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The Upside-Down Tournament

ehT edispU-nwoD tnemanruoT


By Elizabeth, 10, VA, USA

I once went to a tournament,
the weirdest I ever saw,
For the lances were held backwards,
the helmets all on feet,
(oh, it was the strangest thing anyone's ever seen!)
the lances didn't break,
(the horses broke instead!)
and when told to sit up straight,
the knights stood on their heads!

I never really knew who won,
for the knight who fell was proclaimed winner,
(but I didn't see this happen, either)
and when I tried to ask the victor,
I was so confused,
'cause the winner's name was really, really
UPSIDE-DOWN AND INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surely, you joust!!

By Meaghan, age 8

On a day clear and bright,
two very brave knights,
decided to fight.
They mounted their steads
and with swords in their hands,
they battled each other
so the fair maiden could see their great deeds.

If I were there

Janice, 9, United States

If I were there,
I'd sit and stare,
at all the fights
they were having there.
I'd clap and sing,
and everything,
if I were really there.


By Jenny, 9, Wirral, UK

Sir Henry and Sir Albert,
Were well known enemies,
They challenged each a tournament,
To win the best ladies.

And so they both began to fight,
Until Sir Henry fell,
But Albert won the frightful heart,
Of Lady Dingley Dell.

Big fight

by Karl, 13, America

There was a big fight
They charged all night
finally red with white
won the fight


Jessica, 6, Australia

You get lots of people together and it does not matter
where they come from
because the inside is all the same but some have nicer hearts.
When you mix all the different people you will always get the result of success.
Bless you all in finding your ingredients to make a better you !
ps. my dad helped me to put this here



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