All the news and views from around the Castle

War once again!

The Irish wanted revenge on England, still England have won again. Will Britain ever prevail over England!
Last, we have the last war ever for North Britain and France, we think. In the end of that everlasting time of those two countries having war against each other, the win goes to FRANCE!!!
By the eleventh century newspaper writer, MYLES (January 2005)

Myles, 8, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Lucy has a new love!

Lucy is in love with a man from U.S.A! His name is John Smith. Who has ditched his almost wife Pochahantas for Lucy. Lucy and him plan to get married on Valentine's Day. It has been said that she named her horse after him. She loves him with his blue eyes and blond hair! Good luck Lucy and John! And great job U.S.A! (January 2005)

Melanie, 11, Vandalia, USA

A new baby dragon is born!

Today a new baby dragon was born. Her name is Mookiepookie. It is a very cute purple. WOW what a pretty dragon it is. You can visit it at the dragon play pen. This dragon is important because it’s the daughter of Akalakalaka! DUH DUH DUUUHHHH! She will grow up to be a super star. For more information ask Jody. She is the Step mom. (January 2005)

Madison, 12, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA

Witchy Food!

The former chef, Cook Elizebeth, has been burned at the stake for accusations against her including: witchcraft, the poisoning of Princess Adele, and many, many more. Cook Elizebeth, or should I say Crook Elizebeth, was found guilty when the Royal Food Taster tasted some of King Reginald's food and died instantly. Remember folks, to get a good cook go to the local town centre and ask your Mayor for a recommendation. (January 2005)

Nicole, 10, Manchester, England

The boy who cried ogre

Prince Osgoroth was going to be crowned king, but a maimed boy entered screaming ogre. Everyone knows the boy who cried wolf, so nobody listened. Now SOME ogre destroyed the castle with help of Sir Dylan riding a frog weilding a magic cow leg. A archer named Brainless shot an arrow that just made the ogre more mad. The boy that had been maimed was eaten by Stiko the troll. I may not be here… later HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLP…(narator) and that is the news (January 2005)

Fabio, 13, Calgary, Canada

Knight wanted

A knight will be drafted into the army. The knight MUST meet R.K.A AND the king's standards. The best knight(s) will be taken. (January 2005)

Min seok, 9, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Lost Fortune is Searched For!

A castle in London has lost it's fourtune! A local guild called "Radio Disney" has volunteered to send one of their Bravest Knights (a Grand Prize Listener) to recover the lost fourtune. The castle has offered $2000 as a reward! I will keep you updated on this quest. (January 2005)

Victoria Rose, 11, St.Pete, FL, USA

Diary of a kid

The day was fun for most of us. There was a game for everyone. There was some royalty there. The new king is very nice. He is great at battle. It is different with him and his ideas. (January 2005)

Sammy, 5, Blue Village, USA

Someone's afloat in the moat

Some mysterious person was found floating in the moat who turns out to be the king! The king was locked up by a sly bandit and the bandit( george mckief) pretened to be the king! The athourities are investigating untill further notice. (January 2005)

Laura, 7, Albany, USA

Sir Sherwood badly injured

At ten o'clock yesterday morning Sir Sherwood of Nottingham was badly burnt when he fell into a flaming snake pit. He was enjoying a game of badminton with his fellow knights when he ran backwards to get the birdie and tripped over a stump. He then flew several feet and landed on his head in the snake pit. While the knights were trying to rescue Sir Sherwood, one knight indirectly set the pit ablaze while he lit his torch to increase visibility inside the pit where Sir Sherwood was entrapped. Fortunately, Sir Sherwood was rescued heroically by King Arthur himself. Cards may be sent to Guenevire's Garden Inn at Nottingham. (January 2005)

Sarah, 15, South Dakota, USA

Watch Out, The Poisoned Army Is coming !

Watch out residents of Kids Castle. We have heard that the poisoned army is coming! The poisoned army's speciality is their poison arrows. So close your windows because poison arrows will be flying around. But I'm sure that Kids Castle can easily beat up the poisoned army! (January 2005)

Arjun, 11, Singapore

The dragon is slain.

Last night a knight killed the dragon that took the live of beloved king. The now famous knights name was Alberto IV. We were lucky enough to get an interview with the magnificient knight. We asked him what how he killed the dragon and he replied "I was riding to Camelot and I saw a dragon terrorizing a city so I decided I would try to help them. I came up to the dragon and he knocked me back. I flew back and hit a catapult like I planned and it set it off. The stone on the catapult flew and smashed the dragon." Those were the words of the couragous knight. (January 2005)

Billy-Bob, 11, NY, USA

New War Machine

The king of Vanduria came up with a weapon that shoots ten spears at once. This kind of invention could revolutionise the battlefield. (January 2005)

Quinton, 8, New York, NY, USA

Students are introduced to kids castle

In the Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland) there is a small town called Roermond. In this town stands a school where students are being educated to be primary school teachers. In one of the many lessons they must follow they hear a story about kids castle. The castle that only can be reached by enthousiastic teachers and kids that love computers, internet and of course history.

Many students are so excited about the castle that they make a promise to use it in their own class.
(January 2005)

Noud Theunissen, 28, Maastricht, The Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland)

Pole vaulting plunderers give castle a pasting

Our worst enemy has come. We hoped that would not happen. He arrived yesterday at 1 am when the Castle was asleep. He brought all his soldiers with him. They are now in the castle, having gained entry by pole vaulting over the wall. They haven't done any damage yet but they will do soon. The castle is not safe unless someone saves the castle. (November 2004)

Charlie, 6, Northchurch, England

Black Follmon!

