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By Bryan, age 14, Grade 8, Chiddix Junior High School, Normal, Illinois, USA

One day as Jack Carter was listening to the different channels over the long distance radio at the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) site in New Mexico he noticed something that he had never noticed before, a strong signal coming from the vicinity of Mars.

He listened to it very carefully for a long time until he finally figured out that the transmission was being spoken in English. The transmission kept on repeating the same words, "surrender the Earth or be destroyed." At first Jack thought that it was just a fake transmission until he verified it with all the other SETI sites in the United States. After he found out the transmission was real he listened to the transmission and found another message. This message was weird because it was a count-down and there were only ten minutes left.

All over the world radar screens were picking up large ships approaching the Earth. People didn't know what to make of the weird objects in the sky, some thought it was a sign of God, others thought that they were meteors coming to smash the Earth but only Jack knew the truth about the objects. They were spaceships from Mars coming to conquer the human race!

Jack immediately notified the Secretary of War, Jim Potter, of the situation and he relayed the message directly to the president. The president wanted to send up the Welcome Wagon. The Welcome Wagon was a specially rigged helicopter that used lights to try to communicate with the alien race. As the Welcome Wagon approached one of the alien spacecraft the ships started to open. The pilots of the helicopter were afraid and quickly jumped out and just in time because the helicopter was shot down seconds later.

The ships landed and armies of the alien race stepped out of them. All of the aliens were holding weapons and were dressed in spacesuits because they did not breathe oxygen. The armies all started walking towards the White House and surrounded it. At that point one alien, probably some type of ruler, followed by armed guards walked into the White House. The aliens walked into the Oval Office and took the president hostage. When the aliens returned to space with the president they threatened to kill the president if the Earth was not given to them.

The United Nations talked over the situation and was about to give up until walked into the room after sneaking in. He said that he had found a way to destroy the alien race. Jack was able to hack into NASA and gained control over the Mars Rover. He searched and searched until he found the alien city on the surface of Mars. Jack had the Mars rover relay surveillance photos from a satellite circling Mars and from what it looked like the city was small enough that a couple of nukes could take it out. The problem with this plan was how they were going to get to Mars.

As everyone pondered on how to get to Mars the Secretary of War called and said that one of the spaceships had just crashed in Washington D.C. and all the aliens were weakened enough that a small task force was able to take them prisoner. Luckily the spaceship wasn't damaged all that bad and it could be repaired. The army placed the nukes in the spaceship while Jack was being trained on how to fly the ship. As it turned out the ship was controlled by thought so all Jack had to do was think about Mars and it would take him there.

Jack strapped himself into the drivers seat of the ship and took off for Mars. Once he could see Mars he armed the nukes and prepared to drop them. It was a successful drop and the whole alien city was destroyed. When Jack returned to the Earth he was surprised to find that not only were humans cheering him on but so were the alien armies. The alien armies were actually forced to obey their leaders other wise they would be destroyed. So from that day forward the human race and the alien race learned a lot about each other.

The End

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