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  Writing from La Salle Boys' School, Belfast

The boy who could fly.

By Niall, 13

Hi. My name is Kevin. I am fourteen years old. I have hair like splotchy black muck, eyes as wide as a boxer’s fist and ears as large as an elephants. I know, I know you do not want to read on but do not leave yet. I have the perfect story for you to read.

I will take you on a journey. Come into my world…

One sweltering summer day, lying comfortably in bed, snuggled up in blankets, was Kevin. He opened his eyes slowly whilst poking his head out of the covers in a happy mood. But that was when he realised that it was the last day of school before the summer holidays. I know you think he would be in a joyful mood but you have thought wrong. Kevin’s parents were forcing him to go to school.

“No, I have to go to school. What will I do?”

His alarm clock sounded as it hit 7.30am. There was no way he could get out of going to school now.

Kevin walked grumpily to the bathroom to get changed for school and to brush his yellow teeth. Kevin came out of the bathroom looking more awake, apart from a tiny little hair. It was pointing from his head in a vertical position whilst the rest of his hair was flattened down with water.

He entered him Mum and Dad’s room as quiet as a mouse and left a message on the night stand. It said:

Dear Mum and Dad

I have left for school.

Thanks for the lift!!!!!!

See you later when I
get back from HELL…


He left for school with his heavy bag and his packed lunch. Kevin reached the bus stop angrily, as he dodged scruffy dogs with sharp blade teeth.

Finally the bus came and stopped with a jerk.

“50p young man,” said the bus driver.

Kevin handed a rusty 50p into the driver’s clammy hand. Slowly the bus drove up the road. Kevin’s head became sore as the window wipers flushed from side to side, making a horrible screeching noise.

Kevin stepped off the bus and ran into school puffing and panting for breath. He looked up at the clock.

“Aghh, half nine. Late for science class and it’s experiment day.”

Luckily the teacher was late and Kevin’s classmates were lined up against the wall waiting for Mr Hawk.

“Hi Kevin. What’s up?” said Kevin’s best mate, Mike.

“Don’t ask,” replied Kevin.

“Stop that talking,” shouted Mr Hawk. “No more talking. Let’s get down to these experiments.”

Mr Hawk gave out the equipment to the class.

“Today class we will mix highly dangerous substances together to form a chemical mixture,” instructed Mr Hawk.

The entire class got started with their experiments, talking and getting stuck into their work. In the mean time Kevin was day dreaming and thinking of chocolate and sweets.

“I have to step out for a minute class. My wife is on the phone,” said the teacher.

This was all Kevin heard until…”Waken up Kevin,” Mike said laughing.

“Oh no. Mike tell me what chemicals to put into the beaker?” Kevin cried.

Quickly Kevin made up the mixture until it reached a creamy brown colour.

“It looks like chocolate,” drivelled Kevin.

“I will give you £2.00 if you drink a bit of the liquid,” Mathew smartly said to Kevin.

“Okay, you’re on,” Kevin agreed.

Kevin lifted the beaker and put it to his lips. The liquid slipped down his throat.

Kevin fainted but Kevin did not know he had fainted and he was dreaming that he was flying around the world. He dreamt that he was flying at the speed of light. He dreamt of looking down at all the weird and wonderful places and people he knew.

“Wake up, wake up,” shouted Kevin’s parents.

At this Kevin woke up and realised he was in his room lying on his bed.

“Where am I? What happened?”

“Don’t worry darling. You fainted after drinking the liquid but you are fine now,” said Kevin’s mother.

“At least I got the day off school,” he smirked.

They all laughed at the joke but in Kevin’s mind he knew he was the boy who could fly.
(January 2005)

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Freddy the Werewolf

By Christopher, 12

The only man to ever kill a werewolf and his name is Freddy. Just a normal human, he has two kids and a loving wife called Heidi.

One day he had an encounter with a werewolf. He thought he could handle it but he couldn’t. On this day when he was attacked by a werewolf, his two sons, John and Mark were with him. The both of them were scared but Fred was confident. The werewolf viciously bit him on the arm, he bled and he killed the werewolf. He sat down after this episode on the bench and he was in agony. He was in the forest trying to stop the blood from flowing.

Why was he not crying? I don’t know. His son John was shouting at the top of his voice, “Help, Help!” while his other son Mark was trying first aid on his father. When the blood stopped his arm was pure red and he was trying to wash his arm and was screaming, “ooh, aaah!”. I think the soap was stinging him.

They all walked back home and they were a half a mile away when they noticed Freddy’s hands were getting hairy and his teeth and nails looked sharp and long. His son Mark whispered to him, “Why are your eyes red?” Freddy was confused but he replied, “I think I must be allergic to a plant or pollen from the forest”.

When they all got back home, Heidi phoned an ambulance and was worried about what had happened to them. She was partly crying and happy at the same time. She said, “I was worried sick about you three”.

