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What is your favourite type of dragon?

From Will, 12, weybride

An ice dragon is a type of dragon that lives in the north pole it breaths hot ice

From Sibert, 16, Millville, NJ, USA

I like MacDougall's dragons in her book series. But I also like drakes, yellow dragons, ice-breathing dragons, and I like talking dragons.

From Camilla, 12, Peterborough, England.

My favourite type of dragon is the water dragon because: they are green and blue to look like their surroundings, and they are very different from other types of dragon due to the fact that they have a snake like body, and fins instead of wings. They are very beautiful and if caught can grant you seven wishes,though they are hard to catch. They have small heads with slanted blue eyes and have no legs.

From Hailey, 8, Australia

My favorite type of dragon is the dark green furry in places kind. I like them because of their colour. I find dragons very interesting. They're very cool.

From Mehnaz, 7, Goffs oak

I love dragons because they are very sweet.

From Jodie, 11, Carlton, Nottingham, England

I have heard of a rare dragon called the ice dragon.I know a bit about it ,but not much.Please tell me more.

From Charlotte, 11, England

I once read a story about an English dragon and it said WHAT DRAGONS LOOKED LIKE which I thought was brilliant! It said they looked like lizards, that they sometimes couldn't fly because their wings were too small, and that when they were scared or angry smoke would come out of their nostrils. They also 'had bits of lions and eagle thrown in for good measure'. Personally I thought it was a brilliant description.

From Anna, 11, Hong Kong

Well, to me I just love the Chinese dragon and the Green Welsh dragon. Although both dragons have different looks and style, both of them are just awsome.

From Jodie, 11, Carlton, Nottingham, England

My favourite dragon is the rare crystal dragon since it creates ice giant dragon sculptures made out of pure ice.

From Kelsey, 8, Glasgow, Scotland

My favourite type of dragon is a Loopus Turtle Back who`s best friends are both dragons plus turtles. A loopus Turtle Back is always a girl and lives near the sea. She lives near the sea so she can talk to her turtle friends.

From Lisa, 11, Buderim, Queensland, Australia

I reackon dragons are the coolest ever. Thanks.

From Alison, 11, Monsey, New York , US

My favorite dragon is the Green Welsh dragon, which is also in Harry Potter. It seems fantastic and energetic, and you could fly it if you want to. But you would have to train it hard first, or it would let fly its fire on you.

From Tiger, 9, Huddersfield, UK

My favourite type of dragon is the Frost Dragon. My reasons for this are as follows:
- they are fieresome
- they have many types of attacks - horns, frost blast, tail (that can stab and whip), thick ice like spines and claws.
- they are the top preditor in the artic regions, eating giant squid, polar bears, orca, walrus and leopard seals.
- they can grow as an adult up to 40 feet long; 12 - 15 feet high.
- their colours are tremendous, as they camaflouge the dragon perfectly, because they are as follows: pure white or white tinged with blue or pink.
- they are very strong because it hollows its own cave out of a glacier or ice berg.
- they migrate and fly thousands of miles each year, to spend the greater part of the year in their favoured dark places, hunting for food. As the ice berg, they are nesting on floats, they find they have less milage, to fly, to get to the north or south poles.
- frost dragons are the hardest dragons to tame because they need artic climates

From Tristen, 11, Colony,Texas, US

I think that all dragons are awesome, but my favourite is the mexicon dragon.

From Stephanie, 11, Cedar Park, Texas, US

I love all types of dragons. I don't think I have a favorite.

From Joe, 11, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My favourite type of dragon is a Chinese dragon, a Frost dragon, and an European dragon. Although I like all dragons, those are my favourites.

From Olle, 14, Värnamo, Sweden

I live in sweden. I like ALL dragons.

From Amber, 9, West Hartford, Conneticut, US

I like all dragons. Each dragon is uniqe and special in its own way. Dragons are very special creatures. Not everyone gets to meet a dragon you know!

From David, 12, Tarleton

My best ever dragon is a red one with fire coming out of his head.

From Derry, 10, Cullercoats, UK

Firetooth is my favourite dragon because he is so cool and can breathe fire. He also owns The Cave of Fame.

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