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The New Beginning

By Jessica, age 14, 8th grade, Chiddix Jr. High School, Normal, IL, USA

As Sara was going though her basement, she found old things of her mother's. She missed her and loved her mother. She was also remembering what happened 2 years ago.

It was a cold and rainy November morning. Her mother and she were having a fight about how Sara's mom was never there for Sara, her brother, and sister. It seemed like Sara had to be their mother. Sara when to school all mad not knowing that in 5th hour she going to get called down to the office to find out that her mom was in the hospital on life support.

When Sara was in the room crying by her mother's side, she was thinking about the fight and how sorry she really was. Then her mom turned to her and said "I forgive you and I love you very much, goodbye for now." That kind of freaked Sara out that her mom know what she was thinking.

That was the last day of her mom's life but a new beginning for Sara. Since Sara was 18 she could have her brother and sister stay with her until the child services could find their dad. Little did they know that Sara's dad died last year. Sara would have to take on being a mother, get a night job and go to school. She had no clue that this was going to turn into a nightmare for her to handle.

For the next year and half Sara would have to deal with child services and trying to find her father. Sara could just dream of how it was with her mom, having a job and thinking about what was going to happen, but now it was up to Sara and a lot of times she disliked it, and her mother for dying and leaving Sara alone in this world. Sara know that she was not ready to be a mother but she tried her best not to scare her brother and sister because of the bad job that she was doing.

In the 2nd year Sara thought that she was going to go mad but some how things started to look up for her. Sara got back on her feet just in time before the people from child services took her brother and sister away from Sara. That was the year Sara graduated from high school. Sara could get a full time job in the summer and fall. In the fall Sara could take night classes at a local college.

Sara got news that her father had died three years ago so Sara was the only one that could raise her sister and brother now. She knew now that she could do it and that Sara will always put her family first. Sara would never let any one take them apart not even child service from her now. Maybe some day Sara could get a good job save enough money to move into a better neighborhood then what they are living now.

The End

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