Freddy went upstairs and went to the toilet. When he was in the toilet all you could hear were screams and growls like something really vicious was in there too. Fred went downstairs and he was covered in blood. He said to John and Mark, “Your Mum is dead”. The two boys started to cry but Fred held it all in.

When Fred went to hug his two sons, he killed them both with one swipe. His two sons lay on the floor. The amazing thing was that Fred could turn back and forth from a human to a werewolf.

Fred disappeared and his friend Ted reported him missing. His friend was so scared he was wondering where Fred was and if he was all right and had phoned the Mayor to give a description of Freddy.

The police went to Freddy’s house and found his two sons lying dead. Ted looked at the two sons and said in shock, “that’s Freddy’s two sons”.

Ted went upstairs to get a toilet roll for his tears and he saw Heidi dead on the floor. He shouted to the Chief in shock, “Get up here quickly”. The Chief ran up the stairs and asked Ted, “Who is she?”

“She’s Freddy’s wife,” Ted replied. “Who would want to kill a beautiful woman like that?”

The bodies went into a body bag to get buried. In the mean time Freddy was wandering around the forest. He was hiding in a cave which was over two thousand years old. There were carvings on the wall such as cave men trying to kill an antelope with stones and sticks. Fred looked at the carvings and thought about all the people who are trying to hunt him down and kill him. He did not realise they wanted to help him.

Suddenly, in the cave, he saw other werewolves. He couldn’t understand what the werewolves were saying to each other. In fact, one of them had said to another, in a funny manner, “who is this idiot?” Fred though he was dreaming. A young female werewolf came up and licked Freddy but he ran away because he thought she was going to bite him.

Fred was running towards the village when he suddenly stopped and rubbed his paws over his face. He automatically realised he had turned into a werewolf. Unable to control his cravings he ran towards a crowd of people who were outside the village and he bit his best friend Ted and ran away.

Half an hour later, Freddy appeared, covered in blood, still hairy and with red eyes. He had no idea what had just happened but all he knew was that he had three big scars on his right arm. While he was wondering where his wife and kids were, he picked up his newspaper and went into his house. He never left the house again and that was the last time anyone ever saw Freddy.
(January 2005)

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A Dream About a Werewolf

By Conor, 13

There once was a boy called James Jackson. He was aged thirteen and he lived with his mummy. His daddy died in a car crash. The family had to move house and the place he was moving to was called Spookhill. They were moving because his other house was too big and it was old and damp. James did not want to move because he would miss his mates and they were all nuts and mad and he was scared of not fitting in and not making any new friends.

When they got to the new house, men were clearing the truck with their furniture and toys. Then a boy came over to their door. He lived across the street from James. He asked James if he wanted to mess about with him. James said, “Sure why not?” The persons name was Conor. He was a tall, skinny person and although he was tanned he had a lot of freckles and his teeth were as green as a football pitch.

The next day Conor called for James. He wanted to know if James would like to go to the ice cream shop with him James said, “Yes”. So he went and asked his mummy if he could go. She handed him a five pound note and told him to be back for dinner. They went to get the bus which was a number fourteen. When they got off the bus a woman was giving out fortune cookies. Conor was allergic to them so James only got one. He opened it up it said, “You will become large and hairy and have big teeth”. Surprised he showed it to Conor who said, “if you believe in that stuff you’re crazy” and they walked into the ice cream shop.

When he got home he told his mummy about the fortune cookie but she didn’t believe him either. It was nine o’clock and there was a full moon out. James looked at the moon and suddenly his face started to get hairy and his teeth got bigger and his tongue got larger. Very soon he became a full sized werewolf.

He felt really angry and he entered the village and started to destroy cars and shops. Someone in the village phoned the police and about ten minutes later swat trucks, police cars and animal control, came speeding up the road. It was at this stage that James felt hungry and started to kill people.

Soon the village was on fire, houses were burning to the ground and so were shops. Hospitals were full. James fled to the mountains but before got there the police made traps. So when James got to the mountains the police forced him into one of the traps. He had fallen down a big hole and spears landed right thought his chest. His life flashed before his eyes.

Just as James died he was aware of a screaming noise and he woke up and found it was all a dream.
(January 2005)

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The Mad Forest Man

By Ciaran, 13

The birds were singing in the tall oak trees and my brother and I were fishing in Colin Glen. It seemed like a dream as everywhere was so peaceful and quiet. I had caught two large fish when something tugged on my line. It tugged again and I reeled it in but there was nothing there.

As I turned to get a drink, a man suddenly jumped out of the dark, murky water. I was in so much shock and when I turned my brother was away. I couldn’t see him anywhere. I looked over towards the pond and to my relief I saw him jumping across the lilies on the pond. I ran my fastest up through the mini mountains. The man from the water was still following me up the hill. I was puffed out. I was still looking behind me for my brother and I noticed I had lost the man.

I stopped and sat down and thought. Where could my brother be? A flash of an idea came into my head. He would be in the hut near the waterfall. I went up the path and cut into a large field with cows in it. There was a long, winding muck path up to a road that cuts through the mountains. I ran across the road and jumped over the hedgerow and into another field. It was much smaller than the other one. Finally, I got to the river near the hut.

I walked carefully across the river and arrived under a tree, which I started to climb. The hut is very high up but I managed to climb to the top and slip through a trapdoor. I looked in all four corners of the hut and in the third corner I saw my brother sitting shivering and curled up in a ball. I walked over to him and said, “It’s okay, I lost him”. I sat down beside him and he started to say, “How could that happen to us, to anyone?” Five minutes later, he was sleeping.

I must have drifted off a little but when I woke I thought I could hear a tapping on the roof. I woke up my brother and said, “Let’s get out of here quickly”. I heard the tapping again. It began to get louder and then suddenly I heard the cracking of wood in the roof. We both looked up and all of a sudden a large black tiger fell through our roof. We knew it was the man from the pond.

We started to scramble down the tree and my brother jumped off near the bottom. We ran back down the small field and over the hedgerow again. We ran down the road and climbed under a gate. We stumbled down the steep hill and into the old factory and hid in an old, rusted digger. We saw the man run past us. We were both very scared and we knew that we both should get home quickly and never return again.
(January 2005)

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By Paul, 12

Thunderhawk is a normal man and he has brown hair and sharp white teeth. He lives in a small house with a roof like a 3D triangle and his chimney is square.

One day Thunderhawk went into the attic and he found a strange book which was black with four hundred white pages. He came back downstairs and sat on his chair and read his book. The book belonged to his Dad. It was his Dad’s journal. His Dad’s name was Harry Thunder and in his journal there were all the secrets he had left to his son, David Thunder.

The book promised him so many things and also told him some history. He would await the next time the evil would rise to strike the world again and he would go to the Temple of Thunder to get the powers that his Dad used to have. He would now be called Thunderhawk. He read about the history of the world and about the Noga Elves attacking the earth on the human side. He also learned that his Dad fought with the humans and the humans drove him back to into their portal and shut it closed.

Now it was David’s turn. He knew what he had to do. Fate was at hand and he had to gather his ally Prince Kael and his army of gunmen, swordsmen, allies and spies. Both Thunderhawk and Prince Kael would fight alongside each other in battle. They would fight with Night Elves who were deadly with bows and skilled in sword fighting.

Thunderhawk was planning all this when a telegram arrived. The telegram said:

“WAR IS AT HAND. You will meet us at the battleground of Orge Mound in exactly one month.”

He showed the telegram to Prince Kael and they scouted the land for warriors and trained their troops, for what would be the biggest battle ever.

Thunderhawk’s main objective was to take the enemies out and then Prince Kael would move his men forward. Then they would run ragged over the savages’ land and wipe out the Night Elves’ base before the battle.

Prince Kael ordered a stealth bomber to drop bombs on the northern base. They did this but there were more surprises in store for the human alliance. The next day a guard in the communication tower picked up another base on the eastern border but no bomb could be dropped on this place. In fact, come with in twenty feet of this place and you would be sleeping with the fishes.

Days passed, soldiers were training and getting better weapons and there were only twenty days to go. Prince Kael set up a base camp just four hundred metres away from the Night Elves. The reason for this was that Prince Kael knew what was going on. Thunderhawk had made a fantastic plan for the battle.

There were ten days left and the soldiers had fear in their eyes. It’s time for a talk from Prince Kael:

“Fellow soldiers. In ten days time we will make history and we will crush the Night Elves, save our country and drive those vile beasts back to where they belong. Have no fear and fight!”

The soldiers were fine after the talk and in ten days time they marched down to the Ogre Mound. They spotted the killing beasts ready to die. Two men rode up to negotiate with the Night Elves. Their heads were sent back in one shot from a catapult. The Night Elves were roaring mad and were ready to fight to the death. As planned the Night Elves marched forward with their trolls, swordsmen and archers. Then the small group of archers went around the big hill and attacked them from behind. Then from the front an attack was launched from the swordsmen, archers, gunmen and catapults.

It was an even war and both armies had the same amount of units. The only thing that was going to win this war was thought and skill. So with the archers behind the Night Elves and the two commanders, Thunderhawk and Prince Kael in front, they charged. Arrows were flying everywhere and there was chaos.

Thunderhawk took this opportunity to sneak away from the war to destroy the Night Elves’ base. Thunderhawk planted four C4 bombs on the oil tanks and set the timer for sixty seconds. He ran like mad and two seconds later…Kaboom….the base blew into hell…fire…flames.

Back at the war the humans had defeated the Night Elves. One of the Night Elves, Lady Vashi, tried to get away but Thunderhawk threw a net over her and she could not escape. She was later locked away in a highly guarded prison.

After it was all over, Prince Kael rode up to Thunderhawk and said, “Thank you Thunderhawk. You won us this war”.

“No, thank you Prince Kael,” Thunderhawk replied.

So Thunderhawk went home and continued with his normal life but he always knew he still had the powers of Thunderhawk.
(January 2005)

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Fight Night

By Michael, 13

One day I was so bored I didn’t even need to go to the toilet, but I went anyway. In the toilet was an old newspaper with boxing advertisements in it. I then started to read them and noticed there was boxing training on that night at 6.30.

I asked my Mummy, “there’s boxing training on tonight at 6.30 so can I have my dinner at 5.00?” After she said yes, I hopped on my bike and went round to the shop an bought a gum shield and bandages. The gum shield guards your teeth and the bandages stop your knuckles from busting. I went back home and noticed it was already 4.00. I was so excited and ready to go I was shadow boxing. 5.30 and it’s time for dinner. My daddy said, “if you want to be a boxer, you will have to eat all your vegetables”. So I did.

At 6.00 I reminded my Daddy that he would have to drive me there. In the car my Daddy gave me all the tips I needed like: “keep your guard up…throw your jabs nice and straight…”

“Pick me up at eight” I shouted as I left the car.

There I was, ten minutes early, getting my bandages on before the manager came. Finally when the manager arrived I told him my name and told him I was new to the club. He pushed a sheet towards me with medication information on it and told me he wanted details of any medication and allergies. He then said, “I see you have all the equipment you need”.

“Yes” I said.

I boxed for two and a half hours until my first spar and I won by two points. The manager was pleased with my performance and told me I was the fastest person to throw a jab. He told me to bring my medication sheet and that I could fight in the finals on Sunday.

I went home and got my form filled in. I told my Daddy about Sunday and all the details of how to get there, where it is and what time it is on at.

The next night my Daddy came home from work with hands full of boxing gloves and a boxing bag. I showed my Daddy what I had learned in boxing training.

I got up the next morning and got washed and ready for school. I walked to school with all my friends. They were asking me where I was all day yesterday. I told them I was boxing for a club and I told them I would be fighting in the All Ireland on Sunday. They didn’t believe me at first but I said “If you don’t believe me, come to boxing training tonight.” None of them wanted to go.

After school I ran home and was delighted to see boxing shorts sitting on the chair, waiting to be worn on Sunday. I then got changed and ready for boxing training and did a bit of training before with my new boxing bag, gloves and shorts.

I ran to boxing to keep me fit. On my travels I met two dogs who looked very angry and started to growl at me. I turned slowly and ran my fastest in the other direction with the dogs chasing me. I jumped onto a big wall where the dogs couldn’t get me. I said into myself “I’m going to be late”.

Fifteen minutes later I was still in the same position and I came up with a plan. If I hide behind the wall they might think I’m away. I tried it but it did not work and I thought they must have been able to smell me. It was at this moment that the dogs spotted a cat and they ran after it. I jumped down from the wall and ran as fast as I could to boxing.

I told my boxing Coach what had happened and gave him my medication sheet. I still had an hour and a half left to box and practice for the big Fight Night.

When my Dad picked me up afterwards he said to me, “I was talking to your manager and he said you were late but he told me why”.

Saturday came and I was lying in bed watching boxing and trying to get some tips from the professionals on the T.V. My Dad came along and told me to train and I did. I trained and trained and trained so hard that you could not see any white skin on my face. That night my Daddy and I did all my stretches and went through all my boxing tips.

The day had come and I was very nervous. My Daddy walked past and winked. “Three hours to go” he said.

With all my bags packed there was still an hour to go and my Daddy and I went to the car and drove to the stadium. There was plenty of time left to get changed. My Dad told me not to worry and to relax.

The match started. He got the first straight jab. I hit him a one, two…he fell back…I jabbed him…he hit me another jab…and another and I hit him a one, two and another. He started to bleed…round one is over.

One round left. I looked up at my Daddy and he gave me the thumbs up. Round two and I got the first dig in, and then a one, two…then he jabbed me…then an uppercut. Then I hit him a one, two, one two…fast jab…and another. His eye was bleeding.

Suddenly I heard the Referee call the match off and announced that I was the winner. I was so excited. The first match I had ever won. I had won Fight Night. (January 2005)

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Black Forest

By Sean, 12

In 1990 there were three boys who had to go into the forest and they went there with a tent and a bag of clothes. They went in for a dare and had to stay there for three months.

After two weeks, John, Mick and Sean were out looking for food when Sean spotted some wood. Sean went over to the wood and said “here is wood so as we can keep warm”.

“No let’s make a hut,” John said.

They disagreed and all started to fight. Soon Sean went East, John went South and Mick went West.

John walked off to collect wood and he made a hut with it. In the mean time Sean and Mick were just running about the forest. All of a sudden, Mick spotted a door in the wall. He went over to it and opened it and slipped inside. It was a comfortable place to sleep.

A couple of days later John went to Sean to say he was sorry and to ask him if he wanted to leave the forest. “Let’s go and get Mick,” Sean said.

The two boys looked everywhere but they could not find Mick. They looked for him everywhere for hours before they decided to leave the forest and get help from the Police.

The search started and the Police kept looking and looking, until one night when it was raining and it was dark. This night the Police said that they had searched the whole place and could not find him so they would have to call it a day and finish the search.

