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Clang! Clash! Bang! Dash!
"Hear ye, hear ye!" shouted the king as he looked out to see.
"Let the tournament begin!" as the knights trotted in.
Black knights, red knights, green knights and blue,
Raised their hands to tell bravery was true.

Only one will win and whom will it be?
If you pay attention well, you know you will see.
Flags of bright colors waved in the wind,
Mustangs, stallions, and in with them they send,
Lances of black, red, green, and blue to blend.

One after one the knights battled well.
And one after one the weakest knights fell.
After long wiolence and killings and breakings,
Some squires tried but never accomplished awakeings.

Thunder of crowds and thunder of hooves.
The winner has won with his battle-skilled moves.
(August 2005)

Lindsey, 12, Fort Collins, USA

The knights

The knights come out to fight,
only when it is bright,

in the morning,
at the sound of silence,
the fight begins,

silenty in the sunset,
knights drop down dead,
one by one.
(April 2005)

John, 11, UK

The lucky sword

There once was a brave man called George,
Who carried a lucky old sword.
Fight after fight and night after night
he would beat everybody in sight.

He left it at home one day in November ,
To bring his sword he forgot to remember.
That day has now gone and lies in the past,
But the problem for George was it was his last.
(April 2005)

Cari, 7, Newport, Wales

Fighting fighting, the same as writing?

Fight fight with all your might
Write write to make things right
With one you could die that's got to be wrong
With the other you're fine let's all sing a song
If I had a choice I know which I'd choose
For with fighting I'm sure you can only lose
So let's all be glad that those days are no longer
We are all better off, and very much stronger.
(April 2005)

Samuel, 6, Newport, South Wales


The shields for protection and swords held high!
The audience gets ready for fighters to fly!
Blood and guts fly through the air!
And poor sir Daniel can only stand and stare!
He fell off the horse and bumped his head!
Now poor Sir Daniel is very dead!
(April 2005)

Danielle, 12, Ballymena, County Antrim, N. Ireland

Knights in the castle

Knights in the castle looking so bright,
wearing their armour for the night fight.
The kings and the queens
come to watch who will fall.
These knights are the greatest heroes of all.
(April 2005)

Daniel, 6 , Prospect, KY, USA

Getting Ready

Put on your Armour and put on your shield

On your Armour you will get a very sturdy hat stronger and shinier than any piece of metal.

Lots of metal all around. It smells very shiny and like mud

See the fight then go home; enjoy the fight and go to bed
(April 2005)

Bethany, 7, Hucknall, UK

The Tournament

I am riding outside on my horse today,
Not knowing anyone would get in my way.

When suddenly, I hear my name called,
I'm twisting around looking quite appalled.

Next thing I know I'm turning to face,
My opponent that I'm just about to race.

My horse is all ready and off we go,
Now we are flying to put on a show.

We are speedily racing down the straight course,
And what do you know, I knocked him right off his horse.

I didn't know jousting could be so much fun,
Especially when you're the knight who has won!
(January 2005)

Hanna, 10, Richmond, VA, USA

Tournament's Fun

My mind is racing,
My heart is beating,
When will the race start,
Will it start raining,

The fun all begins,
When the horn is blown
And the flag is thrown,

The galloping hoofs,
The yelling and screaming,
The children all hoping it's their dad who'll be winning,

And finally
When the race has been won,
It's Sir Edwards children,
That come galloping on.
(January 2005)

Taylor, 12, Georgia, USA

Oh My Brave Knight!

Oh My Brave Knight!
How handsome you look
How strong and brave
When you ride out I hope it's to me you wave
If I toss you my favor I hope you will save
It for ever

Oh My Brave Knight
You looked at me!
I swoon; I feel faint
My cheeks look like I paint
Them with red rouge

Oh Knight
My wonderful hero
You joust like a champion
And I have zero

Oh My Brave Knight
The tournament was grand
When you held my hand
And helped me from the stand
I knew we'd be together
(January 2005)

Kimberly-Kate, 11, Bethesda, USA

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