A new sickness called black follmon has killed 78,924 people in England it was started when a hawk ate a dragon. Some say it's heading for Kids' Castle. So watch out for a black hawk! (November 2004)

Dallen, 7, Orange Park, FL, USA

The war is over

Citzens of the Kids Castle, the war is finally over with Dragons Ville. After years of fighting with Dragons Ville Lord Sherwood has finally declared peace thoughout the two lands. Many people think differently from Lord Sherwood though. "We should of kept fighting with those Dragons and send all our soldiers there and have taught them a lesson", says a peasant. Though many people people think more war is the answer Lord Sherwood will not give in. In the end will it be peace or war. We can only imagine. (November 2004)

Isabelle, 10, Springfield, USA


Little did we know when the Lord of Ethics, Lord Cody, brought home his charming wife that she was common. As we all know acting above our state is punished by death, but his lordship took that chance. While I was watching the tournament at Yale, I over heard his lord and ladyship talking. He had fallen in love with this Jamie of Visedale while out buying chickens. So I ask our noble court are we going to stand for this?
The Duchess BARBARA of Ethics. (November 2004)

Barbara, 16, USA

Dragon Threatens the Royal Castle!

A Three-headed dragon says that if that king does not give him ultimate wealth and the throne of the land. The king is doubtful but yet refuses the threat. The Dragon swears revenge but the king knows that we will get victory. The king loves his people and does not want them threatened, so he has called reinforcements to the stronghold to give the people extra protection from the dragon. (November 2004)

Trent, 11, Spring Branch, USA


Lady and Lord Sherwood are holding a ball for Lucy`s birthday and some village people are invited too! Punch and Judy come to the castle to entertain the pages and children. Jamie the page says "wow we`ve never had that before". (October 2004)

Kelsey, 8, Glasgow, Scotland


Prince Termus and Prince Vincon are reunited after going separate ways in battle. They met at Cowswing Village and on their way to Meriwell Castle they thought they'd stay at our castle for a few days. They will be having a feast with the King and Kingsmen and they then will be heading to Meriwell Castle where they belong. …That's a family reunited… (October 2004)

Joseph, 11, Beverley, UK

Tournament Cancelled

A tournament has been cancelled. The guard was not keeping a close eye on the horses when they jumped over the gate and galloped away. The guard gave chase but had to give up when he ran out of puff. The horses have not come back so there will be no tournaments untill the king can afford some more.
(October 2004)

Jodie, 9, Sutton in Ashfield, UK


The princess's new gown has a light green bodice and a scarlet skirt with purple layers. The Princess looks so beautiful in it that Prince Jeremy has bought her a castle of her own. We will have more on this story later. (October 2004)

Sarah, 12, OK, USA


A murderer once found on the streets is now gone. However, his brother Sir Lichtenstein is still roaming the streets. The palace guard is sure to apprehend him soon, but stay inside. He also might be hinding among you, so keep a sharp lookout for anyone coming down your street, and dark alleyways. The reward is handsome for who ever brings this man to the nearest palace guard. Dateline: May 04

Sarah Alice, 10, Missouri, USA

Forthcoming Ball

On February 5th
There will be a grand ball, where all the kings and queens will attend, please come. There will be a feast with all of your favorite foods. There will also be a jester and a minstrel for your entertainment. It will begin at noon.

Aqua, 12, Shombard, Illinois, USA

New Knights

Since the recent attack of Lord Farlkwofs men we have decided to install the highest quality trained Knights. We shall have them arrive by Thursday. I thank you for your co operation and please make them all feel welcome if you see them around the castle grounds. Thankyou Lord Arnold

Amanda, 10, Australia

The Ball Is Soon!

There is a important message for every one today: There is a upcoming ball. Please come if you can dressed as smartly as you can, so you might get a prize if you win.

Mackenzie, 9, Eden Prairie, USA

Grand Jousting Tournament Cancled!

The jousting tournament has been cancelled!
Due to the unlucky event that the jousting knights were both put into the infirmary late last night because of a herd of rampaging dragons.The peasants who bought tickets may get a 10 dollar refund.

Ellen, 10, New Albany, USA

Dragon Warning

The dragon warning today is very high. There will be heavy fire around three o'cock, so you should all stay in your
homes. Warning to all peasants with thatched roofs: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN !!!

That was the daily dragon report. Have a nice day!

Jordan, 13, Pascagoula, USA

Open Room

There is an available room to any Royal person interested. It costs 10 silver coins per Week. We provide meals and maids: it is included in your weekly payment. We have also added a few new things to the apartments. We have added a spa and a pool and a very warm water thing. Please consider renting one! Apply the Royal Apartments

Janae, 11, Michigan, USA

Jester James - Making Everyone Laugh

Jester James is the new jester. He can crack a laugh to anyone. Lord Sherwood was even pleased. With his gymnastic fleas and songs, he is the best!

RJS, 11, Bay Village, USA

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Come one, come all. His Royal Majesty, King Abbot Mortimer, hereby
requests your attendance at the celebration on Mossflower Square to
cheer on Redwall Abbey's success over the rats. Included in the festivities will be a jousting tournament between Cluny the Scrouge and Matthias. A feast will be included for all who come. The celebration begins at sundown.

Jessie, 11, Haworth, USA

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Come to a ball at the Greek Palace. Date: May 16. Wear your best outfit.
The couple with the fanciest clothes will win a free custom dress, and a
family ticket to the Greek Tournament. Food, drinks, and transportation
will be provided. September 2004

John, 11, Haworth, USA

A Royal Ball Soon!

A royal ball will be held in the Royal Court. Everyone is invited. There will be fish such as pike and carp. Meat such as sheep, pig, veal, pork, beef, and chicken. Plus bread of all kinds brown bread and white soft fluffy bread. Today in the market the queen herself will be giving dresses to those who want to attend the ball but does not have enough fabric to make another dress for herself. And for once the queen will mingle with the commoners.

Grace, 12, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

A strange hero

A little boy the age of 6 fought off
the whole army of Sir bill's. He just
shot an arrow that hit nothing and the
army fled to the main gate and the lord's
army finished them off easily and the little boy was told to be a knight. September 2004

Colin, 10, London, Canada

The prince to be married!

