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The Sun


By Andrew, 14

As Hector carefully placed his foot on the burning gas, he realized that he was the first human to walk on the sun. A feat never thought possible before was finally being accomplished right now by him. Hector felt a sudden rush of imortality as he was hit with the quick relization of accomplishing a seemingly impossible conquer.
The other members of the American team tip-toed out beyond the safetly of their ship to be welcomed by a warm and comforting new world. As they looked beyond the reaches of the sun, they could see out into the heavens. Feeling re-assured, the group passed themselves forward to explore the once un-explored.
Then as if all their personal security was ripped out from under them, the once comfortable star turned into an un-welcoming inferno. They felt the drastic temperature suddenly swallow their bodies as a whole.
Then it hit them, they were being burned, slowly. Fear filled their minds and sent them scrambling back to the ship. Inside the space capsule, Hector set the ship's course for home.
As the engine started, an unnoticed fuel leak sent the whole ship ablaze.
Hector dove for the door, but was stopped. He was melted to the floor. The whole crew seemd stuck to their last position, and death was now the train of though throughout the craft.
That day, December 25th, 2896, the results of the Space Ship "New World" and her crew were never concluded, because they were never found.

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