave that made you decide that.
All the dragons are very well, thank you.
I hope you have a good week too!


Firetooth ()

The Story Scroll
Outside Kids' Castle

Maranocook Middle School
Manchester, Maine, US

Dear Jamie,
What an interesting saying that you know. I think that that might be a saying from a long time ago when those nasty knights were riding around the countryside trying to attack us.
We are peaceful and friendly, and do not eat people at all anymore.

Dracospeare ()

The Naming Pool
Outside Kids' Castle

Cedar Park, Texas, US

Dear Stephanie,
Hello again. We've seen you around here before haven't we?
I love being in charge of the Naming Pool. I get to lie by the calming waters of it every day and relax.
The best thing about this job has to be that I know every dragon from the moment that they are named, and so when I wander around the village everyone says hello to me as they know me too!
Bye for now,

Emerald ()

The Portal of Tidings
Outside Kids' Castle

Washington DC, US

Dear Nicole,
I love gossip so thanks for the news about your puppy.
By the way, all of us Dragons are glad that think dragons are good - because we are!

Greentoes ()

The Cavern
Outside Kids' Castle

Holcome Brook Primary School
Bury, England

Dear Jack,
Did you really write a story with me in it? Wow, that is so cool. I wish I was able to read it. I've never read a story with myself in it before, unless I visit the Instant story pages and put my own name in the form there.

The Mayor (76)


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