Tall Tales from Carbondale

For all of you story lovers out there here is a page of some of the best stuff I've read in ages. What follows is a collection of stories from Carbondale Elementary School, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. That's in the United States of America. All the children are in Grade 3. Careful if you have a weak heart as some of these people sound pretty scary! (Adam Fairchild, Kids On the Net Sub-editor)

Tall Tales began in the 1800s as a way for pioneers to understand the greatness of the America West. A tall tale usually depicts the wild adventures of an extravagantly exaggerated hero, explains the origin of natural landforms/inventions, tackles the fear of huge forests, ferocious creatures, etc. and creates a picture through the use of exaggerations and hyperboles.

Mounty Magnificent
By Andrea, age 9

Once there was a girl named Mounty Magnificent. She could ride like the wind. She had a cat almost as big as a mountain. She was the rootin' tootiest girl in the west. By the way her cats name was Snowball that's because she is as white as snow. Mounty Magnificent lives in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, U.S.A. She is catching bad guys. In her spare time she plays her guitar and plays it as sweet as a bird. I reckon she's has caught 40 villains. Yep 40 villains and she was only nine. Plus there was plenty more bad guys. Mounty Magnificent one day was sitting on her porch step playing her guitar when she saw a tornado! She ran as fast as a bullet when she got on her cat and went after that darn tornado. She lassoes that darn tornado and dragged the tornado through the land and created the Glenwood Canyon. The town threw a party for Mounty Magnificent and Snowball for saving the town and they lived happily ever after. THE END

Annie the Funny Giant
By Olivia, age 8

Once there was a giant named Annie she was as fast as a car. Annie the Giant was strong, super duper strong as Pecos Bill and Pecos Bill was strong as Annie. Annie the giant lived in Arizona and built the Grand Canyon.

The Perfect Friend
By Mariah, age 8

Once there was a prince named Nick. He was the bravest, clumsiest and most confused boy in the land. He lived in Holland with his adoptive parents. Nick was definitely a royal. He was as royal as a darn king. At this time Nick was in school. He dressed in very high fashion and everyone made fun of him. Nobody wanted to be his friend. So he bought a dog, yep a dog. The dog's name was Mixy. Mixy was as fast as darn lighting. Mixy and Nick were stuck together like glue. They where best pals. Nick took good care of Mixy. In fact Nick gave Mixy the best care he could. Then one day Nick got so mad that his face was as red as fire. Then he started an earthquake! So he warned everyone and they were all safe. Nick was a hero! That night he looked at the stars and created the moon. Mixy and Nick decided to live on the moon. So they did. THE END

Anthon the Roper
By Renee, age 9

One day Anthony the Roper said, "I am a sharp shooter, a great boy and a strong person." And he said, "I am going to save you from Kito the badger. I live in Texas it is a hot cooking place over there in Texas." One day a tornado came and I dragged it as fast as a horse. Anthony the Roper dragged the tornado and made the Bryce Canyon by dragging the tornado as fast as lightning and that was the end of Anthony. He ran away as fast as a horse.

Ringo Dingo & Crockdocky
By Taylor, age 9, Year 3

Once there was a kangaroo named Ringo Dingo. He played in 1000 races, he had 1000 gold medals. He was a solid gold winner. When he was a baby he ran 1000 laps in 2 seconds.
Crockdock was not an ordinary crocodile. He could blow fire at the speed of light. He lived in Hawaii. He was very, very strong for a baby.
Ringo Dingo vs. Crockdock the first race started at 5:00am. It takes 4 seconds to win. You would not believe it, they tied yes they did it 7 times more.
Ringo Dingo was in First. He was running and stubbed his toe and created the Swamps of Florida. Crockock sneezed and created the Rocky Mountains - he almost made the people a part of the Mountain!

Nooky The Giant Who Creates Snowmass
By Adrianna, age 8

There once was a giant boy named Nooky. That Nooky was very dumb. He was strong as a mouse, yep as a mouse. He was darn clumsy, yep darn clumsy just like a mummy. Every mornin' Nooky goes to school. But it seemed like Nooky just didn't understand. Gosh all I can say is Nooky was as dumb as a Dodo bird. Oh by the way did I mention that Nooky lived all over Colorado. The teacher had to use microphones.
As that big ole' giant Nooky slumped his darn clumsy self around. As he grabbed onto the ground to pull himself up he created the Snowmass Mountain. From then on he never fell. But Nooky is still as darn dumb as a Dodo bird.

Paul Bunyan the Giant
By Yesenia, age 9

There once was a giant named Paul Bunyan. He did his best to work a lot to help people so they would be fine. Paul Bunyan was as strong as Michael Jackson. When Paul Bunyan ate he gave food to other darn people. Paul Bunyan lived in Arizona. I reckon he worked by chopping trees all root'n toot'n day. He worked at the National Forest with his pa and ma. He worked by helping people at farms and houses. One day he found an ox it was blue because it was freezing root'n toot'n cold. Paul Bunyan created the Grand Canyon by breaking the rocks. He created it with his ox babe who he worked with him because he had horns and he could break rocks just like Paul Bunyan. THE END.

