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Flash of Friends

By Celia, age 11, 5th Grade, Bullis School, Potomac, MD, USA

1. Hollywood

Molly burst into her classroom filled with joy. "I am going to Hollywood to film a TV show!" she rejoiced. Everyone gasped. At least everyone but Nick.

Nick was Molly's worst enemy. He walked up to Molly. "Give me proof", he demanded. "How did you find out?"

"I got a letter"

"You brought it, right?"

"Of course! Let me go get it."

When she showed it to him, he didn't know what to say. "Believe me now?!" I whispered to him. "I guess so," he replied.

When class began, Molly explained to the class that the show was going to be called 'Best Friends', and it would be about two best friends, who are nothing alike.

2. Sarah

Sarah was Molly's best friend. They met everyday at recess and talked about private stuff. That day at recess, although Sarah was very proud and pleased for Molly, she was also aware of something that Molly wasn't.

"I won't get to see you as often as I usually do. You will barely be in New York to see me!" Sarah mentioned.

"Shoot! I wish Hollywood were here!" Molly sighed.

"Thats it! Maybe I can go to Hollywood with you sometimes!" Sarah suggested.

"YES! That's a great idea!"

The bell rang and all of the kids ran inside the school for their next class.

3. Mom

After school when Molly got home, she asked her mom if Sarah could go to Hollywood with her. Her mom didn't think it was a good idea for Sarah to come the first time, but perhaps she could in the future. Molly would just have to go to Hollywood without Sarah this time around.

4. In Hollywood

Molly's mother told Molly that they were leaving for Hollywood the following weekend. When that weekend finally came, Molly couldn't wait to get there. The trip on the plane was five boring hours, but right when she stepped out of the plane it was almost as if she started a new life. When she looked outside she saw the rocky hills of Hollywood where she was going. Her parents took her to the room that she would stay in and she went to bed filled with excitement and anticipation.

The next day Molly and her parents went for a tour of the TV studios where her show would be filmed. The tour guide told her that she would get a daily schedule of what time shows would be filmed, and that she could hang out backstage anytime as long as a show was not being filmed.

5. Lily

Later that day Molly looked around backstage. She went into the prop room, and she saw the most beautiful eleven year old she had ever seen. Molly tried to sneak out of the room without the girl hearing, but the girl heard her and got startled.

"Who in the name of Lord are you?!" she shouted. Molly was busted.

"I'm Molly, who are... wait a minute, are you going to be 'Sarah' in 'Best Friends'?" I asked.

"Oh my gosh, I am Lily. Are you going to be 'Katey'?"

They were both were so excited to get to know each other.

6. Our first show

The next day, the girls went to start rehearsing their first episode. They got their scripts, and met the other members of the cast. They all seemed very nice. The first episode of the show was about two best friends in fifth grade, until another girl comes along who is really dorky and annoying to them. Thinking about best friends, Molly decided to write a letter to Sarah because she missed her.

7. The Letter

The first thing Molly did when she got to her room was write the letter. This is what it read:

Dear Sarah,

I miss you so much! It is awesome here. We already filmed our first episode and I met Lily, the other star in the show. I bet my mom will let you come and visit me.

Hollywood is the coolest place you have ever been. When I see the hills of Hollywood in a photograph, now I can say I have been there.

Lily is really pretty! You would love her. In the show she is real stylish and I am real athletic. We see each other every day.

Miss You,


8. A letter in return

A few weeks later, Molly received a letter in return.

Dear Molly,

I miss you so much! Lily sounds really nice. I want to meet her really soon. My mom said that I might be able to come and visit you next month.

Best friends,


9. Bad, Yet Good News

Molly was so glad that she would get to see Sarah next month. Her mom was excited too, but she had some news to tell Molly. Days had passed before she told her and letters had continued between the two girls. Finally, her mother told Molly. "You, well we, are moving here until the show is over." Molly was very surprised. She didn't know if she should be happy or sad. The bad part was that she might not be able to see Sarah for a long time, or very often. The good part was that she would get to move to beautiful HOLLYWOOD! She would also get to see Lily every single day! How would she tell Sarah?