Prince Frederikk the first in line to the throne, is to be married to Madamoiselle Falcon of Holland!

Lady Hawkfull, 11, Netherlands

King Gives Money to Serfs!

King John seen today giving money to serfs. Interviewers report that the serfs had no money so he gave some to them. The king says he was trying to be nice but nobles seem to be very wary. September 2004

Dave, 15, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Most Wonderful Ball Is Coming!

The King has announced a ball. It is in honour of his birthday. Every maiden (except servants) and man (except servants) is invited. Servants can find work for the night catering, cleaning, serving and decorating fo the night. If you want a job come to the palace in two days at midday. September 2004

Aisha, 10, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England


King Norten has died unexpectedly and his funeral will be on Thursday and the investigation of how he died will continue. Please show up in memory of him.

Carly, 12, Canada

King's Carriage Kiddnapped

Yesterday King Johns' coach was stollen from outside his castle. Luckly King John had gone inside two minutes before the incident occurred. The thief is supposedly armed and dangerous as witnesses saw hyim leaving the scene, face covered. Investigators are still searching for the carriage,but it could not have gone far because the wheel needed repairing. Dateline: May 04

Chelsea, 14, Sheerness, England

Sir Lancelot unhorsed!

Today Sir Lancelot was unhorsed for the first time in his life. Who did it? The king, Sir Arthur of course! Whether he did it for his king or that the king is truly the best no-one knows. Sir Lancelot went down after two strikes to the lance holding arm; first losing his lance then falling over. He is now suffering taunts of defeat. He seems all right though! The next tournament is Sir Baurin vs. Sir Lancelot, what will happen? Buy tomorrow's Times and find out! Dateline: May 04

Jenni, 13, USA

The brown boar escapes from butcher

The brown boar escapes from butcher and does not come back! But the question is how did he get away? Because the boar was locked up in a pen. Somebody must have let it out. The butcher said he was in the shop sleeping and he heard a bang he got up and the boar was gone. Dateline: May 04

Emmy R., 9, NY, USA

New Lord

New Lord is chosen! His name is Lord Mark. He loves to hang around the garden and pick flowers for his lovely wife, Lady Helen. She loves to do embroidery. They promise to be good and follow the Code of Chivalry. Dateline: May 04

Yumika, 9, New York, NY, USA

Bites of the Mad Cows!

This is an article about the Mad Cow Disease. It is very, very contagious and anyone at any age can catch it. My grandmother Hannah caught it and now she is dead and I can not stop thinking about it. So you should WATCH OUT for the Mad Cow Diseasee. This has been Bites of the Mad Cows with Shaniqua. Dateline: May 04

Shaniqua, 11, Waterville, New York, USA

Princess Abigal to marry

May 15 1250: Princess Abigal will marry Prince Sir William. They will be married July 12th 1250. They will have farriet, pork, and venison. Dateline: May 04

Elizabeth , 9, NY, USA

The Wonderful Castle Have Been Built!!!!!!!!!!

The Normans have finally changed the wooden castles into stone castles!!!!!!!!! They are extremly big and really shows who is in power! Reported by Anne Dateline: May 04

Anne, 11, Hong Kong, China

King Demands New Building

The King has decided that a new building will be built in honor of us winning the tournament between him and a strong warrior from a castle far away from here, called Dungeon Castle.
We are building a tower, to be called The Great Winning Tower, and it will hold the King's new bedroom. Guards will surround the outer doors, and the inner doors. There will be a small royal room that will be forbidden to visitors and unroyal scavengers or strangers. Dateline: May 04

Taylor, 10, Kent, Washington, USA

The Ball is Here!!!!!!!

The ball is here!! Wear your best clothes because you might marry
the handsome Prince Charles!! It starts at noon and ends at mid
night. So don't miss it. Dateline: May 04

Vishaka, 9, Bombay, India

The Attack

Last night there were gun noises, metal shattering, screaming shouting and sparks. The king got killed by a javelin and the people in the castle tried to help the king but nothing can cure him.
Now the detectives have to find who done it. Dateline: May 04

Spence, 9, Chatham, England

Entertainment for Lord and Lady Sherwood.

Last night Lord and Lady Sherwood were entertained by a ball and banquet.They ate fish, potatoes and champagne. As well they were entertained by a jester doing somersaults, silly jokes and acrobats. Dateline: May 04

Carly, 8, Chatham, England

Tournament entertainment

Yesterday a tournament took place at Nottingham castle. It was
to entertain King William II. One of the men was killed. Everyone was upset, so the jester came on and did some jokes, danced and sung. William was laughing his socks off. So he insisted on staying. William woke early to go hunting. He caught a badger, rabbit, fox and a turkey. Dateline: May 04

Adam, 8, Chatham, England

Half of the back wall fell off result of mining!

The ore mine behind the castle could not support the above weight of the castle wall. It caved in yesterday moring when someone mined the ore out and destroyed the wall. Four were injured and it destroyed all trace of the mine. Lucy's tower fell off too but, no-one was inside and no injuries were reported. Dateline: May 04

Cole, 11, Brentwood, Tennessee, USA

New Apartments For the Royals

The royals get new apartments! They are really excited about it too! In a brief interview with the king himself, I gathered this info; These new apartments are state of the art! There are no more chamber pots, but instead proper bathrooms. The guards outside the apartments had to enter training camp. As you can tell these new apartments are up to date. The king and queen will give exclusive interviews only to those who are willing to clean these rooms once a week for two weeks. Dateline: May 04

Ann Elizabeth, 11, Frankin, USA

Royal Apartments' #2 annual Royal Ball

The Royal Apartments are holding their second Royal ball and they want you to come!!! It is on Royal Day so wear your best outfit you have. We hope to see you there!!!! (November 2003)

Gee, 12, Wisconsin, USA

Tournament Champ loses to Dragon

Sir Arthur, the Jousting Champion, lost today to a dragon. He has been demoted to a squire since the dragon was a baby, who barely had horns yet! It Sir Arthur couldn't win a simple joust with a baby dragon, then how in Camelot would he win a battle with trained enemies? Remember, you heard it here first! (October 2003)

Ashleigh, 10, Sacramento, California, USA

Fireball Tournament is here!

