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Wayne's Troubled Adventure

By Steven, age 14, 8th grade, Chiddix School, Normal, IL, USA


Ok boys let us do this one right...


Hold on. 9,8,7,6,5...

here goes nothing...3,2,1

Blast off!

Houston we have lift off. Looking good, mission galaxy. One hundred feet keep going. Houston we have a slight problem. There seems to be a problem with the main rockets.

"Fix it Wayne, fix it", yelled Joe.

"I'm trying give me a sec.", I yelled back.

"The main rockets just failed Houston we are aborting the mission", I explained.

The lights went out and I quickly switched to back up power. Then I flipped a plastic yellow covered warning case. There appeared a button that said eject. I looked over to the others as they were shaking their heads, I thought over what I should do. I hit the eject button and off went the canopy and we flew across the room and were caught by a net. We all slowly started to get up and head out of the training room.

"Way da go", yelled Joe "you failed that mission also Captain Wayne."

"Give him a break Joe", Ryan said as he came to back me up "everyone makes mistakes"

We all walked in the lounge not talking to each other and sat down and had dinner. After dinner Joe went to his quarters and Ryan and I stayed up talking. After a while Ryan and I decided to turn in for the night.

The next day we all were heading to the training room again after eating breakfast. Then the boss came out. We call him Mr. Billy.

"Hey Wayne, come here", Yelled Billy."

I went over to him and he started to mumble to himself.

"Launch date has been moved to this Saturday, not next Saturday." Billy said sadly.

When Billy turned and started to walk away I started to think to myself. Then I turned around and ran to catch up for the others. I told them what the boss said. They looked shocked. As we went into the training room, we all looked at each other and said lets do it. That day was successful and they had no accidents, and problems. As the week passed they got better.

Finally the big day came. As Joe, Ryan and I walked out to the spaceship that looked like a giant bowl with an ice cream cone upside down in it. As they were inside they started the countdown. By the time we got done checking every thing we were at ten seconds.

"We can do this, " I said trying to encourage the others.

5,4,3,2,1,0 Blast off.

We were going so fast that every thing was going too fast. Finally we made it out of Earth's atmosphere. We started to get ready to go in light speed. Then I said it was a go. As Joe started to push the button, a red light began to flash. "No Joe Stop!" Joe did not hear what I said and he pushed the button.

They never got out of light speed and were lost forever.

The End

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