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The Mummy

By Craig, age 14, Grade 8, Chiddix Junior High School, Illinois, USA

A long time ago in a city near Cairo, Egypt, the ancient Egyptians had many different myths. One of the most famous ones was known as the City of the Dead.

Two survivors from a battle there a few years ago decided to each take a group of people out there to see what they can find. The dumber of the two Joe took a group of five Americans. Steve, a strong fighter took a woman named Rose who recently saved his from being hung and her brother John. Rose was a Liberian back in Cairo and studied the culture of the Egyptians and could read there writing so she was very helpful. The first day of searching the Americans found some gold jars and the sacred Book of the Dead. Steve and his crew only found a slimy mummy.

That night while everyone was asleep Rose read a passage from the Book of the Dead and brought back a 3000 year old feared killer Mummy. According to the myths this spell was known as a global killer. Anyone who found the book would be the first to die. Unluckily for the Americans they were the ones who found the book. The next day Steve is walking around in a cave with the others when the Mummy then comes chasing after them. Steve shoots the Mummy and kills it. Or at least he thinks he does. On the way out of that place they run into the desert people who have been following them for a long time to make sure they don't do anything that could harm them. The desert people are very angry when they tell them that the Mummy is immortal and you can't kill him using guns.

On top of the Americans problems they all have to go back to the city and try to get rid of this creature. Steve and his crew go back to Cairo so they will be safe. Steve's friend Joe was so scared he ran off into the desert and never came back. Steve realized that even there they weren't safe so they return to the City of the Dead to see how the Americans are doing, but all they find are their corps.

When things can't seem to get any worse the Mummy takes Rose to use her to bring back his old love. While back in the city Rose figured out what would stop the Mummy and all they had to do was find another book buried under a certain statue. It was called the Book of Gold because it was made of pure gold. Steve and John know right where to find it, but they are short on time. They find it while the process is in the middle of being completed. This doesn't kill the Mummy but it makes him mortal again. The Mummy runs after Steve, but he shoves a sword right through his stomach before he could attack him. They were the only survivors on this mission, but when they return they are heroes

The End

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