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Nia like Kila

By Latricia, age 14, Grade 8, Chiddix Jr. High School, Normal, IL, USA

Nia's long brown hair shinned in the sun when her mother called her in.

"Nia, I thought that I told you to take out the trash and clean your room. Why can't you act a little bit more like your sister Kila!"

Kila was in collage and was the best at every thing she did and does.

"Why would you like me to be like that" Nia said.

"Just go pack. We're going out to the Pacific Ocean to study more about the sharks and food chain."

Nia went and packed and got in the car. Then her mom and dad came out and they drove away. When they arrived they got on the boat and suited up.

"Nia don't suit up, you're too young to go, stay with Max " Her old annoying cousin.

"Let me go please, I could be really good at this," Nia said.

"NO," said her dad as they walked off the boat.

So Nia sat on the boat with Max and as soon as Max was asleep she got suited up and jumped off the boat. She went down in a trench all the way down to the bottom and started to look around. She looked around for some animals. She saw none so she swam up to the top and swam over the long wide trench. Then she saw the big hammer shark.

Her mine went blank - what should she do? "If I get pictures then mom and dad will be so proud of me and ask Kila why is she more like me".

Nia began to follow the Hammer shark and take lots of pictures then the shark went in to a dark big hole and so Nia followed him in.

Meanwhile Max was waking up and he looked for Nia. He couldn't find her so he radioed Nia's mom and dad and they came up to the boat.

"Where is Nia?" mom said.

"I think she went in the water because the suit is gone," said Max.

"We will go and find her," mom and dad said.

Nia came out and saw an another shark she saw the hunger in his eyes so she swam slowly out then faster but just then the shark spotted her and swam after her and bit Nia's leg. Then she lost consciousness.

Then she awoke and she was in the boat with her cousin Max and mom and dad. Shortly after she was rush to the hospital and had surgery on her foot. Then they went home. Next year they went back to the ocean and looked for more sharks. This time mom, dad, Nia and Max all went together.

The End

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