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By Amanda, 8, Bloomington Indiana

Introducing..Megan the Dragon Rose!! The purple dragon Meagan loves roses, they make her very happy and loving. When ever she gets a new rose, she makes sure that 5 more friends are happy. She does special things to help them. If she doesn't have a rose she will turn white and be sad.
She has a habit of filling rivers with her sad tears. So next time you see a dragon, make sure you give her a rose.
In the water you can tell if it is her tear drop, because it is purple and has a rose in the center. So watch the rivers closely!!


By Gabs, 11, Farncombe

Sey is a very big dragon she is very sweet she is looking for dragon of her dreams wich will be some brave and courageous dragon. She works in the naming pool and likes to look after all the baby dragons. She caries one rose she will only give it to the dragon she marries.


By Aaron, 12, London

Chris The Dragon

Chris is a hard working dragon also a hero.
He has cured alot of people, with his burning fire. Once he helped a little kid that was in need of help, a snake attacked him and suddenly the dragon came to the rescue and blew his fire and the snake disapeared.


By Yolanda, 12, Hawaii

Brendan loves to play the base. He lives in Hawaii, and does all kinds of shows while doing the hula. He wears flowers on his head, even though he's a boy. "I have an exotic, fun life. And in my will it says that I will give coins to all the poor dragons in Dragonsville."


By Emma, 10, Nottingham, UK

Babs is a very shy dragon. He like to be played with. He is 2 year old and likes to eat all his dinners and get praised. He goes to school every day and he always get on with his work.


By Desiree, 10, Vermont, US

He LOVES painting.He sells his painting for money to buy more paints paper and paint brushes. When Arty is older he wants to be an artist.


By Kerri, 11, Knock, Belfast

my name is kaboozle. I am a young 5 year old dragon. The past 5 years of my life have been so full of adventures, that I would love to tell you about all of them.
Well when I was 1 I ventured into the Evil Canevil`s castle. His guards spotted me and chased me all around the castle. Then my mum, Boozleka, came and saved me. Well that's all, I`ll tell you more about my other adventures another time.


By Yasmin, 10, Costessey, Norwich, UK

Billy is a very talented Dragon and he always has been ever since he was about two years old. He is talented because when people see him he's sitting down by a tree studying for tommorows exams.
Sometimes he has a bit of fun but chances are if you ask him to come and play with you he will just say he has to much studying to do.
His family are very proud of him but his brother isn't because he never wants to play with his little brother Harry. For his birthday he always wants books and even more books and he's never had one single birthday party in his life because he even studies on his birthday.


By Natalie, 11, Troy, Ohio

Inky is a very busy dragon painting everything he sees in Dragonsville. He paints red roses orange, the grass green, and the sky purple! He is only 3 and very artistic and creative! He knows the difference between abstractive and Natural! He is also very smart and can tell you about any artist from the top of his head. "My mother gave me the name Inky because I was pitch black when I was born," Inky told me, "I miss her very much from her death of a knight. I will someday kill that man with a paint tablet and and a paint brush."


By Lindsay, 11, Columbia, US

Dreamer got his name by doing just that! dreaming! He likes to play the dragonflute and he's quite good at it. He dreams about butter dragons, great dragons, colorful skyies and friends.


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