Come over to Taylor's Fireball Tournament: the following people are fighting: Billy, Randy and Matlien, so come down on 13th January 1400 and let the fireballs fly. (October 2003)

Taylor, 10, Kennewick, Washington, USA

King to Visit Nottingham!

King John will be visiting Nottingham Castle on June 14th 1200. All roads he travels on to get to Nottingham will become King's Highways and inhabitants will be expected to pay extra taxes, so villagers of Gotham and Clifton are hereby warned to have their purses with them.

The Castle Reporter, 21, Kids' Castle

A Tale of Two which surprised More than a Few.

A surprising revelation at King Edward's coronation leaves the entire kingdom under the Tudors in shock. They learn
they had just coronated a false Prince Edward when the real prince marches up to claim his tittle. He could have lost his life intervening in important Royal Proceedings had "Prince Edward" not asserted to this claim. Then Tom, was his name, provided help in the prince's recollection of where he placed the long missing seal. Thus reclaiming his lineage.
In turn the prince cleared up the mishap explaining that the he noticed their similarities, after sparing Tom from the guard's beatings, and the idea to switch was his hoping to benefit them both. However the plan failed when the king scolded the guard and was cast away unable to get to the palace during the time of the prince's sudden "malady". This guard was fired on the spot for unreasonable cruelty towards his subjects. Both honarable king and subject are much respected as well as a recently made knight who helped the King, while a pauper. This heartfelt story gives new hope and much to celebrate in this kingdom. (January 2005)

Amy, 17, Mommouth, USA

A new king in Ireland

There is a new king in Ireland.The old king is now dead.His oldest son [King Quinn the IV] will now rule.His other son will become men of the church.A proper burial will take place on June 5, 1154.
(January 2005)

Katie, 9, NY, USA

Pirates Come to Kids' Castle

The pirates are coming! The pirates are coming!

This is not a drill! I repeat: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

You better be or the kingdom is DOOMED!

Ladies, take your children and yourself to a safe place. Peasants: prepare food for the knights.

(January 2005)

Esther, 9, Squirrel Hill, USA

Best friends make best selling book

Three best friends from the areas of Warwick Castle have made a best selling book about the trials of life together and has won the Booker prize award for kids. These three children have no limits.(January 2005)

Hazel, 12, Warwick, UK


This just in: A strange creature known from later ages as a dragon has saved the kingdom from another of its species. How fortunate! We decided to do an interview with the fiery creature:
Me: So, dragon, what is your name.
Dragon: Greg.
Me: Hi, Greg? So why did you save the kingdom?
Dragon: I saved a kingdom?
Me: Er, yeah. Just minutes ago. It's a breath taking story!
Dragon: I didn't save no kingdom.
Me: May I point out the grammar?
Dragon: Whatever.
Me: It's a double negative. Anyway, if you didn't save the kingdom, what did you do.
Dragon: Well, I was having a play fight with my brother. He was heading for a castle, but it's fun to bother him so I but in. Then you pulled me away.
Me: How interesting.
Dragon: Yes, now he is causing your kingdom to be destroyed in a fit of fiery flames.
Me: WHAT? O.K, we're sorry we pulled you from the playfight. Er, could you kindly go back to annoying him to get him away?
Dragon: See-ya!
So it ended up a hot story after all. You know with the flames and everything. I hope the dragon didn't burn the Castle Times Newspaper, I want to be accepted! Gotta fly!
(January 2005)

Bobbie-Leigh, 10, New Zealand, Auckland

The king is dead

The king died and we are very upset. His servant killed him because of his jealousy of the queen. The queen has run away because the servant prepared a army of 1600 men and women. However the queen has her nephew who is a strong as 2000 men. He destroyed the servant's army and now the servant lay on a rock in the Nile river. The nephew of the queen found him in 2 days. And now the servant is being tortured for 99 years!
(January 2005)

Tony, 5, Marlboro, USA


Did you know that castles are hundreds of years old and there are over 5000 castles in the world!!!
Castles were first made out of wood and thatch - these are the first castles - then the castles started to be made out of stone.
I hope you enjoyed my paragraph on castles. (January 2005)

Beth, 11, Arkley, UK

Madeline, the new Princess

King Josh and Queen Juliet have adopted a little girl.They named her Princess Madeline. She is 8 years old and she is beautiful. I love her.

Please come and see her.You will love her. Play with her. More later (November 2004)

Madeline, 8, SC, USA

Lady Alice to Be Crowned!

On May 25th, the beloved Prince of Terranin, Eric, passed away from high fever. The Prince was known to have a low resistance to illnesses, but this came as a surprise.
As she was mourning her lost cousin and friend, Lady Alice was told by Father Allum and Lord Canterkneer that she was to be Queen of Terranin.
The Lady was overcome by grief, sorrow and happiness.
She and her mother, the Lady Easterwen, will be moved to the king's castle to reunite with her father, Lord Easterwen, and plan out her coronation.
The exact date of her coronation is undetermined, but will be released to the public soon.
Lady Alice Easterwen is the oldest of 10 female cousins to the late prince.
The evil king of Northland has been driven away from her home by the king's army in order for Lady Alice to travel to Castle Terranin. (November 2004)

