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By Nicole, aged 12 from New York, USA I think Sir Dylan escapes from the dungeon by going through the door. I think this because the guard is asleep and it looks like he won't wake up cause he looks comfortable. I also think he will find a key hidden under the pot that is on the stand. That is what I think will happen to Sir Dylan. I think Sir Dylan will go back to his Evil band of Brigands to fight Lord Sherwood and the king.
By Julia, aged 12 from Canada Getting his friend to distract the guard so he can get the keys to open the door. Then he will crawl through the tunnel. He will run away into a far away country that he THINKS is deserted and gets into so much trouble that he will go back into another dungeon in another castle and never get out.
By Robert, aged 11 from New York, USA Sir Dylan is extremely bored. He decides to examine his cell, having nothing better to do. He notices a sort of moss on the wall. Upon touching it, he finds that it is so sticky that he can barely remove his hand. From the stairs, he hears snoring. Harold is sleeping on the job again. Smiling to himself, Sir Dylan gathers up sturdy sticks from the stuffing in his bed. Using the moss to glue them together, he carefully maneuvers the long composite stick up the short staircase. Quietly, he mutters, "Yes!" The key has stuck to the moss, being towed down to Sir Dylan. Using the key, Sir Dylan silently slips past the sleeping Harold and out into the fresh air. Sir Dylan immediately rejoins his band. They leave the area. By chance, they find another castle, Castle Loygood. The inhabitants don't particularly like Lord Sherwood so using their assistance he builds an army. It doesn't look too good for Lord Sherwood.
By Adam, aged 9 from Canada I think Sir Dylan escapes by pretending he was sick and when the guard comes to ask what the matter, he hits him and then takes the keys from him and lets himself free from the dungeon. When Sir Dylan escaped he takes over the kingdom and becomes king of the United Kingdom.
By Abutalib and Samir aged 11 from Sultanate of Oman Stacking up all the furniture and then climbing up by putting your feet in the rings and then climb out of the open bars. Or Sir Dylan can train the mouse and let him get the keys if the guard is lousy and has them. Sir Dylan can join up with the enemies and tell them all the secrets of the castle and then it would be easy for the enemies to attack
By Victoria, aged 9 from Walsall, West Mids, England Doing a good thing and when the guards come to him in his cell he will snatch the keys and lock them in. While upstairs the king is having a great feast. His beautiful daughter Princess Starla is sitting next too him and then Sir Dylan comes rushing up the stairs.

Starla the princess is sitting next to the king then Sir Dylan comes and takes Starla and leaps out of the castle "Guards after him!" the king said. They caught him and he broke free with the princess,"You will be my wife!" "Never" Starla said then the great warrior Lancelot comes and fights Dylan. He wins and takes him and his future wife to the king. The king said "You will die for this Dylan," " kill him!" and they chopped his head off. "Oh Lancelot my darling" "We will be wed tomorrow at 12:00 Starla" They did get married and that was the end of Dylan the villain.

By Matthew, aged 9 from Bird's Creek, Ontario, Canada First, by pushing the larger table under the window. Then pick up the stool and place it on top of the table in the middle. Hold on to the broom, then grabs the iron chains and puts the broom through the two chains. Then he climbs up the broom and climbs out!!! He runs away!!
By Mrs. Gable's Class, aged 9 from Pennsylvania, USA Getting up on the bench and putting the pot on the edge of the shelf. He waits until mealtime. Then when the guard comes in, he takes the pot and slams it on the guard's head. He takes the guard's keys and locks him in, after stealing his sword. He unlocks the doors to his gang of thieves. They dash to the drawbridge. As it goes up they jump to safety, though poor Sir Dylan breaks his arm. The king sees him and calls his guards who surround him and throw him into the dungeon, breaking his other arm.
By Chelsea, aged 12 from Darien, Panama I grab his hand. We walk up the stairs. I check and make sure the guard sleeping....He is! Then we walk out the door. He returns home and he asks me out to dinner. So we have dinner together. And he is out of the dungeon so we live happily ever after!
By Maya, aged 9 from Guelph, Ontario, Canada The mouse started to talk to Sir Dylan. He just thought that he was gone mad because he had been in there so long. But then the mouse left for three days but when the mouse came back he had the key to the dungeon. So Sir Dylan unlocked the door and snuck up the stairs (tiptoe, tiptoe). He finds the guard. Uh oh! But he is asleep, oh thank God, so Sir Dylan scrambled to his feet and ran off to reunite with his fellow jailer's. They start the crusades (the war of the cross)

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