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A Knights poem

Here I am my heart's pumping,
as I shake when I leave,
My armours shaking, rattling and quaking.
All I hear is my heart thumping, pumping and jumping.
There I go galloping, clapping and whacking the ground clash.
Oh no what happened where am I?
(August 2005)

Sam, 9, Cardiff, Wales


My master is getting changed into his silver, shining armour,
Nervous as a mouse he gets onto my back.
I can hear the roaring crowd staring at me,
As I see I'm bringing out earth from the ground. I'm off!
I smell my leather saddle,
The crowd goes wild as my master points his lance to the opponent.
Then suddenly my master's opponent fell off his horse. We've won!
The golden cup gleaming in my master's hands,
I know I've done a good job.
The crowd slowly disappears as if nothing ever happened.
I'm Galloping, I live up to my name and I always will.(August 2005)

Grace, 9, Cardiff, Wales

The tournament

The crowd appears
The horse is ready
The brave knights getting steady
Go.The joust begins,
weapons snapping knights crashing
Knights screaming, falling and bleeding
kids crying
The joust ends
(August 2005)

Lucas, 8, Cardiff, Wales

Playtime Joust

The grass is a deep green
The tents different colours
The excited crowd cheering
The knights gallop out
The moment is breathtaking
One knight and his horse are down
He's injured badly
He's in the first aid tent
What an exciting tornament
Pity it's not a real joust
Just a game.
(August 2005)

Katie, 8, Cardiff, Wales

Knights and horses

I put my finishing touches of armour on,
place my helmet on my head,
I tickle my horse's ears, nervously.
I pick up my lance, and the trumpet sounded.

My horse gallops down,
I come near my opponent,
I thrash them with my lance,
and he's off his horse. We've won.

The second trumpet sounded,
the opponent thrashes me,
I tumble to the ground.
I hear the scream of my opponents crowd,

I'm rushed to the tent.
My head and shoulder,
bathed in a pool of blood.
I have my stitches
shake hands with the knight taking over me.
It's over.
(August 2005)

Rosie, 9, Cardiff, Wales


The squires let go and I am off
I see my opponent charging at me
I heard the crowds cheering
I have been hit off my horse
blood pouring down my face
It's getting dark…..
(August 2005)

Nadia, 8, Cardiff, Wales

Let the battle begin!

Armour clanking,
Horses' hooves clattering,
Swords swishing,
Jousters clinging,
Knights fighting,
Arrows shooting,
Canons firing,
Kings cheering,
Queens fainting,
Blood spurting,
Dead bodies,
The battle is over!
(August 2005)

Peter, 6, Wigan, UK

The fight

the blood pouring at the end
the feel of triumph at the win
the hurt you feel doesn't make you grin
in the end you both lose
for the pain of defeat
and the guilt of the win
is something you can't refuse.
(August 2005)

Shanoa, 10, ACT, Australia


I am riding outside on my horse today,
Not knowing anyone would get in my way.

When suddenly, I hear my name called,
I'm twisting around looking quite appalled.

Next thing I know I'm turning to face,
My opponent that I'm just about to race.

My horse is all ready and off we go,
Now we are flying to put on a show.

We are speedily racing down the straight course,
And what do you know, I knocked him right off his horse.

I didn't know jousting could be so much fun,
Especially when you're the knight who has won!
(August 2005)

Bobby, 17, Clevelan, OH, USA

Off the horse

I've been knocked off my horse.
My opponent was only knocked off course.

He hit me with his shining lance.
Of victory, I had no chance.

He laughed when he saw me.
But he would frown very soon.

His horse went quite barm-y
and my opponent fell down in a swoon
(August 2005)

Ben, 9, Oosterbeek, the Netherlands

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