Chapter Four

by St Mary's C E Primary School, Tetbury, Glos.


Suddenly, all the lights went a luminescent green colour. Daisy felt herself falling in a multi-coloured spiral. She felt she was going round and round continuously. She was in a whirlpool. Daisy came to a halt and found herself in a silvery landscape. By this time she was feeling very tired.

Daisy noticed the sign in big black writing: EXIT. Trembling she crept to the door and peered out. It looked as though she was in a huge laboratory with lots of different experiments round the room. Anxiously Daisy tip toed out of the spacecraft and examined a huge red machine. While she was looking round the room there was a loud bang and pieces of metal were sent flying. Daisy turned quickly to see what had happened. She saw a tall old man working on the red spaceship that she had seen earlier.

"Excuse me, what was that?" Daisy enquired. "Oh, and do you speak English?"

"Of course I do!" he replied, "What do you think I'd speak?"

"Excuse me for asking!"

The professor apologised and said," I'm sorry, I've got quite a lot on my mind these days. My name is Professor Blib and this is my laboratory. And what is your name?"

"Daisy Dandelion. I'm from planet Earth."

There was a thump and a yippee as the door opened. "This is my assistant Blob. He has opposite feelings. When he's happy he cries, so he must be sad."

" I am feeling really great now after that thump. I feel much better." exclaimed Blob.

Then Blob continued. "Goodbye, my name is Blob."

(Little did they know that Blob was really a first class spy for Captain Slug.)

The professor started to show Daisy round the red flying machine. As Daisy stepped inside, it reminded her of the Pinkerellian space ship, which brought back happy memories. Tears started to roll down Daisy's bright red cheeks. The professor turned round and saw Daisy sobbing in the corner of the machine. He asked what was the matter.

Daisy, struggling to hold back the tears explained what she had gone through. Going down on her knees she begged for the professor's help.

There was a long pause eventually the professor agreed to help. Daisy could use the flying machine to get back to the Pinkerellian base.

Meanwhile in the laboratory Blob was plotting a devious plan to poison the professor, and return Daisy to Captain Slug. The professor then called out to Blob that they were going to take Daisy back to the Pinkerellians.

Quickly Blob put his evil plan into action and stored the poisoned potion in barrels. He put them in the base of the craft and took his place in the control room of the ship. Blob started to count them down "1 2 3 4 5 "


© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 28th September 1999