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  I think Sir Dylan escapes by... After he escapes...
By Kayla, aged 12 from Pennsylvania, USA He could move the table and put that by the wall and put the smaller one on top of it and hang on the circle things on the wall and pull the bars that are for the window and climb out. Or he could try to break the crease in the wall and get out that way Try to find someone who will let him stay in there house but won't tell the police or whoever is keeping him in jail and let the police men not see him get out.
By Monica, aged 12 from Pennsylvania, USA I think he should try everything he could to try to open the handcuffs. But if he can't he should pull as hard as he can to try to pull the whole thing out of the wall. Then try to suck in his stomach and try to fit through the bars of the dungeon door if he can't fit through the door he should try to swing his shirt or something to try to get the key to open the door. Then if he gets the keys he should reach through the bars and take the key and open the door...if any of my ideas work that's great. Hope he lives a long life and gets out without anyone seeing, great! If none of my ideas work well, I hope someone out there can help him because I know I sure wouldn't want to be stuck in a dungeon for my whole life. I like being and having freedom! Good Luck! He lives a wonderful life!
By Grace, aged 9 from New York, USA He could escape through the air vent. They find him in the room of Mrs. Sherwood stealing money and objects.
By Phoebe, aged 9, USA Sir Dylan looks down from his bench and sees a metal grating with a hand reaching out of it. The hand reaches up and struggles with the grating. It finally pulls it off because the metal is extremely old. The hand tells him that he is a friend not a foe and tells Sir Dylan that he will help him take over the castle. Then he pulls Sir Dylan through the secret passageway, which leads to a secret door by the moat. It used to be used for escape when the castle was attacked. There was a boat waiting and he rowed across the moat with the hand. