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A Scream in the Dark

By Lauren, age 11, 5th Grade, The Bullis School, Potomac, MD, USA

It's Friday afternoon and I am in the middle of Mr.Skull's class. Boooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnngg! I would rather be at the new amusement park that everybody is talking about. Wouldn't you want to if you were stuck indoors until 3:30 on the last day of school?

Brinnnnngggggg! Yes! Out of school until next year!

"Hey guys! Guess what? I have a great idea!" Christy exclaimed as she ran toward her friends.

"What is it now, Christy?" said Michelle sarcastically.

"Well, if you don't want to go I understand, but I was thinking……. It being summer and everyth……"

"Just spit it out, Christy! Saman hollered annoyingly.

" Okay, Okay, calm down! I thought we could spend the whole day tomorrow at The Scream!" exclaimed Christy.

" Great idea, Christy," Michelle agreed with such enthusiasm that I thought she would take off on us that very minute.

"Yeah, great idea, just one problem," Saman interrupted.

"What is that, Saman?"

"Where are we going to get the money for the tickets?"

"Oh, is that all, Saman? I got the tickets already," Christy announced waving them triumphantly in the air for all to see.

"You did? Well that is amazing! You are so sneaky! Well, I have to go. See you tomorrow at The Scream," Saman called out just as she was reaching for the door.

"Okay. Bye everybody! I have to go too," announced Christy.

The next day I got up, took a shower, and immediately took off for The Scream. When I arrived I found Saman and the whole gang eagerly waiting.

"Hey guys, look who got here on time!"

"Hey, the whole gang is here, let's go inside!" Christy exclaimed pointing toward the rides.

"Let's go!" everybody exclaimed.

When we got inside all we wanted to go on was the roller coaster so we got the tickets. And without giving it a second thought we jumped into the first empty seat. At first the ride started real slow but then it suddenly started to go faster and faster and faster. Michelle was beginning to feel uneasy and wanted to get off.

"Wait a minute! This ride says if you want to get off, you just have to say so, and I want to get off right now! Michelle complained loud enough for the entire park to hear. "Why isn't he listening to me? Why isn't he shutting this ride off? I want to get off!"

" Why isn't he listening to us?" Christy wondered out loud.

" Something weird is going on," Saman interjected, who by now realized that Michelle was crying. "I want to get off, too!" Saman cried out. "Oh wait, here comes the guy who can finally stop this crazy machine. He is finally listening to us! It is about time!" Saman exclaimed in her most frustrated voice.

The man stopped the ride for us, but we got off feeling very, very, dizzy. We decided to sit down for a while. Before long the dizziness was gone and we were ready for some popcorn. We were walking around the park munching on the popcorn when we suddenly came across a haunted house. We all thought haunted houses were for babies but we couldn't resist. We unanimously decided to try the ride out. As soon as we got into our seats the lights went out. The ride began to move forward to its first stop along the way. We heard spooky noises behind us, but we just laughed. At the second stop we heard someone whisper into our ears, "I'm going to get you!" By now I was really beginning to get frightened and I could tell I wasn't alone. Fortunately the ride was just about over.

Once the ride was finished we decided that we should be getting home because it was already getting dark. We started to head for the gate when we suddenly saw a strange-looking man lock it. I decided that we should call home because it had also started to rain and I was pretty freaked out. Just then Saman, who we told to go and call home, shrieked, "The phone line is dead! It has been cut!!! I want to get out of here right now!" Just then I remembered that I had my portable phone so I called the police. I was able to tell them everything that happened even though I was so incredibly nervous. The police said that they were on their way. I turned to Saman and told her that everything would be all right, the police would be there any minute.

We headed back towards the locked gate to wait in the dark with the rain pouring down on us. We were still frightened and feeling very much alone when much to our surprise the police arrived on the scene. One kind gentleman walked up to us and reassuringly put his arm on my shoulder and said, " We got you now, you are safe. Now let's get you home and out of this rain." It was like music to my ears.

The End

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