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The TyLy Theory

By Ty, 13

My name is Stephen Chad Andrews. I was born on February 5, 3031. I have been locked up in this congested prison cell for many years. Prior to my stint in prison, I was a scientist. I devoted my life to how life on Earth first started. It was almost three years ago when I came up with the TyLy Theory. But before I had the chance to finish my studies, I was placed under arrest.

It was almost six years ago when I first started investigating the earth and its geological formations. Not knowing where to start on my quest for finding evidence on the beginning of life, I began in the mountains. I searched many mountains, trying to find rocks and soil that could have been on the surface in the early stages of Earth. My reasoning was if I found some rock or some bit of soil with any signs that bacteria had once lived there then I could go back and see when life first began. Unfortunately, I found nothing, and was forced to start over, this time on Earth’s surface, and under Earth’s surface.

I spent two years on the earth’s surface and below, looking for evidence of when life first began, but this time, I did find something. Looking deep into the earth, I found traces of bacteria in Earth’s molten core. Though I couldn’t find the age of the bacteria, I knew that this was the beginning of evolution, as we know it. The bacteria was the simplest known to man. The bacteria grew and become more numerous millions or billions of years ago, and thus more complex. As more and more complexities came about, different species also came. This was a good start, but all the information that I discovered was already known, so I set out for the only other spot that I hadn’t investigated on Earth, the ocean.

After two months of searching, I had nothing. I didn’t find any signs of the early stages of life. But suddenly, out of nowhere came a breakthrough. One day, I was investigating what scientist like I call an abyssal plain. I was mapping this abyssal plain when it occurred to me that the plain was oddly shaped, as if it were like a giant foot imprint. I disregarded my finding until the next day, when I again mapped a different abyssal plain. I again saw the foot imprint, and right then I knew that this was no coincidence. I further investigated these footprints until I was deep into the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly there were no more footprints.

I had stopped just before a giant trench in the ocean. Against my better judgment, I made my way down into the trench, looking for more footprints. As I was making my way down, I started feeling fatigued and decided to call it a night, for my suit was very heavy.

That night, I didn’t sleep at all. Ideas were shooting into my brain on what those footprints could possibly be. Was it a giant sea creature? Was there even an ocean in the early stages of the earth? Did this creature have anything to do with the beginning of life? If not, then why am I bothering myself with this? Whether it did or did not have anything to do with the start of life, I had made an amazing discovery!

Morning came and I was ready to investigate even more! Once again I got ready to explore the trench for any clues on what this creature was. As we floated over the deep trench, nervousness overwhelmed me. I may not come back alive I thought to myself. This could be the end. But I enter the trench again anyway, sinking further and further into the trench. Suddenly, I stopped. I had reached to bottom, but I did not see what I thought I would. Rather than a hot, steaming area with lots of molten lava, I saw nothing.

I turned on my flashlight and began to look around. The soil was especially soft and rich. I took a small sample and tested it. There was an extremely high level of bacteria in the sample. I decided to dig into the soil, not knowing what I would find. After about an hour of digging, my oxygen tank was low, and I was forced to go to the ocean surface once again.

While on the boat, my crew discovered that the bacteria in the sample matched the bacteria found deep inside the earth. I then knew that we were on to something. After attaching a new and full oxygen tank, I set out to go down into the trench for the third time, but this time, with a team of scientists. After no less than an hour, I discovered a greatly preserved bone. I call the team over and we began to uncover more and more bones. After hours of work, we had uncovered all the bones to a beast larger than any dinosaur known to man.

There was yet another discovery, near the mouth of this creature. The soil sample from the soil around the mouth showed an even more startling amount of bacteria. Moving further and further from the mouth, the bacteria level decreased. We had determined that the source of the bacteria came from the saliva from this creature.

In the next day, we surfaced each bone of the creature, and put together the skeletal structure. Indeed, this creature (that we now called TyLy) was 100 times larger than any dinosaur known to man. The foot sized also matched the sizes of the abyssal plains I had mapped. This was all very overwhelming, but I was still disappointed, for I thought that this discovery had little to do with my original studies, the origin of life.

In the days following, we had mapped the DNA of the bacteria from TyLy’s saliva. With this done, we began to try and match the DNA with any creatures in the world today. The first animal we brought in was an alga from the ocean. Sure enough, the DNA from the algae was similar to the DNA of the bacteria. We then went onto finding that any living thing that we brought into the lab had similar DNA to the bacteria from TyLy’s saliva. We were in the midst of a gigantic breakthrough in my studies. It was not evident (at least to me) that TyLy had been the only living thing at his time, but from the saliva in his mouth, TyLy had inadvertently started a whole new brand of creatures.

As I said before, the bacteria then grew and became more and more complex and different kinds of creatures started coming from it. Almost no one chooses to believe that life first started from the saliva of a gigantic creature. It seems almost impossible to them, but I know I am correct. Yet they still asked questions that were worth asking. Among them was the obvious: Where did TyLy come from?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure. It could have first came to life when the earth was still forming. There is no scientific explanation on how TyLy came to be, but there is on why there weren’t any more of the TyLy creatures. Through investigation of TyLy’s bones, we concluded that TyLy had no reproductive organs to produce any new generations of TyLys. And this was when I was finally jailed forever. I began to know too much, and the government took no liking to this information leaking into the public. They claimed that it would cause an “uproar” of complains from people that refuse to digest this information.

As for myself, I felt that it was important for the people to know just how life started on Earth, and that is why I wrote this letter, in hopes that one-day, the public will know.

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