Elizabeth, 12, Canada


Prince Theo has been kidnapped!
Kidnapped by the grip of Lord Dread and taken to the dark castle of evil.
Lord Dread has returned to scoop up his earnings that he was once supposed to give him a long time ago.
The story of Lord Dread is dreadful.
He grew up as a miserable child who never smiled and then he learnt the ways of darkness when he was seventeen.
He killed his father with an arrow and banished his mother away from the dark kingdom and into the cold mountains.
Lord Dread met a dark knight named Count Helmus and teamed up with him.
Lord Dread and Count Helmus won many battles until Count Helmus was hunted down.
Count Helmus couldn't go on any more so he gave his soul to the devil and lay in the blistering snow.
The devil still grips Count Helmus's soul as Lord Dread begins to plot destruction on the castle.
Lord Dread is plotting to make Count Helmus whole again by making a ritual.
After the ritual…Count Helmus and Lord Dread will rule the world.
Sir Foress, the King's bravest knight is going on a quest to return Prince Theo.
Will he make it in time? (October 2004)

Joseph, 11, Beverley, UK

Dungeon Prisoner Escapes

Shut your windows, bolt your doors. It has just been confirmed that Wild Willy has escaped from the dungeon. It is not known how this terrible event happened and it is being investigated now.

It is said that the prisoner could be dangerous therefore all towns people should take precaution for their safety. A small reward could be offered for any information leading to the capture of Wild Willy.

Jordan, 8, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

Mrs. Hoffman's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Hoffman's Kindergarten Class, from Sembach Germany is learning about castles. They are having lots of fun and enjoying looking at the web site.

Mrs. Hoffman's Kindergarten Class, 5, Sembach, Germany

Angry Viking holds off army at Brooklyn Bridge!

Viking outraged at the discrimination against pillagers ends up holding off entire army at "The Battle of Brooklyn Bridge." The Viking stopped being a problem when a knight floated under the bridge in a bucket he found on the ground and killed the Viking from underneath him… We will allways remember this Viking who stood up for his rights as the brave pillager Bingo Ingo Dingo. (October 2003)

Colin, 11, Tucson, AZ, USA

Ultimate Genius Invents Crossbow

Today, the Blacksmith (namely Duncan Watson) in the village discovered the crossbow. His story is,"I was fiddling around with a piece of metal--iron, to be exact--when it turned into a certain shape, and something formed in my mind. 'Hmmmm.' I thought. 'I would change it to this shape,then it would launch off of something like this.' So I got working, and out it came. I told the town crier to let it out, but he had lost his voice. So I told you."

He seems eager to sell his production to the King, and I would be too. "He might buy it, I know he might. But all we can do now is wait." I will wish him luck, and I hope you will too. Dateline: May 04

Andrew, 13, Toronto, Canada


We have just got word of two strong knights arriving at our castle next week! Their names are Sir Bobo and Sir Bear, and they have brought their swords Exmalibur and Exclobular. They will be competing in several tournaments during their stay as well.

Bryan, 14, Ballarat, Australia


The Castle's Kennel Boy, Rufus, has been severly mauled by one of the dogs in the Kennels. After spending over three years maintaining the dogs he has experienced his first injury. The castle's doctor belives Rufus will recover quickly and should suffer no long term setbacks.
Any gifts for Rufus shall be brought to the kennels, as Rufus refuses to stay away from his beloved dogs.

Natasha, 13, Ballarat, Australia

Medieval Day Monday 24\5\04

On medieval day this is a tradition for Rochedale State grade six. We dress up in medieval clothing on this day on Monday.

First we have a parade so people and the parents will have photos of us together in costumes.

Then we do this writing. It is old english writing and we have to use the writing to write our name.

Also we have to do heraldry that is how we design family shields and we have to colour it too.

Then we do medieval dances with other people. Also at lunch time we have a feast in other words a banquet. We have all different kinds of food.

After that we learn medieval games. It will be fun.I hope you will have a medieval day some day.

Katie, 11, Brisbane, Australia


War has been declared on Morn Tinuviel, our neighboring kingdom by Gonoli Le Thiala Dark Lord of Massu, the dark land. The attack came on one night when out of nowhere came the dragon Lords!!
Then came the servants of the enemy himself riding on a black Denaia. Then the enemy himself came on a monstrous wolf named Bathkuni, and five hundred legions of Bentaliams.
We have come to their aid along with the kingdom of Brethal to find King Bastaku's daughter who was kidknapped in the fight along with nine other maidens including, Bethal Nathai, Culniri Menyea, Ria She Mowne, Castu Bethni, Fwesan Mirtra, Suniel Menku, Benia Thual, Yual Minyani, and Yavanna Nuaya.
We are doing our best to bring them back to their lands and their loves.

Kandasu, 12, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA

Celebration of the New Castle

Tis 1120 AD and all shall be invited to King John and Queen Sophina's grand opening of their new castle in France, Europe.
There will be a very big party and it is declared by the king and queen to dress smart. This party shall be the safest party in the land because the bravest, strongest, and toughest knights in all of Europe have come to guard the gates and all other entrances.
Each of the knights have slain at least one dragon each, including the deadliest called the African Gold. This party will be the fairest in the land!

Ricky, 12, Haworth, USA

Book by Ralf Roomingway read and Recommended by the King!

The new bestseller book 'The Rich and Poor' by Ralf Roomingway is about rich people's lives compared to those of the poor. It is filled with facts and interviews with very interesting people. It has become so popular even the King has read it.

"Everyone was talking about it so I thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I did," says the King.

"I never expected my book to be read by the King. This certainly is an honour," says a flattered Ralf Roomingway.

So If you haven't read Roomingway's brilliant book - good enough for the King - do so now! Available to buy at Brown's Bookshop. September 2004

Aisha, 10, Lancashire, England


Wonderful and exciting news has come forth.Princess Serena is going to be married to Prince Charles.The wedding will take place on the 26th July.The location of the wedding is at a private place and shall not be told to anyone except the guests who will be arriving.

