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Why are dragons so popular?

From Megan, 10, Canada Barrie

Why are dragons so popular? Alot of boys think that they are really cool but I think that they're just like dinosaurs, that died and will never come back. I think that they are sort of stupid stories sometimes, too. My Dad bought me this dragon statue that's made of clay or something like that, and I think it's sort of cool because my Dad bought it for me and I got the best one. That's what I think.

From Kristen, 9, Barrie, Canada

--->Why Are Dragons So Popular<---

Well, why are they popular?
Well I think that they are so popular because boys like them!!!

From Nita, 10, U.S.A

They are probably popular because they blow out fire.

From Danny, 11, Telford, UK

Dragons are probaly popular because are their mythic status. Throughout the ages, there has been stories, books, carvings, ect about them.
They are supposed to have magical powers, they fly and they are tied in with many stories of knights and kings.
ItÂ’s the human nature to be inquisitive and curious, so a huge, powerful, flying magic beast is one heck of a thing to ponder, especially when they have been talked about in the olden days en masse.
Dragons shouldnt be as popular as they are, but.. if i could find out three things in the world, it would be:
1. Secret of Life
2. Is god True?
3. Are dragons,vampires and werewolves real?

From Michelle, 11, Chesterfeild, Missouri, US

Hello, I think dragons are popular because they have powers. They are used in video games and movies so that also promotes their popularity.

From Sian, 11, Croydon, England

I think dragons are popular for a million different reasons. Probably the main ones are:

A. We don't understand them. Its human nature to investigate things we don't understand. If we weren't like that, we wouldn't be here. Also, if you don't understand something, it means you can make things up about it and no one can say your wrong because they don't understand it.
B. Dragons are different. Because 'everything' can be explained, people become bored. When your bored, you want something to interest you, something unusual. Dragons have magical powers, they can breathe fire, they are the only other creature that can speak like humans. People are interested. If your interested, that you like it, you want to know more.

From Wail, 12, Athens, Georgia, US

I think dragons are popular because they have many magical talants, unlike the creatures that live here on earth, and we humans just find that fasinating, though I must admit, I'd go for a book about vampires over a book about dragons any day!

From Jason, 10, Marlboro, New Jersey, US

Why should dragons be so popular? They are not even real. why can't a unicorn be the most famous. I guess kids think they are cool. But why are they cool? Kids like the fact that they breath fire.
But wait, I can make up an animal. Its name is Bagin. It breathes water. Now, why isn't that popular?
We don't even know as much information as for any other REAL animal!
They shouldn't be so popular. Now everybody remember about Bagin (it breathes water

From Parker, 11, North Carolina, US

Why are dragons so popular? Sure there cool but don't you think there over rated? Kinda like Sponge bob and The Simpsons?

From Shirley, 11, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I think dragons are so popular because, well, they're so... unusual. They have mystical powers, they breathe fire... I think it's basically because there are so many varieties of dragons. They are just a great subject for books, movies... practically everything!

From Ben, 10, Regina, Saskachewan, Canada

How come dragons are so popular in books, movies and other things? What makes them so popular?


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