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March 16, 2004

Make sure we have the ham ready. Get a new table cloth - ours is too old. Get the servents ready and tell them to look alive also you must tell the guards to get ready we don't anyone getting in that isn't supposed to get in. Tell one of the servants to get the table set. (March 2005)

Katelyn, 8, Wyoming, USA

May 6th 1111

1.instruct the new squires for today.(7am)
2.Lead the guests to the breakfast table in the Great Hall.(10am)
3.tell the guests where they are sleeping for tonight.(11am,or after they finish their breakfast.)
4.tell the new knights about the joust this afternoon.(1pm)
5.squires and chef give guests king and queen lunch.(1.30pm)
6.invite everybody to a gigantic Happy New Year Party.(6.30pm)
(March 2005)

Myles, 8, Sydney, NSW, Australia

July 17, 1250

1. make sure the beds are made
2. clean the Great Hall
3. tell the cooks to make the food
4. set the table
5. put the food out
6. tell the guards to let the guests in
(March 2005)

Livi, 8, NY, USA

13 December 1412

Aloysius! Attention. This party will be best thing that will ever happen to this kingdom. I want you to follow my instructions exactly. No slacking off.

1. You need to contact the guests. I need to know who's coming.
2. Food. It's high on my priorities. I want a nice big pheasant. Some ham, steak and pork. Not to mention some salads for nutrition.
3. Entertainment. What will the guests do without it. I want that singer. She's good. Er, Lady something. I also want some people with instruments. Yes, I know they were only recently invented, that's why I need them! Let the people get up and dance!
4. Drink. I want some of the finest juice and wine. Listen! Are you recording this?
5. No messing up. This is the most important thing ever. Lord Sherwood will be very angry if you ruin this.
(March 2005)

Bobbie-Leigh, 10, New Zealand, Auckland

18th November 1090

Aloysius, here is a list of instructions you must carry out before the feast tonight:
Please ensure that the great hall is extremely clean and that the trestle tables are set up correctly. The food must be prepared and tasted to make sure that it has not been poisoned in any way.
The garden must be tidy and neatly trimmed. That everywhere is clean and of course looking at its best.
Ensure that everything is in order.
Lady Sherwood. (March 2005)

Ilona, 12, Harpenden, UK

December 25, 1060

Aloysius, we're having a wonderful party this Yule and many of our wealthy neighbors will be coming. We must put on a good face so they will have great respect for us. We will also invite the peasants to enjoy the festivities. This time of year is for all to enjoy.

So that none will be disappointed I have prepared a list of things for you to gather. Do not forget one thing or your lord will be embarrassed.

You will need to get: A Partridge in a Pear Tree, 2 Turtle Doves, 3 French Hens, 4 Calling Birds, 5 Golden Rings, 6 Geese a Laying, 7 Swans a Swimming, 8 Maids a Milking, 9 Ladies Dancing, 10 Lords a Leaping, 11 Pipers Piping and 12 Drummers Drumming.

And for goodness sake, AloysiusÂ… please keep the drummers quiet until after dinner. (March 2005)

Pommette, 14, New Orleans, USA

December 2

Aloysius, you need to send these invitations out to everyone in the castle, even the common people. I want everybody to enjoy the feast. I don't want the prisoners to be released, though. We don't need chaos at the feast.

We need elaborate decorations because this is an important event. Big banners and lots of colours, please. It has to look magical.

The food has to be perfect. Just tell the cook to make the Lord's favourite foods, she knows what they are. We need enough food for everyone in the castle.

This has to be a surprise, so spread the word that no one is to tell the Lord about the feast. Anyone who disobeys this order will be thrown in the dungeon.

This will be the best feast we have ever had! I hope my instructions are enough to make it perfect. Thank you Aloysius, you may go carry out what I have asked of you.
(March 2005))

Rachel, 14, USA

December 25, 2004

*1 Call all my friends and alert them of my party
*2 Share the number of guests with all the cooks
*3 Tell all cooks that all food must only 100 calories no more no less.
*4 Get all decorations ( all decorations must be purple and Yellow)
*5 Decorate the whole castle (including bathrooms)
*6 Hire DJ
*7 Come get me so I can join the party
(March 2005))

Miranda, 12, Madison,USA

March 22 1404

1. Tidy the Great Hall.
2. Decorate the Great Hall.
3. Put a red carpet in the Great Hall.
4. Make food.
5. Invite everyone in the Castle.
(November 2004))

Eilidh, Oisin and Ewen, 9,10 and 9, Uist, Scotland

15 October 1460

Make sure that the Great Hall is clean and ready for the guests, because we don't want any of the guests complaining about the dirtiness of our Castle.
Supervise the making of everything.
Make sure that every servant is on their best behavior.
(November 2004))

Claudia, 9, Studio City, CA, USA


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