King Arthur is very impressed with Princess Serena's marriage plans and is looking forward to accepting Prince Charles into the Royal family.The Princess reports she is in love and will live happily ever after.

Karly, 13, Gilgandra, New South Wales, Australia

Local gumshoe has landed himself a gem!

Attention, the lastest of the castle gossip is that the very princess herself is dating a commoner. We all know that commoners and royality do not date. What will become of this romance? Who is to know?
But I do know that tonight there is a meeting to discuss the furthering of the plans between the princess and the local gumshoe!

Jane, 16, Athens, Greece


Norwegian traders have brought new instruments (play music) to our castle. We have many in stock but will trade them soon if you don't hurry!!! Contact the gatekeeper.

Kris, 13, Temecula, California, USA

The Village was Attacked Today!

The queen's favorite gold coins have been stolen! Last night, March 10th at 11:30 p.m., the coins were taken by a mysterious knight. The knight was wearing black, so he could not be seen, except by Max, the King's best knight. Max did not have his weapons ready, so the "Mysterious Knight" escaped by swinging on a rope across the drawbridge. His horse was waiting for him, and he took off on his horse.

The King is announcing a competition to round up more knights to go after the "Mysterious Knight." The afternoon competition will be held this afternoon at 4:00 by the colored tents. The competition will include archery, sword fighting, and jousting. All who are interested should show up at 1:00 for practice. September 2004

Matthew, 7, South Haven, USA


Yesterday at the tournament championships the champion, Sir Tristam has, in horror, lost his first tournament ever.

He said he was distracted by the princess's beauty and simply lost his balance at the last second. Anyway, we questioned the audience and they think Sir Geoffrey should win one year even though Sir Tristam is the champion Well, at least he used to be.
September 2004

Rebecca, 7, Vancouver, Canada.



Breaking news as the Lord and Lady catch the Plague!! Yesterday a medical disease known as THE PLAGUE broke out and nearly everyone caught it!!! Including the Lord and Lady. This has been reported by their servants in their castle and even they have to keep away from them in fright of catching it themselves!!!
Doctors have been round to their castle and found this is a serious condition that they have!!! Everyone is in danger of catching it!! BEWARE!!!

Olivia, 12, Lichfield, England

King John Is Coming To KILL US ALL!!!

It was September the 13th of the 1200's the worst day of the year. King John is coming to declare war if we didn't pay him the money he wanted. Our kingdom refused to pay because we had great confidence in our army because they trained every day for five hours. It was September 14 when the battle of the century came.
The enemies were very cautious of what was happening around them and what was moving, we all popped up and charged at them with our armor made of gold. There was a soldier: he ran around like a chicken with his head cut off.
The war was still not over not by a long shot, there was this mad man named Nikolai that turned on us, WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER, HOW COULD THIS BE!! So our Lord Alex went to him and took out his sword made of gold and pierced through the side of Nikolai's body, he falls to Alex's feet.
Alex said " THIS WILL END THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY!!!!!" So he took the gold sword covered in blood and sent it through his head and beheaded him and after he had done so he stabbed the sword into the ground to show a warning to everyone that they would fall to the feet of our lord if they tried to attack!!

Chris, 14, Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada

Mysterious Death!

King Johnson has died a mysterious death on February 13 1869. This is how it happened. As usual King Johnson took his normal walk. But later when he didn't show up, police went looking. They found his body hanging from a tree by a rope with arrows pierced in his body. Nobody knows what happened to king Johnson and it's still a mystery today.

Alex, 14, Port Hardy, BC, Canada

The Ogres Attack

The ogres attacked the knights.The knights were very scared because they were only ten inches tall and the ogres were gients. The next day they started to fight. Villages were destroyed and pepole died. Even people that weren't in the war. After all the ogres won.

Sophie, 8, Brownsburg, IN, USA

Three Little Princesses!!!

In a shocking twist in Queen Abigail's pregnancy, not one, not two, but three baby princesses were born at midnight. Jessica, Jasmine and Cheyann astounded the court doctor who prounonced them small and healthy. The oldest, Jasmine has been betrothed to the two month old Prince Alexander.
Jessica and Cheyann seem exactly alike, with round blue eyes and long arms.
Jasmine is taller, more slender and with bony knees.
The princesses' baptisms will be held in the chapel on the 14th of January.
September 2004

Nicola, 10, Don Valley, Australia

Princess Rowena kidnapped by rioters

Princess Rowena was kidnapped by rioters that stormed the castle. Her family was hurt badly. Her true love, Sir Ivanhoe, vowed that he would seek vengence on these rioters.
The whole family loves Rowena and wants her back. The king promised Sir Ivanhoe that if he found Princess Rowena he could have her as a wife. Ivanhoe is working on finding her with the help of his squire Girth and his dog. Plus with the help of his pet falcon, Danger.

Princess Abigal said if anyone could find Princess Rowena it would be Sir Ivanhoe. Princess Rowena's family said that they were counting on Sir Ivanhoe. Sir Ivanhoe said that he knows where the rioters are and hopes to catch them. For now he is planning on how to catch them. He thinks he will capture them while they're asleep. He hopes it all works out. September 2004

Meredith, 10, Lucedale, MS, USA

Black Knight Is Arriving!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! About one full moon turn ago, a letter was delivered to the kingdom. We decided to print the letter so you can see what is happening.

Dear Kingdom,

I have heard stories of tournaments,dragons and a dungeon.

Well, I see that quite inquisive and want to see this! I will be arriving within four weeks. So construct the arena, spook up the dragons, and trap plenty of criminals in the dark cells.

For I shall soon be seen.

