Lovely Limericks

from Year 6, John Stocker Middle School, Exeter, Devon, UK

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The Millennium Dome

By Matthew, 11

There was a young boy from Rome,
who visited the Millennium Dome,
it made him terribly sad,
that it was so incredibly bad,
he decided he might just as well go home!


By Sophie & Carly, age 10 & 11

There once was a boy called Josh
Who acted quite strange and posh
He went to the dance
And sat on some ants,
And he shouted "oh golly gosh"


The Very Nice Mam

By Yoko and Sharlotte, age 10

There was a young man called Sam,
who married a very nice mam
she cleaned the floor-
Sam came in the door
and the very nice mam said "dam"

My Scooter

By Emily, 11

I like to ride on my Scooter,
on the top of Jupiter,
I tripped on a rock
and lost my big sock
then landed on my hooter.

Football crazy!

By Andrew & Adam, age 10

There was a footballer who played for Exeter,
Who called himself Beckstar,
He kicked the ball once,
And heard a loud crunch,
He turned 'round and saw it hit Dexter.

Dog in the Bog

By Michelle, age 11

There once was a little brown dog,
One day he fell in a bog,
He was stuck there all day,
From march until may
And made friends with a little green frog

There was a girl called Emma

By Rebecca & Alison & Gemma, age 10

There was a girl called Emma
Who caused a big dilemma
She got in a fuss
then got on a bus
Her mum said "put her in a cellar."

Thick Aliens!!!

By James, age 11

There was a thick alien from Mars,
Who liked to eat chocolate bars,
He liked Cadbury's fudge,
'cos it looked like sludge,
And ate them while crusing the stars.


By Jess, 10

There once was an animal called Chickidee,
I eat them regularly for my tea,
I had them on toast,
I had them with roast,
Oh I did love my little Chickidee

Bon-Bon Boy

By Sophie, 11

There was a young lad called Tom,
who liked eating strawberry bon-bons
He ate loads of sweets
and gallons of meats
and he looked like a big fat pom-pom

There was a old man from Devon ( Poem )

By Michelle, age 11

There was a man called Kevin
Who came from a village in Devon
He liked to eat
Banana sweet
And died and went to Heaven

There was a girl

By Helen & Jade, age 11 & 10

There was a young girl from Surrey
Who ate a big pot of curry,
She ran to the tap
and slipped on a mat,
And ran all the way home in a hurry.


By Nicola + Helen + Jade, age 10 + 11 + 10

There was a young girl in a tree,
Who slipped and banged her knee,
She slipped on a ball
And had a big fall,
She's now in bed with her tea.

There was once a man called Ted

By Vicky, age 10

There was once a man called Ted
Who always stayed in bed
When he was older
He broke his shoulder
And then he cut off his head.

Creative Writing Features

The Lippie Hippie

By Paul & Daniel, age 10 & 11

There once was a hippie,
Who was was very lippie.
He liked to dance,
With the ants
. So everyone said he was dippie !

The Cat

By Louise, age 11

There was a young stripy cat
who sat on a coloured mat,
he did a loud Meow !
while taking a very big bow,
and then he landed with a splat .

There was a young woman

By Marie-Anne, age 11

There was a young women from York,
Who used to sit down and eat pork;
She ate too much fat,
She fell on a mat
And then she said" I will never walk."

Alien from the Twister

By Joe (11) and Daniel (10)

There was an alien from a twister
Who had lost his little sister
He looked to see
While drinking his tea
An old and wrinkly blister

Alien From Mars

By Daniel (10) & Joe (11)

There was once an alien from Mars,
Who always had some cigars,
He fell in the sea,
With a big cup of tea,
And thought he was a guitar.

The dopey girl

By Rebecca & Alison & Gemma, age 10

There was a girl called Sophie
Who was a bit dopey
Her head was lead
So she dropped down dead
And that was the end of Sophie

The lazy dog

By Danielle & Carly, age 10

There was a lazy dog,
Who sat on a very big log,
He sleeps and eats,
But doesn't like meats,
Although he does like chasing frogs!

A man walked into a shop

By Lydia + Emma, age 10 + 11

A man walked into a shop
And bought a bottle of pop
He drank it all
Which made him fall
And out of the shop came a cop.

The tea cosy limerick

By Nicola. age 10

There was a young girl called Posy,
who fell in love with a tea cosy.
She liked its good looks,
she found it in books.
But she suddenly felt very dozey.

Crazy chimp

By Rosie, age almost 11

There was once a monkey called Jim,
Who made such a terrible din,
When asked why this was,
He said ''It's because,
I seem to have drunk too much gin!"

The Hippie

By Patrick, 10

There was a very old hippie
Who came by the name of Skippie
He skipped here and there
Gelling his hair
And every one thinks that he's Jippie.

The old man of London

By Amy, age 10

There was an old man from London
Who had to live in a dungeon
"There are lots of rats,
Enough to fill hats,
I now have a lot of big bunions."

Up the tree ( poem )

By Rose, age 10

There was a girl up the tree
Her mum said who could that be?
She tried to get down
With a bit of a frown
And then it was time for tea

Hug me

By Phillip, age 10

There was an old man called Lugby
Who used to play a lot of rugby,
He got hit on the head,
Went home to bed,
And he can only say "hug me".

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