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International anti-terrorist group

By Rodrigo, age 11, Fifth Grade, The Bullis School, Potomac, MD, USA

This book is dedicated to Tom Clancy for inspiring me to write it.

"Wake up, will ya!" insisted Justin as he tried to wake Rod up.

NAVY SEAL Justin Johnson was a very honored SEAL in the U.S.. He had been born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in America. Peruvian SINCHI (Peruvian SWAT TEAM) Rodrigo Suarez had been born in Peru then taken to America. He grew up in America but he went back to Peru to help out with their terrorist problems. The best people from all around the globe had been assigned to join the anti-terrorist group codenamed: Cheetah.

"What do you want?" demanded Rod.

"Captain just sent us a fax," said Justin.

"What's it say?"

"Got another mission and it's a big one."

"What's it about this time?"

"The President and everyone in the White House are being held hostage."

"Let's get down there immediately."

Rod and Justin caught a plane and got to D.C. in no time. They hailed a cab and were driven to FBI headquarters. There they had their mission briefing and were given all the equipment needed.

As they approached the White House they noticed red dots on the window shield. They quickly jumped out of the car pulling the driver out with them. As the car coasted ahead of them, Rod and Justin expected millions of bullets to go flying into the car. But instead a rocket was aiming directly at the car and blew it to bits. At this point the two partners got a little nervous. They radioed the rest of the team and told them not to go into the driveway, to just park on the street in front of The White House.

The rest of the team arrived. Rod and Justin were assigned to the Red Team. The negotiator, John Kendingson, started to distract the terrorists. They moved in by the backdoor.

"Looks empty," acknowledged Justin. Rod looked around, and spotted something from his right eye.

"Get down! Get down!" Rod shouted to everyone. Justin didn't have enough time to react. Rod quickly grabbed out his medallion and..........POP! The gun fired ! The shot was blocked by the medallion. Then Rod flipped around, pulled out his Beretta, and shot the shooter down.

"Tango down," he said in to the radio. "That was the 24k one," Rod said to Justin. "I can't believe it, I was just facing death two seconds ago......I owe you one."

Rod and Justin walked with extreme caution up the stairs. The elevator door opened, it was one of the terrorists and the captive Vice President. Justin took the terrorist down. "You wanna stay alive, stay with me," Rod warned the Vice President. Justin talked into his radio contacting the Gold Team to come pick up the Vice President. They came and got him out safely.

As Rod and Justin continued to move in, they peered into the President's bedroom and found all of the hostages along with thirteen terrorists. They jumped into the room and pulled the triggers of their M-16s and luckily killed all the terrorists. As Justin untied the hostages Rod felt like they weren't alone, like somebody was watching. He pulled out his gun and fired several times. Justin did the same except with his M-16. He practically blew a huge passageway into the wall. Rod went in to investigate and found a pile of electronics and what seemed to be a camera.

There was also a note stating:

If you want your President to live you must drop off
$20,000,000 at the Hoover Dam.

"Area secure, but it ain't over yet." Rod announced into the radio.

A helicopter immediatly took Rod and Justin to the Dam. To get inside the Dam they went in the way nobody would expect, swimming. They swam and found a ladder. They went through different rooms until they came to the control room. Three terrorists in the control room were shot in the leg to stun them. With them out of the way they walked to the top level. Once there they confirmed their greatest fear. C4 was wired throughout the Dam.

They continued their search and when they came to the steps that led to the top of the Dam, they found the leader of the terrorists dragging the President to the top. Immediatly Rod remembered his face from somewhere back in Peru. He was the one who blew up all of his relative's property making them homeless for months. He got away and was never seen again. Rod had no intentions of letting that happen again.

Rod and Justin shot at the terrorist but missed. But out of fear the terrorist let the President go. They told the President he would be safe if he just stayed there.

With the President safe they moved out on the roof of the Dam. It looked empty. But all of a sudden bullets went flying all over the place. They startled Justin and he fell off the side of the Dam. Rod dove and caught him. The terrorist came behind Rod and warned him, "Better not move or you'll get a bullet in your back. I might as well tell you my name. I am Zack Harthingston."

Rod whispered to Justin, "I'll flip you over my back on the count of three. You fire as you come flipping over and you'll take him out."

"But what about you? Won't you get shot and fall?" asked Justin.

"It's my only chance if I want to save this city from flooding," answered Rod nervously. "Hey Zack, have you ever actually thought that trilogy means there's a 1,2,.......3!"

Justin flipped and shot Zack, but Rod was also shot in the back and fell off the Dam!

"NNNOOOOOOO!" yelled Justin.

Justin was too scared to even look over the side to see his friend's dead body. A helicopter came and picked him up off the Dam, but instead of heading home, it flew over to the side of the Dam to look for the body. As they descended they heard loud cursing. They found Rod hanging from a pole.

"So you weren't shot after all," remarked Justin as the men pulled him up on the chopper.

"Not exactly," said Rod as he turned around barely to show the three bullet holes in his back.


After Rod recovered from his wounds he received an award for extreme bravery. Justin received the same. They both retired early and hoped they would never be called for another mission.

A year later Rod was over at Justin's house when the phone rang. Justin picked up and said "hello.................What do you mean mission!!"

To be continued......

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