Hartt Logger
By Jacob, age 8

Once there was a man named Hartt Logger. He was the fastest logger in all of the land. He had two axes to chop trees. He could chop a Christmas tree just like that. He could also chop a school in half just by barley hitting it. These were the four things he liked to do. Chop huge trees, chop wood houses, chop huge roots, chop big trees. If it was just a little tree all he would have to do is flick it and then the tree would fall just like that. Then this man named Bob said, "I can beat you."
Hart said, "I reckon."
"I can beat you."
"Oh no you can't." said Hartt Logger.
So they went home and Hartt Logger was getting ready for bed. He got in bed then Bob was going to play a trick on Hartt Logger while he was sleeping like a baby. So Bob sneaked into Hartt Logger's house. He had shaving cream, grass and some markers. He started with the shaving cream, then the grass then the markers. Then Hartt Logger woke up and said, "What are you doing?"
"That's it!" said Hartt Logger. "I'm going to have a contest with you at Mt. Sopris."
They were both at Mt. Sopris. This man said,
"Get ready, get set and go."
Bob was slow. Hartt Logger chopped 15 trees in one second. Behind him it looked like Mt. Sopris is made out of logs. They made Mt. Sopris together and used logs. And they felt like fire. That is how Mt. Sopris was made. Hartt Logger chopped like mad. Hartt Logger was mad, really mad. All the wood was gone, they had a tie!

By Bryce, age 9

Once upon a time a boy started to the west. This boy could run a root'n toot'n mile within a split second. His name was Ringo. Now you see Ringo was a western fella'. He lived in the wild west. His ma' was the best root'n toot'n cook this side of Tennessee. As usual Ringo went to Roaring Fork High. One night a bully challenged Ringo to a race. Ringo said I'll do it. The bully said, '' I'll use my motor bike.'' So they set off. Ringo ran so fast that he made dents in the ground. The bully's motor bike caught on a rock and crashed! Ringo won! And the bully was never seen again. THE END

Penny the Bravest
By Anthony, age 8

Once there was a guy named Penny. He ran all over the night and all the day. Penny ran as fast a rocket flame. Then he stopped! He saw a tornado out of the corner of his eye. Baby Sandhrey, and I reckon it took him home. He created the Royal Arch by running so darn fast. The Royal Arch was 3,000 feet high.

John Diaper Pamper
By David, age 8

There once was a boy named John Diaper Pamper. He had lightening power and he was as goofy as a donkey. He was strong with his hands. He was as enormous like a whole earth. He lived in Mount Sopris. He liked to put the sun out, because it is too bright. He liked the moon, it is very cool. John Diaper used his lightening power to put the moon rocks back on the moon. One day John Diaper Pamper fell from Mount Sopris. He cried like an ocean. His tears created Crystal River.

Jacob and His Dog Iram
By Daniel, age 8

Jacob and his dog ran darn faster then 100 motor cycles and 2000 cars together. Yep they ran darn fast. I reckon that Jacob jumps far. I darn reckon you that his dog was smarter then 200 teachers put together.
Jacob found a cave so they decided to live in it. So they lived there and made a home of it. It was as dark as the night in that darn cave. Jacob and Iram decided to build a fire. The darn dog was so mad that he wanted to run, but he slipped and made the Old Faithful. Jacob called it the Old Faithful.

Vanesa saves the town
By Jenny, age 8

There once was a girl named Vanesa, she was so nice. She was as nice as a clear blue sky. She helped about 20 folks a day. One day Vanesa was so tired that she wanted to go to sleep outside. So she went to sleep outside. Then when she stood up there was a big hole. She liked it because it looked as big as a bear that could fit in there. She was goin' to put some water in it to make a lake in Mississippi. THE END

Pecos Bill
By Iram, age 9

There once was a cowboy named Pecos Bill. He cried because the horse threw his girl. Fly as fast as a cheetah, Pecos Bill. He lived in Texas. One day he spotted a tornado. I reckon he used his rope and roped up that rootin' tootin' tornado. That darn wife of his insisted she ride his wild horse Pecos Bill. He cried and cried because his horse threw his wife. He cried SO much his tears made the Colorado River.

Jacob Bunyan
By Elena, age 8

Jacob Bunyan was a giant and he had throwing power. He was very brave. He lived in Missouri. He helped out Missouri. One day he looked out in the world and he saw the most beautiful girl is the whole world. Two days later he got married. And three days later she died and he cried so much he made the Mississippi River. And that's why the Mississippi River runs. The End

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