Poems by Lucy, 12, from Chepstow, Monmouthshire, UK

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The journey of the children in the war.

Into the unknown, the children go,
Leaving their parents and home,
Felling fear and pain,
Will they come back here again?

They get of the train,
Into the pouring rain,
They line up all in a line,
Will every thing be good and fine?

Thinking of mum,
When some one sais,
'Ill have that one'

I look up after a while,
A woman looks at me and smiles,
So off with her I go,
Missing mum very much so.

So things were fine at the time,
Then came a letter that made me shine!
The letter shown, I was going home!

So on the train I get,
Saying bye to the foster parents I met,
Now I'm here but where is my mum?
Will she really come?

There she is I can see,
My mum's there waiting for me,
Now every thing is as good as can be,

I'M HOME!!! (September 2002)

Christmas Eve

As I say goodnight to Dad and Mum
I know tonight I'll have some fun
I set my alarm for twelve o'clock
Hours go by tick tock tick tock

Just as I am falling asleep
The alarm goes ping ping ping!
Downstairs I creep
Creak Creak Creak!

Presents under the tree
Are there any for me!
I open the presents with care
Trying not to rip or tear!

Mum and Dad are unaware
I wrap the presents, and creep upstairs
In the morning shocked I'll try and show
Mum and Dad will never know!! (September 2002)

Cheesy Feet

'Pooh, whats that smell?', said dad,
It's driving me mad!
It was hell, to have such a cheesy smell.
So then said my mum,
Something must be done
So they went on a hunt.

Upstaires they went,
They followed the scent,
They bumped into me,
They fell to my feet,
But before they could shout,
They all blacked out!

Now as you can see,
This poem is dedicated to...

ME!!!!!!!!!!! September 2002


Love is great,
Love is bliss,
Love can be a hug,
Love can be a kiss.

you will know when you're in love,
You'll get a sign from up above,
Your heart will jump out of your chest,
That feeling is the best!
Before that you get to feel,
Make sure that your love is real.

Now my poem of love is done,
Go out and give your love to a special some one! September 2002


It is great to have a friend,
Even if they drive you round the bend!
For hours you can chat on the phone,
Untill your parents moan and moan.

Friends are fun,
Friends nice,
Boys are for fun,
Friends are for life.

Friends are special,
friends are rare,
You should be nice,
You should care.

Friends are great!!! (September 2002)

The Monster

Yesterday Night as I was lying in bed,
Thoughts from the day buzzing round in my head,
It was all quiet but then very soon,
There came a loud noice from the downstairs room.

Holding my Ted,
I leapt out of bed,
Across the landing I crept,
Taking little quiet steps.

I quickly opened the door,
As I looked at my dad,
The noice was......

Dad's snores!!!!! (September 2002)

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