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The Big Race

By Andrew, 14

The headlines on the paper read “Ryan and Davie Brown Favorite For Today’s Race”.

“This is just great. We are the favorites and that guy that won last year starts in the back. I think his name is Mr. Schlovikov”, said Davie.

“This race will put us in first place in the RSST, Racing Space Ship Tour”, stated Ryan.

It’s almost 11:00. I think that we should head out. I got shotgun,” exclaimed Davie.

“Yeah we had better be going to the stadium if we want to get a good spot for the pit crew”, shouted Ashley their sister from the back of the ship. “You guys both know how important it is if you want in and out in 1.5 seconds. Any longer and you might get caught by the ship behind you. Your ship doesn’t go as fast as the others. It only goes 2135 MPH at the max. You are at least 50 MPH behind the rest,” Ashley said.

“I think I will go start the semi so we can pull the ship. You guys can ride in it if you want.” Said Ryan nonchalantly.

. . .

“Gentlemen, start your engines,” shouted the starter.

“Welcome to the 82nd Race of Champions. Today is a beautiful day here on earth, but that doesn’t matter because this race is up out of our atmosphere. This is the longest race on the RSST. It goes around all 9 planets, weaving in and out” stated the announcer. “And We Are Off! Looks like the Brown brothers are off early followed closely by Schlovikov.”

“Ryan, he is shooting. We can’t turn right without getting shot!” shouted Davie.

“Hold on!” exclaimed Ryan.

He slammed on the brakes and Schlovikov went flying by and they went into first.

“Nice move,” radioed Ashley from the pits.

After 4 of 5 laps Ryan and Davie are in 2nd place to Schlovikov. They are going into the last turn around Pluto and heading straight for earth.

“Take the inside orbit.” Radios Schlovikov.

“Why?” Radioed Ryan.

“Because I have already won this race and I want my grandkids to have the same experience.” Radioed Schlovikov back.

“Wait, you said grandkids, didn’t you? That means that you are our grandfather!” Shouted Davie. “Ryan we have always wanted to know who our grandfather was, now we know. Now let’s win this race” said Davie.

Yes, they went on to win and they won the RSST. After the race, they got together and talked. The next year they joined teams.
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