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The Twins Find out the Town's Secret

By Michelle, age 11, 5th Grade, The Bullis School, Potomac, MD. USA

To my spectacular mother who has always been there for me
whenever I need her.
Your Daughter, Michelle

There is a gorgeous house in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. The Suton family lives there. They have lived there since before the girls were born. They have twin daughters, Michelle and Elizabeth, who are now, sixteen. The parents were so happy they had twins because the girls would always have someone to talk with.

Since the girls are now old enough, they are planning a trip to the Bahamas for two months. They are going with their boyfriends, Danny and Dustin Miller, are twins too. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend since they were in first grade. Danny and Michelle have liked each other since then and so have Dustin and Elizabeth.

All four of them are together planning the trip, trying to decide the best place to stay. They are arguing which place is best.

"Let's go to the Embassy Suites."

"Na, let's go to the Hyatt, it is right on the beach!"

"How about the new Motel 8?" "

"No, how about the Sheraton?"

They kept arguing about hotels, motels, and condos for two and a half-hours. They finally agreed on staying in a condo right on the beach. It is a beautiful baby blue color on the outside.

It is Saturday night before they are ready to leave on their plane and all four parents are a little worried about them leaving for two months alone. So, their parents are helping them pack. Their parents also talked to them about writing notes, sending pictures, and calling home.

The next morning Michelle said, "Wow, going away for two months sure will be a long time. I am going to miss you Mom and Dad!"

"Well, honey, we'll miss you a lot too. You are still our little girl," Mom replied.

Elizabeth said, "I definitely agree with Michelle."

The girls called their boyfriends and they asked them if they were ready to go. The boys said they would be on their way to pick them up, and then they would go to the airport. Before Danny and Dustin left home, they said their last good-byes to their mom, dad, and their little brother, Alec.

When the boys arrived, Danny asked, "Are you girls all ready to go? Did you remember everything?"

"Ya, we are ready and we do have everything," Michelle said with confidence.

They left for the airport a couple of minutes later. On arrival at the airport, they checked their bags and waited until it was time to board the plane. When they finally boarded the plane and were ready for take-off, they were filled with the excitement of the dazzling summer that was ahead of them.

Once they arrived at the airport in the Bahamas, they rented a car. Each one of them had a driver's license. They rented a red convertible and drove it to the condo. It was to be a perfect summer, one that they have been planning and looking forward to for a long time.

When they got inside the rented condo, they looked around for a couple of minutes. They quickly unpacked and got their bathing suits on to go hang out on the beach.

Michelle and Elizabeth went to go buy some lunch and some cold sodas while Danny and Dustin relaxed.

It was 7:00 p.m. when they decided to go out for dinner at a small restaurant on the boardwalk. Elizabeth had called before they left and made reservations for a table for four. They each ordered outstanding meals. After a very full day of activities, they went back to the condo and decided to go right to sleep.

In the middle of the night they were all awakened by strange noises, like voices saying, "Don't hurt me, I didn't do anything. I'm just a little girl and it's my birthday."

"Oh well, you will just have to die on your birthday," another voice threatened.

There were screams, yelling, then complete silence. They all heard it like it was retracing the night Kristy was murdered. The thing they didn't know was the horrendous secret from last summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning they all went to get ice cream for breakfast, and they told the guy who was working there what had happened the night before.

"Well I am not exactly surprised," said the store worker.

"About what?" asked Dustin.

"You don't know what happened in that condo last summer? Okay, well just forget I said anything about it, okay?"

"Okay, whatever!" Dustin mumbled.

They took their ice creams outside and accidentally ran into a policeman. The policeman asked, "Aren't you those kids who are staying in the condo that had the accident last summer?"

"Uh, I don't know! What accident?" asked Elizabeth.

The policeman looked at his watch and said, "Well, since I'm off duty for awhile, we can go for a walk along the beach and I'll explain."

"Okay, last summer, a 6 year-old girl named Kristy and her parents, Betsy and Bob, stayed in that condo for the summer. They were having a super time until the accident occurred. It was Kristy's birthday and her parents took her out to a restaurant that she had been wanting to go to since the day they had arrived. When they got back, they gave her the presents that they bought, and then they all went to bed. But in the middle of the night, a murderer was passing by, and murdered her for no reason at all. He left in a flash. Most people still remember him, but not everybody."

"Until this day, he hasn't been seen or heard from. No one has tried to contact the police in Philadelphia, not even the parents. We believe the parents gave up because they couldn't undo what happened. They returned to their home in Alaska."

"Well, thank you Sir for telling us. We have got some research to do. Bye!" Danny waved.

They all went to the library to do some research on the murderer, but they didn't find anything.

Then three weeks later, they went back to the library because they had talked to more people in the town, and now they had more information to help them get some answers to their questions. They looked up some information on the murderer, and found out that his name was Ed Smith and that he lived in Philadelphia. They decided to take the new information to the local police, who in turn called the Philadelphia police. Now, because of their efforts, he will be arrested and in jail for the rest of his life.

It is the end of the summer, and Elizabeth, Michelle, Danny, and Dustin are packing up and getting ready to leave to go back home. They are very happy because not only did they have a fabulous time at the beach, they also found an answer to a frightful problem.

The End

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