Sincerily, Black Knight

So now you know what all the commotion is about. If you wish to have the famous warrior lay upon your bead, you must make your room neater than the king's. Spread the word! A true hero is coming! Dateline: May 04

Jared, 11, Donie, USA


Yesterday, a powerful outlaw came sneaking into the castle, he killed the soldiers which stopped him and he demanded Lord Sherwood to come out. He went to kidnap Lucy, for a ransom. The knights were still searching for the outlaw and Lucy. The knights said the outlaw was not hurt, but how could he come in without the soldier noticing? It’s a huge mystery! Dateline: May 04

Crystal, 10, China


Three days ago, at Queen Elizabeth II coronation, disaster struck. She was just about to have the crown placed on her head, when a page standing nearby fainted.

The page - whose name is being withheld - knocked her majesty off the throne, and he himself landed on it. The Archbishop of Canterbury placed the crown onto the page's head, and announced him Queen!!

Realizing his mistake, he quickly tried to change it, but he had been crowned and so was the new King. The Queen was in a state of shock and would say nothing. More information will be in tomorrow's paper. Dateline: May 04

Scabiara, 11, Peterborough, UK

Plague attacks

A destitute mother spoke today of her heart broken ordeal at losing all members of her family and lives in fear that any day soon she will be a victim.
Since this plague struck this town alone has had more then 200 victims that been brought to an end. There is still no sign of a single person survivng the horrible symptoms. I'm sure all the churches will be praying today that this horrible ordeal is brought to an end. Dateline: May 04

Ambrenie, 12, Cheltenham, England

The Dragon's Attack!

UH OH! The dangerous dragon, Gonna, has appeared at King's Castle, and burned almost half of it down. Gonna is known for its hazardous flames. It can burn down a whole castle in 15 minutes, and can fly at a speed of 200 miles per hour. Even though we, townspeople tried to catch the Gonna, every trap we have set ws to weak. The Gonna has never been overcomed, and there is a rumor that the Gonna will return, and get revenge from us when we killed her only son, Giligus Matchdone Antedope, 100 years ago. BEWARE!!! Dateline: May 04

Sarah, 10, Haworth, NJ, USA

Castle For Sale

Out in Mertile Drive, behind Pineflu Forest, there is a castle for sale. It is called the Dolmes Fortress. Dolmes Fortress got its name because there is a castle used to be a mighty dragon, who lived there, called Simpress Dolmes. The dragon was so scary, that thousands of knights went into the castle at one time, and none came out alive. They all died from the dragon's fire breath. Then, when some kids were trying to see who could shoot an arrow the farthest, suddenly, an arrow rocketed off one of the kids' bows, straight into the window, piercing the dragon's heart. When the dragon finally died, three million knights picked it up and threw it in the sea, out the window. The sea is called Plumbob Sea. The boy who killed the dragon owns the castle, but is ready to give it away. Also, the castle has been cleaned up. The castle is now selling for $6,000.00 Dateline: May 04

Christopher, 10, Haworth, USA

Jousting Fighter Gets Badly Hurt

On December 25, on the Christmas Day jousting battle, a player got badly hurt when the other fighter hit him right in the chest. The fighter had to go to the the castle nurse to get healed. He had three broken bones in the shin, and a sprained ankle when he fell off the horse. He had to stay in bed for abobut three months while he healed from the hit and fall. The fighter also hit his head after he fell off the horse and he went in a coma for 3 days. He had to be fed soup from a wooden tube. The man almost died, but he luckly survived. Dateline: May 04

Sam, 11, Haworth, NJ, USA

Young Bride Delivers Heir to Throne!

Today we announce the birth of Crispin Henry the heir to King Henry the Thirds throne. The baby boy was born 6 pounds 12 ounces in the castle solar. The child was not expected to live from complications of the pregancy. She was bedridden for the whole 9 monthes of the pregancy due to the excessive weight gained. The court have been celebrating this blessing for 3 fortnights with Ale and the finest Oxens. The Child has been kept in the castle's hospice. The child is expected to be there for 5 fortnighs or so until the court doctors find there is nothing to take into precaution. The Queen is doing fair. She is sleeping in her Quarters until she feels ready. She has so far not taken part in any of the celebrations. The king has been apart of the celebrations, Some say they have seen him with other women dancing and drinking fine wine and ale. He has also been seen walking to his Quarters with the Queens ladys in waiting. This is a great joy for the whole kingdom as the King is getting older, and has to have an heir soon. Thank you and goodnight.

Kirsten, 13, Port Hardy, British Coloumbia, Canada

Some Words From Resident Wizard Merlin

A writer for the Castle Times managed to slip into Resident Wizard Merlin's quarters yesterday and coax a few answers out of him. Many of us have been wondering what Merlin does during the long hours of solitude he spends in his apartment in the royal castle. You will now discover some of his many secrets.

Q: Good afternoon, Merlin. How are you faring on this beautiful day?
A: Well, I was faring fine until YOU arrived. Hmph.

Q: May I ask what is in that cauldron bubbling over the fire?
A: No.

Q: All right, then… Can you tell me a bit about what you do here in the castle, and what benefits your work has to us and the king?
A: No.

Q: May I have the pleasure of seeing you perform a spell for me?
A: No.

Q: Don't you want to answer my questions?
A: No.

And there you have it, fellow citizens. The questions you have been pondering for a long time have been answered (in a fashion)! And if any of you want to try to sneak in to Merlin's home to speak to him, use the hidden stairway behind the portrait of the knight battling a mouse. It's always open.

Miriam, 13, Monsey, NY

The whole in side of the real royal family.

From last year, September, to this year's first of February, things have been very interesting in the royal family. There has been the royal ball and the prince's tournament and the arrival of the new baby.

On September 30th the royal ball took place. It was a fantastic ball and to finish it off nicely the queen made an important announcement."I am going to have a baby!"
Most people had already guessed that though because she was five months pregnant.

On October the 8th the prince had a tournament in celebration. The prince won of course but on a couple of occcasions he didn't. All was going well utill his mother, the queen, had to be taken to hospital.

