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By Vassia, age 11, 5th Grade, The Bullis School, Potomac, MD, USA

"Drew, why is it so cold?"

"Well, David, if you didn't press the eject button on the plane we would not be here.

We would be in Siberia eating the best Russian dumplings!"

Drew thought about what he had said. "Nice, tender dough, the best meat in the whole world with some extra butter on top! A king's meal!"

"Yeah, if I wouldn't have pressed the eject button on the plane then we would see our stepmom in Siberia. If I only hadn't pressed the button," lamented David.

Then Drew said, "I am hungry, let's go get some food."

"Yeah, just give me five minutes to finish my bearskin coat."

"You've been working on this thing for three months now, how could you be finished in five minutes?"

"All I need to do is to sew these patches together and I will be done."

"That will take you forever, you dork!"

"OK, let's go get some food."

So the two boys went to the big hill they named Hunchback Hill, passing their Father's grave.

How did this all happen? It all started when David pushed the eject button on their 566 Cessna private plane. After he did that, the seats went flying up and the plane just went down into Fox Lake. Even some debris is still floating on the surface of the lake. After the two boys' plane crashed, their Father died (Rest in Peace!), and they were the only survivors together with their loving Rottweiler, Grizzly.

They did everything they could to survive. For shelter they built a shack. They described it like this in one of their journal entries: "A nice wooden square built with strong cedar branches". Of course, to protect themselves from wild animals they also needed weapons. They constructed two spears with its stick part cut out of ceder branches and the sharp part cut out of a bear bone. They also had a knife made from some steel left over from the crash. But to get to the middle of the lake they needed a raft. So they built one out of several trees which they burnt in the middle to cut out a section. To get fire they got flint and steel by picking up some steel from the crash and flint from a big cliff.

Their life was pretty healthy, the food they ate was very nutritious. They ate acorn pancakes, wild raspberries and strawberries, and fresh trout. Mmmmmmm!! They would spend most of their time trying to teach Grizzly how to catch fish for them. Nevertheless, they forgot that they did not have walkmen, CDS, computers, TV, and Sega. In other words, they were stranded.

"Yo! Grizzly, go get us some fresh trout!" Drew ordered.

So Grizzly went out of the shack.

Grizzly didn't even get half way to Fox Lake when he heard a noise reminding him of the plane crash. When he looked up he saw a big black oval with twisting blades on top of it. Any dog would have run to its master and that is exactly what he did. When the boys saw the machine Drew knew it was a helicopter looking for them. The pilot didn't even know that the eleven year old boys he was looking for were right under him. So to get the pilot's attention they started jumping, screaming, and barking. The pilot couldn't hear them so the boys started the biggest fire yet. Their plan worked and the pilot tried to find a landing space but it was hard. So he went back to his base and called for a special plane that could land on the lake. But when the boys saw the helicopter leave, they started crying.

"We were living well, but I am getting kinda' sick of acorn pancakes", Drew sobbed. "And now we're orphans. I miss my stepmom and my Dad!"

Sad and alone they just stayed in their shack while Grizzly got them fresh trout. The boys' tears turned to anger as they thought about how inhumane the pilot was and how much they despised him.

Suddenly they heard a small engine rattling like a school bus. A small red plane appeared through the clouds. The boys were thrilled to see two men: one was the pilot of the helicopter and the other was a man who looked like a doctor because of his white robe. The boys thought the plane would fly away like the previous one but it didn't. It landed on Fox Lake and took the boys to safety in Siberia.


After they got rescued, they lived with their stepmom happily in Siberia.

Never Push Unknown Buttons!!

The End

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