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Dragon Ages

By Ashley, Dragon Researcher., 11, Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Dragons do not age as we humans. We can live for a maximum of about 100 years. Dragons can live a maximum of a million!

A dragon is an infant until it is about 30 years old. A dragon under that age cannot speak to humans, but they are born with a special dragon language with whistles and squeaks like that of dolphins. As with the Divine Realm dragon, also known (at least by me) as the Mammalian Dragon, this language can also can be used to call up small spells used for simple tasks (like unlocking doors).

Most dragons have wings from birth, but they are almost always too small to fly. A dragon "gets its wings" at different ages, depending on the dragon. The latest a dragon gets its wings is 1000 years, like the Mammalian Dragon. The type of dragon that gets it the earliest is an Aquatic dragon. They get it when they are only a century(100 years)!

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