Mick’s Mum was very upset and she kept calling out his name. All of a sudden in the background we heard a faint noise and someone calling “help, help HELP!” We ran towards the sound and noticed a hole in the wall. We went in and saw Mick lying on the ground with a broken leg. Mick told us that there must have been something in there and it pushed him and broke his leg.

All three boys went home safe and sound. That is, until the next time they went back there!
(December 2004)

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Future Castle

By Tony, 12

It is the year 3004 in a small town in the mountains. The town is far away from the city but the people who live there are still one of the most advanced people in the world. They live in their little homes and their hovercrafts are all parked outside the little church, the movie mall and a leisure centre. In the centre of the town there is a large castle which was abandoned in the year 2840.

A small group of the villagers decided to go to the castle and decided to take torches with lasers. Someone had told them about some undiscovered gold items left behind in the castle and they wanted to find them.

The day finally came and there were only four people who were brave enough to go. The four of them went up the back part of the castle but it was too dark so they had to go around the front of the castle without being seen. They successfully got to the front of the castle where they entered a large hall. They all decided to split up and explore all the areas of the castle. Mac was to try one of the large doors, Tom and Pete were to go on opposite sides of the stairs and Shauna was to go to the basement. Shauna protested and said she wanted to go with Mac, so eventually Mac said okay.

Tom and Pete went up the stairs and split up. Shauna and Mac were going into another room when suddenly the floor lifted like a great tidal wave. A small circle, which was floating in the air, lifted them up and they were brought through a trapdoor. They suddenly were in the attic and Shauna screamed when she saw a rat. Tom and Pete were downstairs and they heard the scream. Pete ran to try to find out where it came from and suddenly a circle shaped hole came from the floor and Pete was sucked down into the basement.

While all this was going on Tom was in a golden room. He grabbed all the heirlooms and ran out of the castle and hid the gold behind a large tree near the castle. At this time Shauna was screaming as a bat flew past. Tom heard this and ran up all the stairs. When running up the stairs he met Mac.

“We have to get out,” said Mac.

As he said this they all ran down the stairs and out of the scary castle. Tom had hidden all the gold behind the tree and when he showed the others they all cheered. As they ran away from the castle they heard a large bang and crash. They turned around and the castle had fallen down.
(December 2004)

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Holiday to Donegal

By Thomas, 13

In Donegal the view is fantastic from the top of the Irish mountains. When you arrive it is completely quiet and you would be lucky if you heard a car driving past your house.

The fishing is superb in Donegal and you can catch anything from trout to salmon but salmon are really smart and really only take flies. Going up through the countryside the wildlife is brilliant and you can see anything from foxes to deers. There are also a lot of hares there.

Going into Donegal town is very exciting because every year there are a lot of new shops. The food is nice and tasty and they make it very well.

Donegal is a place where we go and chill out at the beach. At the sea you have a lovely view of the dashing waves bashing up against the huge cliffs. The sea has a light blue sparkle mixed with a grassy green colour. At night time, when you look out to the sea, you can see a big flashing light glowing right back at you.

When you are in the house at night time, you can hear the wind howling and the trees blowing and nearly coming out of their roots.

Travelling about the place is very interesting because you don’t know what you are going to see next. The mountain grass is so soft and cosy you could sleep on it but the bugs and ants might eat you. That is why it is a good idea to put a blanket down.

In the shops the money is hard to work out because there are a lot of different coins, which are hard to understand.

At the house the fire can be a bit of trouble as you have to go outside to get turf but if it rains, the turf gets wet and it is difficult to burn.

If the weather changes and it is not raining, you can go to play golf as the courses are brilliant. If the kids are with you, bring them to a classic water park. If you get a chance, go to Glenveagh National Park but watch out for the biting midges. There are also deer, golden eagles and it is a nice place to have something to eat. It is an interesting place to be if you want to be entertained.
(December 2004)

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I Thought I had a Friend I could Trust

By Daniel, 13

One sunny Friday morning the sun was glistening through my window. My eyes were hurting badly. I rose up from my bed and walked into the bathroom and went to the toilet. I got washed and walked down the stairs. I had a late night the night before as I had finished work at 4.00am.

I munched my cereal and went out. When I opened the door the sunshine hit me right in the face. I messed about with the lads. I played a little game of footie. Afterwards I asked them to go to a club which had only opened. Everyone was working except for my best mate John.

When I asked him he said “yes” excitedly. That night it was atrocious weather. It was pouring down with rain and you could see the roads were dangerous for driving. I drove to the new club at about ten o’clock. John had to drive slowly to get there.

We got out of the car and into the club ready to party. When I got into the club I met a few mates and had a lot to drink. It was my turn to drive but I had too many drinks and asked John kindly if he would drive back. He refused, so I had to drive. I knew something wrong was going to occur.

I got into the car and drove off. It was approximately 3.00am. I had to start work at 7.00am.

