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By Zoe, 11, Scarbrough

Monday 31st October 1480

I wake up and clean out the fire then I lay the table in the great hall for breakfast, I eat my own breakfast and then get on with the cleaning. I serve on the lady and lord for the rest of the day.

Lucy Abigail Armidale

By Eleish, 13, Clermont

I went to a grand ball tonight and wore a pretty green dress with puff sleeves and a full skirt. I felt very pretty. Prince Armidale asked for my hand in marriage and I agreed. My Name will now be Lucy Abigail Armidale. I am so excited.

Princess Oriana

By Amber, 13, Murray, Utah, USA

I am a princess. I have 5 ladies-in-waiting. My most loyal lady-in-waiting is Rebekah. Every morning Chef Robert makes just what I want. He has Rebekah bring it to me in my room. Next, Rebekah and I take a ride in the pasture.

Every Sunday I take a bath before Mass. After dinner I go to the garden. I like to be by myself sometimes. Father and Mother disagree. They say I should be a proper lady and go nowhere without an escort. I then have supper. After supper I sit by the fire and read. Father says that women don't need to read. Only men do.

Last, I get into bed and dream of being a peasant with lesser obligations.


By Elsa, 9, Australia

I am a servant in the castle, my name is Jill. I don't now why but today the orders have been incredibly high. And the worst part about it is that it is so cold and most of my orders include going outside in the snow and cold. Sometimes I wonder why I bother but it always comes back to living in a castle is fun sometimes.

Princess Libby Laura French

By Libby, 13, Australia

It is Tuesday the 2nd 1111

This morning I found a little baby boy sleeping peacefully in the horse stables. I woke it up and took it for a jog. The baby is now very healthy.

Sir Black Knight

By Tommy, 6, Michigan, USA

I am a knight. I went out to fight other knights in a battle to save our kingdom. I am known as the Black Knight. I heard a horse stomping his feet at our drawbridge gate. I knew it was our King returning to reward me for my good deeds on the battle field. My mommy would be so proud.:)

Page Willowmere

By Erin, 13, Hathaway Pines

I am a lady in waiting named Page Willowmere I'm in this castle from day to night except during my midday walks which consist of the same path the same company the same everything
Melody Being a lady-in-waiting is tiresome. However, I like watching all the happenings out my window, such as the bustling marketplace and watching the beautiful horses. I must go now, for the princess is calling me. Goodbye.

Beatrice, Lady Sherwood's personal maid

by Ambra

I am Beatrice the lady's maid. This morning she was in a most unpleasant mood. I was ill yesterday so I did not attend my lady an therefore her beautiful blue dress was not hung and was all wrinkled today. she did not wish to wear her red gown so this very morining I spent many hours in the kitchen removing wrinkles from My lady's beautiful dress. I feel terrible about being ill. I feel much better today.

Sir Speeding Sword

Nelson, 6, Richmond, Virginia, USA

As a knight, I fought a dragon. The dragon was huge, like a bird with wings; he also had a really, really long tongue. I had trouble vanquishing him, but I finally got the sword into his nose, and thus, killed him. After killing the dragon, I came back to the castle to tell the king. He awarded me a prize, which was a special horse. This horse was fleet of foot, a bay stallion, and very brave in battle. I told the entire castle of my triumph over the dragon. Then, I was so hungry, I went to eat dinner. I had bread and pork and cider.

Lady Elizabeth

I am a Lady's daughter


Saturday, December 22,1833

Dear Diary, Today I slipped out again. What with Christmas and all, not a soul noticed. It is quite queer, how Father says the forest is dangerous, because a have been in there a good many times. I wonder how it is that my servant is so friendly.

Mother doesn't approve that we are best friends, being at different levels of society. I have however, intrusted to her my deepest secrets.
1. that I am "friends" with one of the pages.
2. that I slip away into the forest.

I must go now. I hear Nurse's steps outside my chamber.

Princess Laurel Olive

Daughter of King Daniel the 5th. I am better known as Lannia, the young soldier.

Elizabeth, 10, V.A.

December 1,1831

Dear Journal, My new life is simply Divine! Who would EVER guess that my father would make me marry Lord Bouldinswaver! I HATE HIM.

As a princess this would be improper language, but all has changed now. With my hair cut short, I think I will not be discovered. For I, the Princess Laurel Olivia, have become a soldier.

And I think that if my old chambermaids think that was improper language back there, they would faint if they heard what SOME soldiers say! Only Brian Jacob knows of my trickery, and he would not snitch. Oh, what my father would say if he heard that I loved a page! I must go now.

Sir Jordan

By Megan, aged 8, Dorchester

A knight, I fight all day long but in the morning I have to dress and put on long heavy armour. At the end of the day I'm so worn out I nearly faint on my bed. The ladies-in-waiting dress her Ladyship. Birds peep in and the Ladyship leans out of the window and she looks so ridiculous in her nightie I think she must be Aphrodite! But you'd better keep this a secret otherwise she'll have my head in her bed! So I'm warning you, keep this a secret otherwise she'll have your head instead! So I'll tell you bluntly I, well I, I think she is a stinking pig. But certainly she'll have my head and she will, I tell you, and, she'll keep it in bed.

Kim the jester

Zarah aged 11, Brandon

Was to be the jester and to make the king and queen laugh. And if he likes us we couldn stay in the castle and we go to a different part of the castle.

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