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Princess Rose

Dear diary,
Today was really strange. I found a dragon in my back yard. He was doing the hula and singing a song called "Toasted Marshmallows!" Then he saw me and asked if I could be his friend. Well I agreed, But still it was rather strange. Don't you think? (April 2005)

Lesley, 13, Aberdeen, Maryland, USA


March 14
Today we cleaned the horse of the king in his special stable. The horses were nervous because of the storm. The lightning was flashing everywhere. We heard a loud bang! It was the lightning that had touched the stable. The horses were crazy. The stable hand took the horses out. The fire spread quickly. People were getting water in their little buckets. We didn't have a lot of water. God saved us by making rain. The horses were fine. (April 2005)

Marie, 9, Naperville, IL, USA

Lady Marian


Dear log: Today I had the worst day I've had in a very long time! First of all my husband (Lord Richard) and my three sons (Michael, Sean and Matthew) have all went out to war to fight Lord Stephen and his army. I found this quite emotional, as only my daughter and I (Caroline)(and the maids and stewards etc.) were left in the castle.

Then three of the maids woke up feeling quite, mmm… under the weather, I suppose and caroline and I had to sit with them and they were coughing and spluttering, YUK!! Afterwards the men returned home early as it was raining, and I had no food ready for them (March 2005))

Ruby, 11, Hilltown, Co.Down, N. Ireland

Lady Margaret sister of Sir Jack

Today is Saturday, March 12th, 1489 and it is cold, windy and chilly.
The royal kitchen staff made me strawberries and cream to eat. Yum yum.
Today I plan to play with my royal doll named Lizzie up in the tower.
Later I plan to go horse riding.
After riding my horse, I will have tea and lunch in the royal dining room. (March 2005))

Maggie, 7, Signal Mountain, TN, USA

I am called Elizabeth. I am the cook's maid.

I was woken at sun rise by Margie (the cook). I dressed, ith felt horrible, it was so cold, I felt damp and dirty. I wouldn't be able to wash until I found James the fire boy. He brings us the wood for the fire. But the pesky boy has done a runner.
I cooked the meat for dinner last night. I had to pluck the chicken. I also cooked the pig, I had to stuff it with herbs and spices to make sure the lords and ladies didn't taste the rotting flesh.
I was priverliged enough to use the main lavitories, it was very busy. I might it's add very cold.
Well, I must go lunch isn't going to make itself. (March 2005))

Vanessa, 11, Lichfield, England

Baron Von-Crowswitch

Dear Diary,
I awoke with a bad stomach ache, and as I left my bed to get changed, a shiver launched itself down my spine, and ended coldly at my feet. I could tell today was going to be a bad day.
The cook was already in the castle kitchens by mid-morning, and I ordered her to prepare a healthy banquet (my stomach was still killing me). As I retired to my room, I told the maid to assist the cook. She reluctantly did as she was told.
Later, my wife entered and refused to believe my (true) story about my aching stomach. I tried to explain but didn't listen. How dare she accuse me of lying. I don't know why I married her!
The cook is now being held in the castle dungeon, after her "healthy" meal failed to satisfy my wife. I quite enjoyed it, but the wife insisted that she be punished. The meal consisted of horse meat, rotten cabbage, and decaying parsnip . . . . I see her point.
I now have a headache as well as a sprained ankle, a twisted wrist, and a neverending stomach ache. And besides, I'm tired, so good night!! (March 2005))

Jonathan, 11, Lichfield, England

Lucinda (maid)

Dear Diary 26th July

I was woken up at 4:30 this morning because his Lordship had fallen ill and I was needed to help. When I went down to select a nice egg for Lady Sherwood's breafast the chicken house was a real menagerie. A fox had obviously been in the night as I found several carcasses lying around.

After I had dressed Lady Sherwood I was just on my way to the kitchens when a messenger arrived. He and his horse had travelled a long way through the night and needed a place to rest. But he brought a message saying Lord Bishnell (a rival) was going to arrive tommorow with his army. That sent the whole castle into panic.

I had to help make lunch as one of the servants has also fallen ill. There was no entertainment at lunchtime because the entertainers were busy entertaining Lord Sherwood.

It was very hot this afternoon and I had to run around making twice as many (one for the messenger).

I am very worn out and i have to take Lord Sherwood's dinner up


Alison, 12, Lichfield, England

Rowena the servant

Dear Diary,

It was so cold last night I couldn't sleep. I was up at five, on the dot for once and went to have a wash. I had to crack the ice over the bucket and I slipped and fell on the ice. I have a cold and therefore couldn't help the cook prepare the dinners, which is the one job I like. I was sent out instead to buy some calfs foot jelly for the Ladys snuffle. If she has a snuffle then I have whooping cough, which I probably have anyway. On mornings like these I can't help but think of dear Mama and little baby Freddie. I wish I wasn’t sent away to work here but I know that Mama needs the money, and I only hope that Lisel [the second oldest, me being the first] is looking after Greg, Peter, Hannah, Emily, Freddie and Mama. I wish that Papa hadn't been Killed and then we wouldn't have lost our house and live in the draughty converted loft, and then I wouldn't have had to leave and work here.

When I returned I had to boil the jelly and then take it to the lady with a slab of bread and a cup of water. It was hot in the kitchen and the cook was cross. She complained that I got under her feet and then when I did take it to the Lady she wasn't the least bit grateful! Oh well, that’s life. Got to go, the cooks calling me.

(March 2005))

Rowena, 11, Lichfield, England

Lady Tiffy Star

9th February 2004
Dear Diary
Today wasn't that great as it is winter and even though I am a lady my room is not the best, it is cold the reeds on the floor are wearing out, the walls are damp and the draught is getting worse.

I had dinner late today I was disappointed because the food wasn't the best because the cooks are ill so we had a trainee one. The best bito f today was the jugglers and minstrels who ALWAYS put on a good show. (March 2005))

Tiffany, 12, Lichfield, England

Princess Joanna

Dear diary

It was cold last night and bugs were biting my legs and they are bright red. A lady came an hour ago and showed me how to sew a pillow it was very fun. I am carring on with it in a minute, I wish I could go outside and play with the other girls, but I have to practice to be a QUEEN!!!QUEENS are stupid people that prance about in big frilly dresses and dance at balls and have lessons how to walk, and sit. I hate it, I hate everything around me inclunding my dresses and teacher. Why cant I go to school like normal people. I have no friends and have never go outside to play. I have to be all posh and fancy. I wish I could be normal like everyone else. I never see my mum and dad they are always busy in the castle and always saying
"I will see you in a bit honey" I don’t think I have ever had a proper talk with them. They have never asked me if I wanted to be a princess or I didn’t ask to be one!! At least you listen to me!! Write later on today
Princess Joanna (March 2005))

Joanne, 12, Lichfield

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