Chapter Four

By Tutshill C of E Primary School, Chepstow


The Pinkerellians tried their hardest to zoom off but Scumball had caught up with them.

Before you could say Pinkijello dozens of scarlet umbrellas appeared and made a complete circle around the defeated dustbin; the Pinkerellians were trapped in their own spaceship!

Suddenly Scumball himself appeared in a flash of scarlet lightning. The Pinkerellians began to panic.

"At last," he shrieked, " a chance to do the three best things in my entire life, steal your Powermeter, put you in prison and try out my new invention. When you are locked away my invention will win the Rose Cup again!"

He laughed wickedly and rubbed his hands together. He lifted a laser gun and his finger slowly descended onto the trigger.

Daisy and the Pinkerellians started to fade away.

When Daisy regained consciousness she was standing in exactly the same position she had been in on the spaceship. The Pinkerellians were still unconscious, but they were standing up too, apart from Captain Pinash who was sat on nothing but air with his arms outstretched (he had been pushing the controls when the gun had been fired).

Daisy realised they had been transported through space to Scarletina. Then everything went pink.

Meanwhile, on Scarletina, Daisy Two was causing mayhem. She had trampled over a startled Scarletinan, shattered an antique transporter and destroyed one of Scumball's finest inventions.

Daisy felt tired and emotional. It was difficult being away from Earth with a bunch of pink aliens. Captain Pinash was waking up. As he opened his eyes he fell flat on his pink bottom and his little eyes widened in amazement.

"Where am I?" he stuttered, "and what in Pinkijello has happened here?"

It was true, the dungeon they were in looked as if a bomb had just hit it. The walls were made from rubble and the ceiling was crumbling dangerously. As Daisy stared, the other Pinkerellians gradually started to wake up. Plink fell over and landed on his nose and turned purple, Pazaz toppled over backwards and stubbed his toe and Proddle slipped on a pinkanana skin.

The Pinkerellians picked themselves up, huddled together in a corner and whispered quietly. After a lot of shushes from Captain Pinash they finally came over to Daisy and told her the plan.

Pazaz spoke first, "We have thought of a plan, we will lift you up to that gap up there," and he pointed to a hole in the plaster. "Then you will be on your own!"

Captain Pinash pulled a portable Pinkavator out of his bag.

"Hop in," he urged.

On his command Daisy stood on the Pinkavator platform, Pazaz closed the bright pink door and finally Pinash pressed a pink button.

Daisy began to rise up towards the gap in the plaster and then through it into a secret laboratory. She scrambled out. All around her were inventions, each one had either a Rose Cup 1st or 2nd place rosette beside it. She scanned the room until her eyes fixed on a certain invention.

"The Transporter," she yelled. "This is fantastic! Now Scumball will lose this year's Rose Cup and the Pinkerellians will win!"

She lifted the Transporter so that she could read the scarlet buttons and then pointed the end through the gap in the plaster. Daisy found a button with the letter 'P' written on it. She pressed it firmly and as she did so the Pinkerellians disappeared in a blinding flash of pink.


© Cheltenham Festival of Literature 1999
last amended 28th September 1999