I suddenly heard BANG and I braked as quickly as I could. I knew I had hit something and I got out of the car to see what it was. I could see nothing. I got back into the car and was about to drive away when I got a glimpse of a hand sticking out from the bushes.

I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to so. John and I got the body and checked to see if he was alive, but he wasn’t. Frightened, we put him into the boot of the car. He looked like a nice guy. I looked at his wallet to check what his name was. His name was Charlie Fox.

We kept on driving until we saw somewhere to put him. John was terrified and wanted to phone the police but I kept saying, “no one is going to find out where we put him and if they do, they won’t know it’s us”.

We continued on driving until I spotted a cottage which looked abandoned. I got out of the car and looked at the cottage and knocked the door. No one answered and as I walked in I knew it was empty and I saw a closet to dump him in.

As I got back into the car, John and I started to argue because he wanted nothing to do with it but he couldn’t just walk away from the fact that both of us had killed him.

He left me home and I went straight to bed. Awakening the next morning, I turned on the television to see if there was any news of the incident. There was! I was shocked and I ran straight over to John’s house to tell him the terrible news.

When I got there John had a sad look on his face. “I told the Police about what happened.”

“Where are they?” I cried to him loudly.

“They might be round at your house looking for you now. Turn yourself in.”

“No I can’t …alright I will, but you’re going to jail as well.”

I gave myself in and was sentenced to life imprisonment. It was all because of John. I will never forgive him.

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By Seamus, 12

In a dark street in Broken Way a woman called Maria was working in the local business office. She was the Manager of the local company called Maria’s, which produced clothes. She stopped work at 10.30 pm on a Friday night and every other night she worked to midnight. Maria was a tan coloured woman, nearly twenty five years old and she had long light brown hair and blue eyes.

Maria walked home at 10.40pm and was walking down a dark street when a man in black, stained clothing came running towards her. She didn’t know what to do. It turned out that she has seen him in the shop several times and he was quite friendly. After getting over the shock she invited him to go and have coffee.

It turned out this guy was called Daniel and he told her that he was from some place overseas and that he was a Vampire Slayer. Maria was quite shocked whilst at the same time a little shocked. After talking a while he invited her to come with him to his home town. At first she said no but after he had stayed in town for a couple of months and she got to know him better she realised that she now trusted him.

One day she said to him, “Do you know when you asked me to go to your home town?” Daniel nodded.

“Well I have decided I would like to go,” Maria declared.

Shortly afterwards they packed up and left to go to the peninsula. After a long journey they arrived at 12.30 in the morning and Daniel told Maria that they would be staying at a very old castle. Daniel explained that the scary castle was over a thousand years old and that a vampire had lived in it. The vampire had been driven into the mountains by Daniel’s uncle and a group of people from the village.

“You go on in and the servants will show you to your room. Just call if you need something and the servants will be there in a jiffy,” Daniel said.

“I’m just going for a walk in the mountains but I will only be gone for an hour.”

“Then let me go, I want to go” exclaimed Maria.

“I will have to go and get some staff just I case anything happens to us. There are a lot of things in those mountains that may be able to hurt us. There may even be werewolves or vampires, so are you still okay to come?” Daniel enquired.

Before they left, they lifted all the weapons and walked up the rocky road, right up to the mountains. They were armed with silver bullets, guns, daggers and bows and arrows.

“What was that?” Maria screamed.

Daniel looked up and saw a vampire.

“Maria, we mustn’t shout as we will just attract their attention.” Daniel whispered.

At this Maria thought she felt something on her leg and screamed at the top of her voice. Suddenly a black werewolf appeared and attacked Daniel. He shouted to Maria, “Grab the gun and shoot him with a silver bullet”.

Maria grabbed the gun and closed her eyes and shot the gun three times but she shot both Daniel and the werewolf. Daniel had been killed. Injured, the werewolf jumped down and attacked Maria, killing her.

Daniel was buried for one thousand five hundred years. Then in the year 1647 a man on an expedition finds Daniel’s body. He takes the body back to camp to investigate it and puts the body on the table. It was about 10.30 at night and there was a full moon in the sky. The man who found Daniel was not aware of the danger he was in. When the moon shone down on Daniel’s cold black eyes he suddenly became alive and was transformed into a werewolf. Daniel jumped down off the table onto his four paws and attacked the man, killing him. Suddenly the full moon disappeared and Daniel came to his senses and realised what he had done. He picked up the gun with the silver bullets and he took a long deep breath, closed his eyes and shot himself in the head.
(December 2004)

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The Face of John

By Michael, 12

I was sitting watching the television when the phone rang. The General of the United States of America phoned me up and told me, “We need you. We need to send a squad of soldiers into the forests of Vietnam”. I thought about it and said to myself, “okay, I’ll do it then”.

“Where will I meet you then?”

He said “walk out your door and someone will collect you.”

I packed my things and thought to myself “what am I doing?” Before I had time to change my mind a jeep pulled up. As I walked over to it a strange face popped out from the window. “Get in,” he demanded.

A short time later we arrived in the army base where a man in uniform walked towards the jeep.

