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December 18-30th

"Ahem, I want you to tell the cooks to prepare all manner of food and drink. Organize a hunting party for the 15th.I would like you to deliver these invitations. As for entertainment, hire magicians, jugglers, dancers, tumblers, and musicians. Also for gifts for the children, go with 5 other men to the fair and buy as many dolls, hobbyhorses, hoops, and tops as you can buy with these 30 gold pieces. For our other guests buy robes, jewelery and spices. See if the tailor has finished with my dress-the white and seafoam green one- and I prepare the Yule Log. I shall see to the decorating of the castle personally. This is to be a Christmas Party no one will forget. Now, Ride Aloysius, Steward, RIDE!!! (August 2005)

Emalee, 12, USA

14th November

Dear Aloysius,
I am writing to you about Lord Sherwood's party.

For the entertainment I would like some dancing. Please make long pink and purple dresses for the ladies and suits for the men with black trousers and jackets, white shirts and bow ties.
I would also like there to be a funny clown with a red nose and cheeks, a white and yellow striped suit and a matching floppy hat.

For the starter I would like soup, for the main course I would like roast chicken with fresh vegetables, then apple pie for pudding. I would like a cake with a model of Lord Sherwood on the top made out of icing.

Make sure the stables are ready for the horses and carriages to go when the guests arrive. (August 2005)

Anna, 7, Southampton, England

April 7, 1365

Get many a drink and food, and prepare for the coming of Lord Sherwood's brother, the great knight , the white knight, Sir Benjamin, and prepare the the arms our lord is giving him as of gift. Bow before him, and give him much food and drink, for it is his day of birth. (August 2005)

Sir Benjamin of Monroeville, 11, Monroeville, U.S.

May 10, 1442

The rushes must be strewn on the floor, and the hall well sweeped.
The cooks must stuff the hogs and peacocks and roast them on the fire well; to a crisp; the table must be adorned with linen and set with plates of cooked bread, and the jesters and singers must be called to entertain on command.
The ladies must be dressed to their finest, and the grain and wheat collected from the peasants must arrive quickly.

Instruct the domestics to prepare bedding and apartments for the lords and ladies to arrive, if the case is that they shall spend the night. Prepare all conforts and luxuries for them,and adorn the quarters with tapestries.

Instruct the cooks to bake the finest sweets in the land, for the aristocratcs are of high stature. Fare well on your plans, my steward. (August 2005)

Marta C., 11, Toronto, Canada

5-12-200 A.D.

Tonight there will be a Great Feast.
* Set the table
* Make sure all the cooks are ready
* First Course will a big fruit salad
* Main Dish will be Roast turkey and stuffing
* Dessert will be 2 big pumpkin pies
* Last, make sure all the royalty is dressed for the party! (August 2005)

Veronica, 10, Harker Heights, USA

April 13th

Our Lord-my husband- Lord Sherwood, will need a party in his honour. It is very important that the party will be grand. As such, it is important that you follow my instructions carefully. We must honour him well.
1. Make sure the kitchen staff makes the best meal possible. I will be sampling such food to make sure it shows the glory of our lord.
2. Clean the Great Hall for the feast.
3. Make sure to clean the tables and chairs.
4. Of all, make sure NO ONE tells the Lord what we are planning - it is to be a surprise. (August 2005)

Kristen, 13, Elyria, Ohio, USA

7th of September 1556

Prepare the first course of ham, corn, bread,and our finest wine. Arrange the high table to the front of the Great Hall.
See that Potressed is still working on that new idea of his, the prong eating utensil.
Tend to the gardens
Scrub the Great Hall floor and bring out the fine dishes
Watch over the children and the pigs
(August 2005)

Barbara, 13, Grafton, OH, USA

July 12, 1350

I need the cooks to be working all day preparing the various foods for tonight's feast. I expect all servants available to be washing down the main hall. Unload all of the new dishes that were delivered today. Tell our best hunters to catch the biggest turkey ever in the history of this court. I expect, also, that the daily activities are also accompished such as the daily cooking, cleaning, and the learning my children must receive I will thank you in advance knowing you will not fail me.

Lady Sherwood (August 2005)

Anthony, 13, Elyria, OH, USA

November 23,1431

Invite Lord and Lady Sherwood's closest friends. Collect as much food from the villagers as you can. Do not force them to give up their food, but if they refuse try pressuring them. Go into the market and by down pillows and blankets made of silk for the guests when they stay for the week. Tell all of the servants to clean the castle - all of it. Buy the best porcelain from the chinese traders. I want the villagers to clean the village too. I want to make an impression on the guests they will never foget. Hire the finest flute and fiddle players from Ireland. Tell the traveling troubadours to perform for us the whole week the guests stay. (August 2005)

Olivia, 13, Elyria, Ohio, USA

September 23, 1563

Wash all the windows, dishes, clothes and bed sheets. Then make the beds after washing and give the children their baths. Pick up the children's rooms then set the table in the large dining room for supper. Then in the gathering room, set up for dessert. Go to the taylor's to see if mine and my daughter's gowns are ready for the ball. Go see if Prince Sherwood Jr. will be back from his trip in time for the party. Then run to the farmer's to get the ingredients for the food.(He already knows what to give you, so you needn't worry about that.) Then come back to the castle and get ready for the party. (August 2005)

Layla, 12, Grafton, OH, United States

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