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Tournament Poems from Kent, September 2004

The Tournament

Armor shining
Armor gleaming
Armor protecting
Ready for tournament.

Flags waving
Flags swaying
Flags up high
Flags all different colours.

Horses breathing
Horses waiting
Horses eager
Horses are off.

Knights are brave
Knights are strong
Knights are fierce
Knights are always ready.

Shields are tough
Shields are rough
Shields are all different colours
Shields protect.

Emily, 8


Horses standing very still ready to charge into battle.
Lances pointing straight in front, ready to knock off the fierce knight.
King Edward has been knocked off with bleeding spots.
The Jousting is over King Arthur has won everybody is happy in his castle for once.

Madeline, 8

The battle

Breath of horses, eager men ready to fight,
Sun shining on the amour of the knight,
A jousting tournament running up and clash,
All the amour clanking and brightly flashing.

All the people scared if there live or die,
The swords and shields crashing together,
Shooting arrows at their opponents,
All the knights save their castle in pride.

Samuel, 8


Crowds screaming like mad for both knights
The horses jump on there hind legs they charge shields clash together
Horse’s feet going so fast that they are making smoke
I dodge his spire and stab him
Both knights trembling with fear as they turn around and charge
Once again I stab him he falls off his horse
Blood is pouring out of him
I have won again!

Joost, 8

The Tournament on the Field

The tournament is just beginning castles flags
Waving in the silent wind.
Horses getting ready to gallop,
Crowds starting to watch.
Knights starting to knock each other of their horses.
The King says go!!!
The noise off the swords bashing together,
The fair lady sends a kiss is waiting for the battle to end.
King Henry the 8th has won fair lady gives him a kiss

Billie, 7

Battlefield full of knights

Lances and shields crashing together.
Some shields were made out of very hard leather.
Sword to sword crashing together
A defining noise, killing every body.
The phoenix flag swaying in the wind.
The horn blows the flag swaying faster and faster.
The coat of amour reflecting in the midday sun.
Yellow and red, ready to cut off their bloody head.

Castles falling down block by block, blood all around the castle,
Soon the battle was over, blood all over the phoenix Flag.
Only one man was left.
Galloping back to King Arthur’s castle
The horse is pounding and pounding.

James and Lawrence, 8 and 7


Armour clashing
Armour bright
Horses dashing
As the knights fight

Thundering hooves
Flapping of flags
Cheering from the crowd

Josie, 7


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