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December 16, 1215

Cut some fruit: oranges, pears, apples, and strawberries. Put it on a platter and decorate with mint. Put some pudding in a glass pot. Add some ale to the table. Put the pork on the spit. Fold lovely napkins, and put a fancy cloth on the table Make sure Jerome the Jester reads the guests some fairy tales. And don't forget the finger bowls, so the guests can keep tidy during the meal. Decorate the castle with roses, pansies, and buttercups. Make sure the knights are well-behaved, and that they shine their armour for the occasion. And don't forget the minstrels; they must have their lutes. Most of all have a grand time! (August 2005)

Lena and Bensen, 5 and 3, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

February 9th

Invite the 90 people on my list in the bedroom.
Clean and wash the tables, goblets, chairs and plates so they
Cook 20 pheasants, and make a soup of fresh carrots and greens.
Decorate the dining room with gold and purple lining.
Hang flags from walls and windows.
Wash and shine the windows.
Buy me a new dress with purple and golden lining and wash it 10 times.
Decorate the chairs with silk and linen cloth of purple and gold
with a picture of our flag on the top.
Buy enough bottles of red wine for our guests. (August 2005)

Caitlyn, 11, Allen, United States

December 18, 200 AD

Dear Aloysius the Steward,
In honor of Lord Sherwood I would like to have a fiest and I think this should be the menu: Roast Turkey covered in gravy, sweet potatoes, pie, corn, bread, and anything alse you think would be good. And also the finest wine we have.
My love,
Lady Sherwood (March 2005)

Miranda, 12, Stillwater, USA

8 AUGUST 1046

*Clean the armour until it shines and is ready for the battle display.
*Repair all the snags in the chainmail.
*Muck out the stables ready for inspection by the King.
*Prepare the hogs head and all the food for this evenings feast.
*Make sure there is plenty of wine for the guests.
*Scrub the floor in the great hall.
*Help the knights to dress for the party. (March 2005)

Jake, 6, Kent, UK

March 3


1. Cook salad (first course), Ham (second course), Potato Pie (dessert)

2. Set up a long table for the the royal family, and little round tables for the guests.

3. Make sure to set candles all about the dining area, but not any bee wax candles for Lord Sherwood is allergic to them!!

4. Use the good table ware… only the best.
I will follow up on this later!
(March 2005)

Julia, 11, USA

Feb 22nd /2005

To make a good party I will like everyone to bring as many meat and salad as they can. There will be people playing the flute and people dancing all around. There will also be two jokers making the little kids laugh with him.

The animals and pets will be outside in a special gate. They will have water and food and they will be separated by animals.

There will also be a lot of fun and if the kids get bored of the joker, there will be some games for them.

My party will be a lot of fun!
And everyone's invited!
I hope you have fun!
Lots of love,
(March 2005)

Yasmina, 13, Barcelona, Spain

This 30th of december year of our lord 1471.

Good Aloysius, with new year almost upon us, the final preparations for the Grand Revel become the households' main concern. Several final details have come to my
attention since yester morn. Attend to each in your rounds as chance presents.

Tell the Foresters to ask in the villages, where the deer are wrecking crops; my lord will hunt game for the feast first in those places, and thin the herds so that they enter the fields no longer.

Send to the charcoal-burners to set extra mounds alight, so there will be braziers the length of the hall to heat where the fireplaces cannot.

You know well how to order kitchen, buttery, larder and pantry. I leave the cooking, the wine, the preserved and salted meats, and the breads to you. Be sure only that there are goodly sweets and comfits for our noble guests. I must keep the keys to the spice-box, my Lord wills it, so send the head cook to me each morn and I will measure what spices are needed for that day's cooking.

My maids and I will check the bedding for the noble guests. You and the menservants must see to the straw-sacks for the servants who will sleep in the great hall or across their master's doors; if more are needed, the stable-men can fill them.

Those servants who are often dirty or drunken should be sent to the out-buildings on the feast day, that they offend not our highborn guests. Send the still-room maid to me, to plan strewing herbs for the rushes and sweet waters for cleaning hands and teeth. If there is time remaining, I will spare some spices to make Sachets for our guest's beds.

Remind the barrel-maker to check the hoops on our great tub so that our guests may be bathed. I will see my sewing women make towels and drapes for it of good thin linen.

Lastly, see that on the feast morning all the servants wake at dawn for chapel, so that we have God's blessing on our enterprise.

You have our whole trust, Aloysius. Godspeed.
(March 2005)

Alexander, 20, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

February 14th - St. Valentine's Day

Tell Cook to prepare the feast.
Tell Maids to make the rooms ready for the guests.
Make a pie with black birds in it.
(March 2005)

Joseph, 5, USA

Feb. 5, 2005

Clean the hall top to bottom.

Make sure we have all the food we need.

We need good music to be played when we eat. Get the best band to play at my party.

Make sure my prettiest dress is clean.
(March 2005)

Charlotte, 8, El Paso, Texas, USA

Febuary 14, 2005

1) Clean the entire castle from the dungeons to the towers.
2) Cover the entire castle in red and pink decorations.
3) Tell the chief to prepare the punch and small treats.
4) Roll out the red carpet for the guest to walk on
5) Start to play the music as soon as the guest walk into the ballroom. (March 2005)

Amy, 12, USA


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