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April 13

Wash the dishes, the floors, and windows. Clean all the drapery and bed sheets. Run to the taylor to check on my gown. Pick flowers for the center-pieces. Set the tables. Go to the butchers to make sure he has the meat. Fetch the cake from the baker. And finally, go get cleaned up. (August 2005)

Hilary, 13, Elyria, OH, United States

May 10th 2005

Check the food for any problems that could occur. (Bugs, objects in food that is not supposed to be there, making sure each plate has an equal amount, and making sure things taste the way they are supposed to taste.)

Make sure the rooms have an extra pillow, extra blanket, and has access to get to someone to get help.

If entertainment shows are set up, make sure they remain clean, and safe by checking the seating, cleaning the floors, and making sure the play will be enjoyable for its certain age group. (August 2005)

Cherry, 13, Grafton, USA

The 6th of April, in the year of our lord 1472

My dear Aloysius:
Please remember to set the table properly for today's feast, the last one was just horrendous. The menu for today's feast will be waiting for you to take to the kitchens by 11:00 in the morning by the great hall. I need you to find someone to clean out the privy, and someone to muck out the stables for our guests need to use them. Make sure you have people to clean up after the feast. And make sure that everybody that helps will receive to pieces of scraps leftover from the feast. Thank you.
Good luck!
The Lady Sherwood (August 2005)

Laura, 12, Kirkwood, USA

September 15th 1994

Turn the stove on.
Light the fire or we will be cold in our feast.
Tidy the great hall. Set out the table, stools, and the 2 chairs for me and the lord.
Get the chicken ready.
Then serve for our glorious feast. In the great hall. (August 2005)

Abi and Rosie, 12 and 9, Wales, Cardiff

28 October

Aloysius please organise the bands carefuly and do please see to it that the knights are dressed in black and their escorts dressed in dark colours. The banquet must be perfect and do serve hot chocolate pudding topped with ice-cream for desert. Thank you (August 2005)

Tiny, 13, South Africa, Bethlehem

March 26, 1312

Here is a list of things I expect you to do by the twenty-fifth of this month:
-wash the Great Hall
-make sure the Royal Apartments are in order as the Royal family have been invited
-make preparations for the food (it should be of the finest quality)
-make all the decorations for the Great Hall
-bring in acrobats, jesters, minstrels, and actors for the feast
-also please invite the closest friends of Lord Sherwood

I expect all of these jobs completed and the job well done on time.
Lady Sherwood (August 2005)

Ann, 13, Bellevue, NE, USA


Your job for the day will be to help out in the kitchen for the huge feast that is happening this evening. Be sure to follow all the orders that the cook gives you to do. I will peek in periodically to make sure you are in line. If you aren't, you shall not want to know the consequence.

-Lady Sherwood (August 2005)

Jason, 13, Bellevue, NE USA

March 26, 2005

You are not a servant, so I will not have you do anything silly like clean or cook. Order the servants to get the finest tables ready and give the cooks my menu. Make sure all the knights will arive and send the messenger to Lord Burt's castle to bid him to come. (August 2005)

Mande, 12, Black Diamond, USA

Ye Eighth of August, One Thousand Twenty Two

Prepare the finest fowl, greens, and desserts. Set the table with the finest linen cloth and and use our best silver candlesticks. Invite all English royalty and nobes. His Lordship will be most pleased if the King and Queen attend. Send invitations to them as well as the nobles.
Yours in Faith,
Lady Sherwood (August 2005)

Samantha, 11, N. Charleston, USA

July 10th

Aloysius, my faithful steward, Lord Sherwood was born on the tenth day of July, and it is my wish to celebrate such a day. While this may seem absurd to celebrate the date of a man's birth, I am the lady of the castle.

For the first course, tell the cook to prepare peacock, eagle, roasted hen, three suckling pigs, swan, sixty ducks, and five boars for the higher guests, Lord Greenwich, Lord and Lady August. The second course I desire thirty chickens, twenty geese, a summer salad, the best pear and apple cheese, and please remind the pages to set out the salt. We were nearly disgraced because Lord Tenner had no salt.

The third course I desire apples, St. John's bread, trout, salmon, nuts, rabbit dyed with saffron, and tell the cook that I need the right dyes. It was embarrassing to serve red dyed meat when I wished for yellow dyed meat.

I want the ostrich egg cups laid out along with the golden plates. Not the guilded plates, but the golden ones. Lay out my best tablecloths, and make sure to bring the washing bowl around after each course.

The seating, of course, will be by rank, as usual, but this time, place Sir Ryn nearer to the head table as his sight is going, and he would like to see the entertainment.

Lord Tyme and Lady Olivia have volunteered to do the "mummy", so make sure the bards I've hired know of this. Also, put out puzzle jugs, and make things so that one of the chickens will leap off the tables when my husband wishes so. He is fond of practical jokes, just like the other nobles.

If I have forgotten anything, please remind me and I shall give you further instructions. (August 2005)

Rebecca, 16, Millville, NJ, USA

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