On January the 28th, the new little baby was born and she was called Aurora. Here is our interview of her fairy god mother.

"When I held her in my arms and granted her a single wish it felt like I was in heaven. She just looks up at you and then she smiles. But her smiles are warm and comforting."

So lots of things have been happing from last September to Janruary this year. Hope you all have a nice day. Bobbie W. reports.

Bobbie, 11, Somerset, England

Villagers Mad About Tournament

The Villagers of Kids' Castle are mad.
The tournament between Sir Richard 3 and Sir Fred was a long tournament, but in the end Sir Richard 3 won. The villagers think Sir Fred should have won because he had gotten the first point.
They believe that Sir Richard 3 cheated because he threatened Sir Fred before the tournament. King Sherman of Kildmen Castle has come to settle the argument. He will be holding a dinner on the seventh of May in which he will tell us the real winner of this tournament.
Joey Villerman, one of the villagers who helped set up the tournament had overheard a conversation between Sir Richard 3 and Sir Fred. They had been predicting who will win. Sir Fred had been brushing his horse when Joey entered the room and heard nothing of a further conversation.

Taylor, 10, Kent, Washington, USA

A War is Coming

After, receiving news that the king and queen of France will not be allowed to join in the 2nd Annual Ball, they declared war.
France has already sent out their army. The French Ambassador said "My country has made their choice." Right after that statement he left the castle. The kingdom is retraining our soldiers and are asking for as many men as possible.
The war is expected to last a long time because the French have been our allies for a long time. So the kingdom is asking you to stack up on food because this war could last more than 5 years.

Stephen, 12, Lubbock, TX, USA


Sir Miseran died yesterday at the war. Lady Miseran is now seeking for a new husband. Tomorrow is the funeral. If anyone would like to go to the funeral, please go to the Great Cathedral. The Miserans' children, Beth and Kate are very sad their father has died.

Lisa, 6, San Diego, CA, USA

Mad Falcon Disease

A mad falcon disease has spread through Europe! When falcons catch it, they turn against their masters! Look out for it!

Marianna, 8, New York, NY

Robin Hood Strikes Again!

Robin Hood has been seen once again. Camelot is the last place he had been to save Maid Marian from some thieves. King Arthur had decided to help Robin Hood and his Merry Men , so King Arthur brought two of his Knights along and of corse he brought Merlin along too. The thieves were so surprised about Robin's attack, they started a fight. The fight lasted for three days. Two thieves were injured and Robin Hood, he left back to Nottingham. He asks if any one finds trouble, call him.

Bernie, 9, Massachusetts, USA

Princess to wed!

Yes, villagers, it's true. After much preperation, Princess Josephine is to wed Prince Charles in four weeks time. It's quite amazing if you think about it, the wedding was planned after a five-year relationship between Princess Josephine and Prince Charles. The whole kingdom is buzzing with excitement about this upcoming event. I mean, who wouldn't?

Sam, 9, North Vancouver, Canada

Rumors of Attack!

Rumors of attack have been echoing throughout the kingdom. Our brave knights have been preparing for this attack allthough we are unsure of anything. Lord and Lady Sherman are giving the knights strong weapons. Any men are welcome to learn how to fight. "Any one who is willing is welcome." says the training master of pages and squires. Anyone who volunteers, sign on the scroll at the town square. Come for training as soon as possible.

Training masters will teach, fencing, using the lance, bow and arrow, spear, and fighting on horse back.

Do you want a strong fighting horse? Buy one from the palace stables, and train easily with the help of stable hands. One stable hand says, "Our training de is best. We give good lessons for de horse. De best horses in de land are trained here. So, come here now. Let me make your horse de best."

Any more news of these rumors would be appreciated.

Bethany and Michaela, 11 and 9, Sumner, Washington, USA


The castle guards were astonished on 25th September 1200 AD. The Vikings made a surprise attack on Nottingham castle. The guards got killed so did the guard dogs. One of the guards' wives Kala said "It had to be on my husbands 51st birthday, their 40th anniversary."
So after that Lord and Lady Sherwood's men went and made an attack on the Vikings and Sherwoods' men lost and the Vikings were going to attack the king in the Royal Apartments. Then the king's guards rode out of the castle.
They all wanted to kill the Vikings. In the end many were killed and the rest of them ran away. The king and the Sherwoods' men were safe and all the kings guards got a medal as a reward.

Ryan, 9, Kent, UK

The attack of Robin Hood

The king was walking out of the castle.Then Robin Hood came and tricked the king because he wanted to kill the king. One day the king went in a room to talk to Robin Hood. Robin Hood got a knife out of his back pocket.The king was shocked and then he got stabbed by Robin Hood. A man was there all along and got his friends and killed Robin Hood. The king was better in a few days and celebrated. The man got some money from the king. After the celebration the king was happy and never let anybody in again because he had a guard dog.

Courtney, 9, Kent, UK

Attack! attack of the normans

The guard dogs got stabbed by the Normans on the 19th of April and the king sent the guards out. The guards put the Normans in the dungeons. They had a feast and a tournament for the knights. They had so much fun. The Normams came again. The Normans went to attack the king but he got saved by the jester.

Sam, 8, Kent, UK

Gotham Villagers all mad!

The King narrowly missed being exposed to a contagious madness today. King John was on his way to visit Nottingham Castle and was due to pass through the village of Gotham. However, advance riders discovered that every one of the inhabitants of this town has gone mad, and the King was advised to take another route for his own safety.

A rumour that the villagers only PRETENDED to be mad to avoid the King entering their village and thus making their road a King's Highway has been denied. It is thought unlikely that any local subjects would go to such lengths to avoid paying the extra taxes.

The King is now installed in the Royal Apartments at Nottingham Castle and will shortly be the guest of honour at a Ball given by Lord and Lady Sherwood.

The Castle Reporter, 21, Kids' Castle

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