“It has been a long time soldier, follow me” he said.

He brought me to a mission briefing room and the General said “whilst you were travelling here we sent a squad into the Vietnam jungle as we think the Vietnamese government are building missiles. Your mission is to stop this happening.”

“Master Patterson will provide you and your squad with equipment, guns and supplies and you will be taken to Vietnam by helicopter,” shouted another soldier who was standing behind me.

I looked at my squad and thought they weren’t a bad bunch of lads. I had Tony the learner, Liam the heavy weapons specialist, John the explosives expert and Paul the marksman and medic.

We climbed into the helicopter. It was dark and we were over the ocean and I felt like I was going to throw up. Finally we got there. It was sunset and it was freezing. We got off the helicopter and the pilot told us to go thirty degrees west. I got out my compass and we set off to the west. Tony got a message on his radio to say that the Vietnamese government knew we were on our way and to be very careful. Then Tony started to panic and he started crying, “oh no, we are going to die!” I told him to sort himself out as we had a mission to complete and that we must diffuse the missiles. Then John told Radio Command that we needed more infantry and told us that the radios were all down. “There must be interference,” I said to John. “Stay here and keep trying the radio. The rest of you guys come with me. Be quiet.”

We crept forward and noticed just in front of us a large pile of missiles. Tony looked at me and said, “Look at those missiles. You could blow up Jupiter.” I turned to him and I said, “Not on my watch, Tony”.

At this stage someone started shooting at us and so we returned fire. “Cover me,” I screamed to Tony, as I rolled across the floor shooting rounds. John heard the noise from outside and joined us.

“We’re going to blow this place to rubble and destroy these missiles. John I need you to put C4 around all the missiles. How much have you got?”

“About eleven C4 Sir,” he replied.

“Okay, well away you go. Everybody else cover him.”

Bang, bang, bang, aghhhh…..

“Set the C4 for twenty minutes time,” I screamed at John.

“I know what I’m doing sir,” he replied.

At this time everything seemed to go in slow motion and all I saw was John falling to the side. He had been shot in the head.

“Retreat, retreat,” I screamed.

I tried to call on the radio but it was dead. I thought that we were all dead until I clicked on to an idea. The batteries, the batteries Tony had given me earlier! I took the batteries from Tony’s torch and I put them in the radio and they worked. Oh my goodness they worked.

“Radio control, get me a helicopter here A.S.A.P. Rodger, Rodger, our coordinates are 2.5 degrees off the west coast of Nam.”

“Rodger that. There’s a helicopter on its way, you should see it by now Sir” the voice called back from the radio.

As the helicopter took off there was a large explosion. The missiles had been destroyed but when I looked back at the fire I could swear I saw the face of John.
(December 2004)

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The best day of my life

By Ryan, 13

One day I was sitting in the house and it was boring and it was raining like mad outside. I was sitting in the house when the phone rang and it was my Uncle Seamus. He said to me, “do you want to come down to watch Celtic play against Manchester United? At the end of the match there will be a draw”.

I thought this was a great idea and went with my uncle. The manager was writing our names on pieces of paper for the ballot for the next Celtic match. I was really excited because I had never been to a match to watch professional players before. Then the ballot began.

The first person to be called out was called John Watters. I was disappointed as I did not think my name would be called out next. Then the manager called out another name. All I heard was “Ryan Bradley”. I jumped up onto the table and high into the air. Just as I was settled something else wonderful happened. My uncle’s name was called out. I was nearly crying with laughter and I was cheering at the top of my voice.

It was exactly a week later and I sat thinking I could not believe I was going to see the match the next day. I couldn’t sleep because I was looking forward to it so much. I had to get up the next morning at 5.00am. Then my Mummy walked me over to my uncle’s house and my uncle and I went over to the bus stop. The bus collected us and we were on the bus for a full hour collecting other people.

Soon the bus arrived at the docks and the driver drove the bus onto the boat. We all played games on the boat like Snakes and Ladders and other kinds of board games. Then we got off the boat and the bus took us to Celtic Park. After the bus had been parked we went and bought flags and horns to blow (when Celtic scored of course).

On the way into the stadium the most amazing thing happened and we actually met Robert Douglas as he was walking into the stadium. I also got to meet all the Celtic players. Before the match we all decided that we were al starving so we went into the café to get something to eat.

The match started and all the Celtic fans were cheering and singing. There was a brilliant atmosphere. This was the best day of my life and it did not cost me a penny.

To any kids reading this, I would like to say, if you get a chance to go to a live match GO! It would be the best day of your life.

That is all I have for you today kids.
(December 2004)

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The Scary Cottage

By Francis, 13

One very dark Halloween night, my two friends (Paul and Ciaran) and I, took a walk into the middle of the forest. We were very scared. The weather was so bad that you could have frozen to death.

Suddenly there appeared a very old cottage in the middle of the forest. I dared Paul and Ciaran to go into the cottage but they said they wouldn’t. We decided we would all go in together. The cottage was filled with cobwebs and it was smelly and sticky. It was very frightening.

