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The tournament

Outside the castle walls the tournament starts.
The king and queen watching the battle.
Who will win?
Two guards standing tall and sraight watching their masters jousting.
Who will win?
Two knights clashing with their lances.
Brave horses skidding in the sand.
Who will win?
Feathered topped helmets protect the knights' head.
Shining armour protects their bodies.
Who will win?
The red knight strikes at the blue knight,
The blue knight falls on the sand.
The red knight wins.
(August 2005)

Robert, 7, Scaynes Hill, England


Brave knights get very far
Ancient spears get used a lot
Try and work very hard
Take a lot of time
Loads of hard work
Everyone sometimes gets seized
Sliced the dragons' bones to pieces
(August 2005)

Stephen, 9, Mansfield, UK

If I could

To be a Knight
You must fight with all your might
These days are yesteryear
And we no longer live in fear.

Living in a castle would be grand
Surrounded by jugglers and a band
Heady days of battles and jousts, entertainment and food
I would live in a castle if I could
(August 2005)

Michael, 6, Roxburgh, Scottish Borders, UK

The Tournament

With their armour shining in the light,
the day all clear and bright.

With the crowd waving and shouting,
while the knights are busy jousting.

With their lances shiny and long,
one knight is yet to know
that he shall soon be gone.

But though you think about it,
though you dread it.

You still have to say,
those two knights were brave.
(August 2005)

Ya Wang, 9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Nostrils breath out a stream of smoke,
Panting, excited, energized,
Push through the crowd covered in armor,
Trotting toward the starting line.

Follow my master, run like the wind,
Towards danger, death, honor.
Ready to race across the jousting field,
Lightening speed toward my opponent.
(August 2005)

Joseph, 13, Melbourne, Florida, USA


I sit in the stands, watching my pa.
He stands on his stool, about to step on the stirrups.
He waves to me, but I forget to wave back.
"Papa!" I yell. "Be careful!"
He sits on his horse, in his blue and white vest, and the man with a cannon yells "READY!"
He lights the cannon, and I jump in my seat
Papa's horse races, running faster and faster towads the other man.
I feel a tear tream down my face.
What if he is hurt?
He sticks his jousting stick out.
I clamp my eyes shut, and open them in regret.
The men collide.
Pa falls off his horse after the other man does.
He's won!!!
(August 2005)

Morgan, 11, Darmstadt, Germany

The Joust

I lower my lance to knock him off.
I never shall forget.
It hits the Knight is shining armor.
I never shall forget.
It knocked him off his steed.
I never shall forget.
He hit the ground and rolled around.
I never shall forget.
He hit the ground and didn't get up.
I never shall forget.
I killed a knight in a battle.
I never shall forget.

Pete, 12, Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA


A boy of noble birth,
With 7 years you know,
Now you can become page.

You learn what to do,
Until you're 14 years old,
Now you can become squire.

With an age of 21,
If you know what to do,
A Knight you become,
Isn't that easy for you.

On a tournament,
You Fight, you're ready for war,
Kling, Klang is the last thing you hear,
You get a lance in your chest,
Now you die for your king,
And the lord of your manor!
(August 2005)

Adriana, 9, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The black knight

First of all I went to the tent and got my armour on,
Then I was ready,
I think my horse is quite steady .
Being a black knight is very exciting.
A man asked me "who will win" and I said "definitely me"
I got on my horse and trotted down the track and came back to my
Then the orange knight was waiting for me, and looked straight at me .
"well let the tournament begin!"
Then there silence ( but in the back ground there was laughing)
Then the horse man hit my horse and I started to canter I got my lance and waited until we passed each other.
Then we where about to pass but everybody shouted "sir lill!"
Then I stabbed him , and he fell of his horse I had won but there was one more to go.
The first challenger was a female and the second was a male.

And that is the end of my tale. (August 2005)

Ellen, 9 , Cardiff, Wales

The Black Knight.

I was ready warming the black knight's horse up
It was exciting but nerve wracking.

We were ready, the knights were ready.
I was called to take Misowed in.
He was my horse but I let Sir Zim ride him for the tournment.

Both knights mounted "GO" said somebody then they were off.
I heard a crash and the red knight was off.
The black knight was the winner - he dismounted
I was happy - Sir Zim was happy.
It was good. Then we went home.
(August 2005)

Sarah, 8, Cardiff, Wales

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