10. The Next Letter

Dear Sarah,

I have some bad news for you. I have to move to Hollywood. Please don't be mad at me. I am sad too. But whatever comes up, we will always be friends, right?

Write me back,


11. A Day with Lily

The next day, Molly found out that Lily was moving there too. She was not the only one. The two pals decided to go on a short walk. They both talked about how much they missed their best friends.

"Wait a minute! If you miss your best friend, and I miss my best freind, and we are both moving here, why don't we become best Hollywood friends?" Lily suggested.

"That is a great idea!" agreed Molly. After talking, they went to a waterpark and watched them film "Sabrina the Teenage Witch."

12. No Letter Back

Two weeks had passed and Molly didn't get a lettter back from Sarah. She sent four more letters, but she still didn't get a letter. She talked to her mom about it, and she talked to her dad who said on the phone that Sarah was probably mad about her moving to Hollywood.

13. Good News

Molly finally got a letter back from Sarah. This is what it said:

Dear Molly,

I miss you so much! I can't bear to live one more day without you. Why do you have to move there? Do you want to live there? I have some really good news for you. I can stay with you for spring break. Are you busy then?

See yah!


14. Sarah Again

When Molly showed her mom the letter, her mother gave her a strange look. Finally, she shouted "YES!" Sarah would be able to come and visit Molly! Molly was so happy.

The day came for Sarah to arrive. She would finally get to meet Lily. Sarah would get to watch them film "Best Friends". Molly heard a knock on the door. She ran to the front hall and burst the door open on Sarah. They were so glad to see each other.

"This place is so pretty!" Sarah exclaimed.

"I know, isn't it?" Molly answered.

"Now I really do wish that Hollywood was in New York!"

Molly introduced Lily to Sarah. They seemed glad to meet each other.

15. Celebrity Day

Molly, Sarah, and Lily looked at the daily schedule. "Celebrity Day?"

Lily asked "What is that?"

"Today is Celebrity Day and we have to find out what it is," Molly stated. "Let's go find director Ben. He will know."

When they found Ben, he explained that Celebrity Day was when everybody who acts in something at Hollywood comes to an all day party to meet other celebrities.

"We are here with my best friend. Can she come with us?" Molly asked.

"Well, let's see, it's going to be pretty crowded but, I guess so," Ben said.

16. The Party

"Yes! We get to meet our favorite celebrities! I hope that Jennifer Aniston is there!" Sarah said. When they stepped into the room, they were so surprised. They saw: Rosie O'Donnell, Tom Cruise, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, and Ben Affleck! They were amazed!

After a half an hour of eating sweets, they finally got the nerve to meet someone. They shyly walked over to Mary Kate and Ashley, after all , they are their age.

"Wow, aren't you going to be in that new "Best Friends" show?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah, two of us are, and this is my best friend, Sarah," offered Molly.

"How many films, shows, or movies have you both been in?" Molly asked.

"Oh, there are too many to count," answered Ashley. "I guess about thirty."

"I think we have to go now," said Lily.

"See you later," we all shouted.

17. Bye!

Spring break was over the next day and Sarah had to go back to New York. Molly was really sad. Lilly was pretty sad too.

"Maybe we can become pen pals," Sarah suggested.

"Good idea!" Molly agreed. "Then we won't miss each other totally, we will just miss each other's actions and looks."

18. Happiness

The next day, they filmed three new episodes of their show. After that, Molly wrote a letter to Sarah, which told the address and phone number of her apartment. Since they also had a week off from the show, Lily and Molly got to go to the fun waterpark that thay went to earlier. When Molly and Lily got back, Molly got a letter from Sarah. It was filled with news like: Sarah had gotten a dog and her mother was pregnant. Molly was sure that Sarah was very happy, and that she would make new friends that were just as nice and friendly as the two of them. The letter also mentioned that Sarah got permission from her parents to come and visit for a week every month. They would each feel like they were together all of the time.


Director Ben was excited about the whole issue of the friends so he based an episode of the show on this story.

The End

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