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The Game

By Kyle, age 11, Grade 5, The Bullis School, Silver Spring, MD, USA

3:29, 3:30 ..... School was finally out!

"John, what are you going to do over our vacation?" My friend Tom asked.

"My family and I are going to take a trip up to Canada."

I was in a hurry to get home so I said goodbye to my friends. My father, mother, and sister were taking me up to a hockey camp in Quebec, Canada. I was going to this camp because my parents felt that I should have more advanced hockey training in the place where it was first developed.

After a seventeen-hour drive, and a lot of talk about what I was going to do there, we finally arrived in Quebec. Once in Quebec, we had a hard time finding the camp because everyone there spoke French. After a two-hour drive we found the camp. It was called A La Hockey. Parents were not allowed to have any contact with the children once the camp started.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad," I said.

"Bye, Kyle," Aliya said grinning.

"Don't go in my room while I'm away," I warned. And with that my parents and sister drove off. Alone and curious about my new surroundings I turned around to check out the campus.

I looked at a sign stating that all of these buildings belonged to the University of Canada. I saw many different buildings covered with some kind of slime that was oozing down from their sides. Just from looking at the slime gave me the chills and I got goose bumps. Then I suddenly realized that everything was covered with slime and I would be surrounded by it all week long.

"Where were the campers and counselors?" I thought to myself. Suddenly, out of the building, I recognized my friends from my hockey team. I was surprised to see them, and they were very relieved to see me. The reason they were relieved to see me was that they didn't know where anybody was either. They were lost just like me and with no counselors around to help us.

"Where are the counselors, John?" Nick asked.

"I don't know. I hope they come soon."

Suddenly we saw a space ship come out from nowhere. It dropped off the counselors and then disappeared.

"Is everyone OK?" the counselors asked, even though they did not remember where they had been. "Yes," we answered.

"We will continue with the camp," they informed us.

So we made our way to the rink. When we got there the rink was filled with lobsters. Suddenly the counselors remembered where they had been. They had been in a space ship with aliens. The aliens had sent them to help the kids play the lobsters in a game. We looked around and saw twelve human sized lobsters talking with each other. We were shocked! One lobster spotted us and told us to get out, but we didn't move. The lobsters challenged us to a hockey game for ownership of the rink even though they knew they would die if they lost.

When the game started the lobsters were beating the kids by checking them and scoring goals. The kids wanted to stop playing, but the coaches said, "Keep trying and you might win." With five minutes remaining the kids came back from a nine goal deficit to score at the buzzer for a 9 to 10 victory. The hockey game destroyed all of the lobsters just like the aliens wanted. The kids had won the rink. The moral to this story is to never give up. Keep trying!

The End

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