All of a sudden a man jumped down the stairs and landed on top of Paul. Ciaran and I ran out of the cottage and hid behind a couple of trees. From there we could hear Paul screaming so we decided to run back to the cottage to get him. When we got there we saw Paul being chased around the cottage by the man who had jumped down the stairs. The man was trying to kill him with a knife. We told Paul to run and we all ran out of the cottage towards a graveyard. We walked about the graveyard terrified. Paul started shivering and he said that he wanted to go home and phone the police. We said we did not want to do that because we were only fourteen years old and we were not allowed in the forest or the graveyard.

Paul started crying because he thought that he had heard the man hiding behind a gravestone. Before we knew it the man came at us with a machete knife and ran after us. We ran as fast as we could and Paul fell and banged his head off a fallen tree. We kept running, thinking we were still being chased but the man got frightened and had ran back towards the cottage. When we turned around and did not see him there we ran back towards Paul who was lying on the ground. His pulse had stopped beating.

I shouted to Ciaran to stay with Paul until I ran home and phoned the Police and an ambulance. About ten minutes after they finally arrived, Paul was brought to the hospital. We went too. Paul was dead. We both burst out into tears because he was our best friend. We were then brought back to the Police Station, along with our Mums and Dads. Paul’s Mum and Dad were terrified. We gave the Police a description of the man and it turns out he got a life sentence. He was put into jail for the rest of his life because the Police thought he had murdered the young boy Paul.
(December 2004)

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The Ship of Gold

By Liam, 12

It was in 1760 and it all started eight years ago. I was a poor twelve year old and I was going to a new job on a boat. I was on my way to the docks, with my mother and she had just told me that she was going to the shop to get something and to wait for her.

Before I knew it two men came to me and took me to a ship. They made me clean their ship and do their work. The work was hard and it was the hardest time of my life.

During my first week on the ship, I was told to go and see the Captain. I was terrified of him. He shouted at me and told me to clean the floor as it was dirty. This was the worst job on the ship and nobody wanted to do it as people kept walking over the clean floor. The room I had to clean was filled with Pirates and I hated them. They called me names and taunted me.

One day when these Pirates were pushing me around the Captain arrived. He asked them what they were doing and told them to leave me alone. After that day I worked hard and the Pirates were much nicer to me. I learned all there is to know about sailing a ship and I became friends with the Captain. I often wondered about my mother and if she still missed me.

The captain was getting older and sicker and one day he called me to his chamber. He was on his death bed and he told me where the hidden gold was on the ship.

Two days after he died, our ship was bombed by another ship and it began to sink. I was able to get on the boat with my gold and get back to the village where my mother lived. I eventually found her and gave her the gold. She was so happy to see me back again and she never had to work a day in her life again.
(December 2004)

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The World Cup Final Commentary

By Hugh, 12

“Are you fit to play?” questioned the reporter.

“Yes I am. I am. Sorry but I have to go and get ready for the game now” responded Hugh.

The reporter turns back to his microphone:

“Alright there Jim, I’m very excited today as two teams try to win the world cup. Now it’s time for the team news. Well for France the good news is that Hugh Sicily, the Captain is fit to play for the Republic of Ireland and the great news is that Robbie Keane is fit. Now it’s time for the action from our commentators, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray”.

“Hello there and I will guarantee you that this will be a very good game. So sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s France to kick off. In the fifteenth minute, Duff makes a run down the line and crosses. Robbie Keane headers it and Ireland go one nil up.”

The French fans start to get angry as their team are not in the game. Shortly after Zidane wins a header in the middle of the park and there is Hugh to pick it up. He skips by a few players and delivers a curling ball to Henry, which he takes brilliantly. A quick shot was released by Henry and Given had no chance as France made it one all. Now back to our commentators.

“This game was very exciting going up to half time. After half time the game was in a low tempo but the fans really started to support the teams and the game was pretty even until the last minute, when Hugh scored an amazing goal, which won the World Cup for France.”

The whistle blew and the celebrations started for France.

“That’s it from us here but there is a lot more to come from France in the future.”
(December 2004)

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UEFA Champions League

By Aodhan, 12

It was the UEFA Champions League 2004/05 season draw and it was taking place in Monaco. Amongst other teams, Real Madrid was playing, Chelsea and my own team Glasgow Celtic.

I was at home watching all the matches and on match day I was so excited. In group E, Arsenal was at home to AJAX and Thierry Henry had already scored but Sonck scored two late goals and won it for AJAX. In Group G, Chelsea were away to Kyiv Ukraine and played Dynamo Kyiv who took the lead when Romanian Florent Cernat scored.

All the matches were really exciting but I was waiting for one the next day. It was the Celtic match and they were in Madrid to face Real Madrid. I watched the match and was very nervous when suddenly Celtic scored. I thought that was it and they had won. After that though, Real Madrid scored another two goals and won the match.

I was so disappointed and was really angry that my team had not won. Maybe next year!
(December 2004)

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