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My name is Stephanie Drake and I am stuck here in this stupid tower of mine with no way out and I am expected to just sit around and sew, or cook all day.
But all I want to do is go out and fight in the crusade with my brother Robert, but I can't because of course I am a girl and not a guy,which in my opinion stinks.
I wish that I was a boy instead of a girl so that way I could be able to go out and fight in the crusade just like my brother Robert.
I get stuck in the castle and I hate it and I also wish that there was some way for me to escape but there isn't cuz there are guards all around the castle and even if I did escape my dad the Lord would find me and make me do icky,icky choors and I hate doing chores so bad.
Well if you ever find the Diary of (me) Stephanie, then please read it for me.
Bye, Stephanie (August 2005)

Stephanie, 12, Trumansburg, USA


I am so worryed that I'm going to catch the plague,my family has all died from it. Now I'm just looking for a home, and food. Now I can't worry about my family I have to worry about how I'm going to live. Well I will have to go now,bye. (August 2005)

Alyssa, 12, Wingham,ON, USA

Lady Araya

Dear Diary,
Today Sir Orik is going to teach me how to ride. Not even side saddle! Mother does not approve but Fathers says it will be good for me. Later today Sir Jayson will teach archery! Won't that be fun. Against both my parents will, William is going to teach me swordsmanship! I heard that King Elrith is going to attack our castle…I also heard that he is going to well…Um…Take me prisoner. So that’s why William is teaching me swordsmanship. Ahwell, I must be off
Your writer,
Lady Araya (August 2005)

Katie, 10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mary the Groom

Dear Diary,

today was yet another day in the castle. I got up at 5:30am and mucked out the stables and fed the horses. It took about two hours just to muck out! Then at 9am Maid Lucy called for me and asked me to saddle up two ponies and escort her on a hack. I was honoured but so tired! Anyway, I saddled them up and led a pony to Lucy. She just nodded and climbed on. Sometimes it's difficult not having your work appreciated! While we were cantering across the fields a hare popped out of the ground in front of Lucy's mount. I was terrified as her pony sped off into the horizon with Lucy clinging desperately to it's mane! I galloped after her and managed to pull her horse back. When eventually I returned to the stable, I sighed as I saw the amount of work still left to do. And now I barely have the strength to pick up this pen!
Good night!

Mary (August 2005)

Alex, 13, Whitehaven, England


Today I went to market with my mother. We bought an eel for dinner. Then I went home and played with my little sister, Gertrude. She is three, and I am nine. Then a jester came. He was so funny! I had a wonderful day! (August 2005)

Helen, 7, London, England

Malean Starcher

January 17 1219

Today was a hard day in the castle. We had to work twice as hard than before. The Lady has asked us to clean and cook the feast for the King of Thessaly, who will be visiting tomorrow. I had to clean the stables and tend to the horses for the tournament. I'm very excited that the King of Thessaly has decided to stay in the room I specifically designed in his honor. Well I now have to tend to the cooking.
Malean (August 2005)

Breanna, 13, Elyria, USA

Lady Luchenda

Dear Diary,
Today is my birthday and I am so happy. My room is filled with decorations and presents. I wonder what exciting things will be waiting for me down stairs. The maids came into my room and served me a special berkafast in bed. I am so happy I could jump out the window. Well I have to go because father is calling me. He must have gotten me a present like a new horse. I'll tell you about today later. Bye
Lady Luchenda (August 2005)

Monica, 11, Clearwater, USA

Astine Diveechi

April 3, 1342
Dear Diary,
Today is my birthday. When I woke up this morning, my room was filled with decorations. My father, the King, and my mother, the Queen, came in to my room a few minutes later to give me a Happy Birthday hug.
In the afternoon, my parents threw a big party for my birthday. Dwina was there. If you forgot diary, she is my best friend, and is the daughter of father's closest friend.
Father and mother are going to give me my BIG birthday gift soon (not that I haven't had any presents today). They already gave me this lovely dress to wear for tonight, but I can't explain about it right now because I don't want to be late. Well, perhaps I can explain about the dress another time. Good night!
(April 2005)

Ann, 13, Bellevue, USA

Lady Iris

June 28,

In honor of the mid-summer, Lord Sherwood is holding a jousting tournament. Father is quite fond of jousting knights. That is why I am here. Lord Sherwood is kind to my father. It's only a day's journey from our castle to Lord Sherwood's, which we made yesterday. Thank Heaven that no bandits surprised us!
I do hope I'm not misspelling. I only learned how to read from Lady Sherwood a year ago. I hope she will be able to read my writing.
It's the afternoon now. A servant called Mary woke me up, and she had already received instructions from Mother for me to wear the blue dress. How kind of Mother! The blue dress is my best dress, and I fill like I am a piece of pretty sky. I grew excited thinking of a knight fighting in my honor that I barely touched the cherries Mary served me, and those are my favorite!
I was to join the ladies for sewing, but I stayed for a whole hour in my room talking to Lisolette, my doll. I know I'm sixteen and too old for dolls, but Lisolette is always dressed in blue, and she is my closet of companions, among my dolls that is. As nice as my conversation was, Mother found me and scolded me for keeping the others waiting, so I had to pick up my needlework and follow her to where they were.
I grew hungry after a while, and so I sneaked away to get some bread and cheese. I did not go back to the room, but came back here to record in my diary. But I must fly! Mother might scold me again! (April 2005)

Rebecca J., 16, Millville, USA

Lady Katrina

Monday, January 8th
This morning when I went out with Francis to hunt and hawk with the dear falcons, The horses' tails were coated with ice! We had many buckets of steaming water out to the stable to thaw them out. Afterwards, the were very stiff when riding, and refused to jump. (April 2005)

Samantha, 11, N. Charleston, USA

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