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By Stacey, 11, Neverton, UK

Daisy is 7years old and likes to act like a real baby! she loves dolls and playing with her younger sisters Dopey and Danielle. She was born in Dragons Ville on the 5th April and weighed 2lb at birth. so it is lucky she is alive now!. She attends Dragon High School and she is in year 2. Her favourite subjects are Spanish(she likes to learn a new language), English[she is great at that cause obviously she's english) and Drama(Daisy is a real drama queen-and loves acting in front of who ever is around). Daisy's mum;s name is Dumpling cause her favourite meal she likes to make is-DUMPLINGS!!!. Dumpling works as a Doctor at D.D.D Doctors and loves the taste of blood. Daisy's dad's name is Dudley he works as a fire fighter at the fire station-Dragon Fighters and has not long ago been promoted to the hours of 2.00am-6.00pm he must be sleeping now!


By Ashley, Dragon Researcher, 11, Indianapolis, USA

Rosebelly is a 500-year-old Dragonsville-type dragon.
She has gotten her wings already, and enjoys flying around her cave territory. She was born in this same cave.
Her mother was never found (male dragons alone can raise their young), but her father was named Flametail. Her one brother was stolen as an egg. Rosebelly, like all Dragonsville-type dragons, is very kind to human beings, even after they had stolen her brother's egg.


By Jeevi, 9, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Dragor is a huge dragon. He is 9 years old. He has 2 dragon friends named Lee Fire and Lee Ice. He also has 3 bug friends named Bee
Grass, Bee Rock and Bee Light. He didn't have any parents because before he was born (hatched) a monster, Keiko came to eat him but his parents didn't let him so he ate them instead. Now he lived with his grandpa and his grandma.

He likes to play with his friends. He is
good at making huge fire/ice balls but he can't fly. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't fly. The thing he liked most is fighting in a tournament.

Now it is his time to travel because Keiko, the monster who killed his parents is in the annual Dragon tournament. But to fight with him, Dragor needs to get 10 starchips. To get the 10 starchips he needs to beat 10 dragons. Those dragons must be gym leaders. Each gym leader will give him a starchip when he defeats him in a fight.

Dragor learned how to fly and flew away with his friends to challenge the gym leaders. During his journey, whenever someone asked for his help, he was always willing to do so. Like when another dragon got stuck in the mountain, Dragor helped him out. He liked it best when he was with his friends and did not make any friends on his way.

On reaching the tournament with 10 starchips, he had a big fight with Keiko. Finally he won the tournament by killing Keiko. By this his got Dragonville rid of this monster and became a famous Dragon.

Fire Breather

By Ryan, 7, Wellington, New Zealand

The dragon called Fire Breather likes to breathe fire and fight. He fought the knights and the archers. He breathes fire at the castle. The castle was on fire from his hot breath. He fought and fought the troops until he was so angry he let out a huge fireball from his mouth. The troops all zoomed into a tree. Then the troops came back out again once Fire Breather had gone.

The End


By Vikki, 12, Coalville, Leicestershire

Well you might just be able to guess what Clumsy is like by his name, yep he's clumsy. Clumsy really liked Rose but she didn't go near hom becuse he was so clumsy. Although being clumsy helped him become famous, you see it all started when Clumsy was taking his ordinary morning stroll...
Clumsy was just walking along when he spotted a group of knights planning to attack Dragons Ville!!! Well he was just about to run back to tell everyone when he tripped and got some dust up nose. Oh no is what you'r saying to yourself when really it should be YES! This is because when clumsey did this he fell facing the knights so when he sneezed he blew fire which scared the knights off. Rose saw this so she went back with Clumsy and Clumsy got crowned hero of the week. Oh and him and Rose lived happily ever after!


By Krystal, 12, Columbia, SC

Flower was an only child. When she was 3 her mom had to give her away. Flower lived with the lord and the lady until she was 23 years old. Flower moved away and tried to find her mother. On her trip she met Sam. He was the only male dragon that was not that smart. She fell in love with him and they had two kids. At the age of 34 she found her mother. They lived in the castle until her mother died. When she died she moved far away and nobody has seen her since.


By Chloe, 10, Nottingham, UK

Lula is the dragon of everyones dreams she is beautiful, graceful and kind, above all things she would never harm a living dragon. She prefers to write love stories and poem and sings to her hearts content. She walks with a rose in her hand as a symbol of love. She is the fairest lady dragon in all of Nottingham and every man dragon she walks past is crazily in love with her for ever and ever. (May 2007)


By Lauren, 12, Granbury, Texas, USA

Hello, my dragon's name is Lily. She likes long moonlight walks on the beach and a warm fire to cuddle up to. She likes to eat smores and peanut butter but not together lol, she hates the sound of her alarm clock in the morning and she hates not being warm she likes to always have somone to tuck her in at night and she is single. (May 2005)


By Emma, 8, Sutton in Ashfield

Whiskers was creative and still is. He loves eating and reading, but mostly he likes being sweet. Whiskers lives by the sea and absolutely loves swimming. Whiskers is lonely and sometimes gets upset, but whiskers is happy with his family and friends!


By Megan, 12, Mt.Morris, IL, US

Benard was a dragon that always spoke his mind. He loved to read he was a great student at his school. He went to Farrley's School For Gifted Dragons.
He helped many other dragons become heros as well. He is well known for his work on Acilleous the most famous dragon of all time. Benard was the best dragon of all time.


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