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Princess Lorelai

Well today I had a very exhausting day! I did things like watch my brother's tournament, take a swim with Bruce (my dog), and went for a walk around the whole entire castle! The food wasn't as bad today. We had some bread, fish, and wine. It was quite delicious actually. I think I could eat those rolls all day. They were very appetizing. I have to go to sleep now, father's coming! Bye!

Kathy, 12, Collierville, U.S.A.


Today was a very exciting day. Lady Savanah has began to teach me how to knit.
At first it was very hard to catch on to what she was teaching me, but after a few hours of practicing it became much easier. I have already began to think about all of the wonderful things that I can make. I'm so excited to learn new talents. Today was a truly fascinating day. (March 2005))

Aubree, 16, Oregon, USA

Princess Caroline

Dear Diary,
Today was a wonderful day because I got to meet a lovely man named Prince John.We talked until it was lunchtime,for lunch we had some chicken soup with bread.When it was time for him to go home I went with him cause my mother and father wanted me to.We had dinner together at his house then it got chilly outside so we stayed inside. We talked by the fire for two hours.
The next day it was the grand ball, the ball was at Sir Peter's house.I saw Prince John there.We talked as usual. Sincerely Princess Caroline. (March 2005))

Caroline, 9, Manhattan, USA

Sir Johnson

Today I was elected the leader of a huge army.
After that my men and I were sent by the king to march to Wales.
When we got there I spotted the Welsh army in the distance and ordered my men to attack.
They were puny and no match for us and didn't take long to defeat!
Oh boo hoo the puny Welsh lost to the MIGHTY English!
The king and our army celebrated tonight with a huge banquet!
Tonight was an AWESOME night! (March 2005))

Nathan, 12, Bath, England

Lady Aldrich

Today was the most happiest day of my life. People I was longing to see came back from their voyage. My parents and my deariest husband. My daughter, Elaine which was my name before I was married dashed to my husband, Lord Aldrich so I had to go to my parents. They looked much older than the last time I saw them. 3 years before but it felt like 300 years to me. We had a party for their home coming. The cooks made the food that we never tasted before. Servants acted more gracefully than normal. Also Elaine was acting like an angel. Well, sorry but Elaine is calling me to read her some stories before going to bed. What a stubborn child. I told her that I'm sleepy but she will cry all night which will keep me from sleeping because I'm a light sleeper. Bye. I'll write again if I have the time. (March 2005))

Soodam, 10, Torrance, CA, USA

Sir King

Saturday, April 3, 1499

Today, I fell in the moat at the castle. I thought the alligators were going to eat me, but luckily, another knight threw in a piece of meat -- and my life was saved! Another interestting thing that happened was that the embarkment cracked and all of a sudden the water drained out of the moat. The alligators drank the rest. (March 2005))

Blake, Sean, Sherry, Sophie, and Pin-yen, First Grade, USA

Michelle the Marvellous

I awoke this morning to see steam rising from my body, as the room was so cold! I decided that it was too cold to have a wash, but then I went to put my clothes on and they were so stiff that I was confused; until I realised that the room was so icy that it had even frozen my clothes! I hate living in this turret. I am so far away from the rest of the building that the heat from the fire doesn't stretch as far as my room.
I do have a fire in my room, but as soon as I step out onto the stairs the cold wind hits me like a wall. I wish women could wear trousers, it's not fair that we have to wear these stupid dresses in all weather, when the men are nice and warm and we are freezing to death! (March 2005))

Michelle, 19, Leamington Spa, UK

Lady Valantine

I am sleeping in my bed. Then a servant wakes me up. He says 'Cook is ready to serve your breakfast.' When I go down I find that Lord Valentine is already at the table!' I said to Lord Valentine 'Why are you so early at the table?' He said 'My manservant is much quicker than your lady-in-waiting!!'

After breakfast the manservant and my handmaiden took myself and Lord Valentine for a walk. After our long walk we decided to sit down for a rest. (March 2005))

Rowan, 7, Keele, England

Princess Janita

Early in the morning, I will wakeup at 9:00, brush my teeth, wash my face then have my delicious breakfast. After my yummy breakfast, I will go and find my royal dog, Shabita and my cute little black and white kitten, Splendid. They were my 10th birthday present from my King and Queen. Thanks!! I'm really happy. Oh! Thanks really much. (March 2005))

Janice, 11, Hong Kong

King Tom

I walked around the battlements and saw a suit of armour. I rode a horse. I saw the Queen. I sat on the throne. I went to the Queen's party. We ate chicken drumsticks. (March 2005))

Tom T, 6, New Malden, UK

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