Chapter Four

by Randwick C E Primary School

"What?" yelled Petunia.

"Salt, it makes slugs shrivel up and die."

Daisy got some salt out from her pocket (Cook had sent her into the kitchen garden with this to kill the slugs), and threw it at Captain Slug, but the evil Captain dodged it.

"Ha ha, I'm too quick for you!" Captain Slug chuckled.

A baby Pinkerellian that had stowed away in a duct vent appeared through the air conditioning system and shouted "They're behind you."

"Quick!" shouted Captain Pinash, "into the ship."

Captain Pinash, Proddle, Pazaz, Petunia, Daisy and the baby Pinkerellian, all dashed into the Pinkerellian spaceship. Captain Pinash pressed a fluorescent pink button. The spaceship darted into the orange atmosphere and beyond. The pink fumes filled the starlit galaxy behind them.

The starship Pinkerprise was being hotly pursued by Captain Slug's ship, the Slimy Terror. On the screen came a picture of Captain Slug and his assistants; Zephragog, Spike Shell and Captain Slug's first mate, Snillvix.

"Urrr, Captain Slug's officers are so revolting, they are truly repulsive!" Petunia exclaimed disgustingly.

"I feel sick, I want to go home," Daisy moaned.

"But you can't feel sick, you're a machine!" disagreed Proddle.

"No I am not! I am a real live human being!" Daisy shouted unhappily.

"But we studied you for a week, you tidied when you were told to, you….."

"What are you saying? I'm not a machine, I have feelings, I eat, I breathe, I drink, I make decisions and I sleep, so I am not a robot or a machine!"

"I want to go home, I want to go to the party!"

"There's no going back, you're stuck here now," replied the little Pinkerellian cheekily.

Daisy squealed and screamed and went into a temper.

"Oh, OK!" Captain Pinash sighed, and pressed a rose pink button.


Just then zunk, clunck, plink, plonk, whirr ... the starship Pinkerprize stopped dead.

"Oh dear we seem to have a problem," he cried as the Pinkerprize sped downwards.

"Grab on to something everyone," cried Proddle. "Quick!"

Down, down , down sped the spaceship. Down, down, down until finally ... flump, the Pinkerprize landed with a thump and its nose was embedded in the ground.

Captain Pinash looked at his locator and on the screen were the words Wyoming, USA, Earth, Milky Way, Jurassic Period, Mesozoic Era.

Cautiously they went out and no sooner had they done so than they nearly bumped into a great tree trunk. The tree was joined to a large grey body and the body had three other trees sprouting from it and from the back a long tail hung and out of the front a head was attached to a long neck. It was a colossal, huge, gigantic, terrifying and totally horrifying monster.

Captain Pinash shouted: "Fetch the Shrink-o-matic then we can take this back and maybe trade it for another invention!"

"Maybe to a 20th-century scientist," said Proddle.

"Or to Captain Slug to stop him chasing Daisy," commented Plink.

Pazaz aimed the shrink-o-matic and -- Zap -- the dinosaur was knee high, as cuddly as a retriever.


© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 28th September 1999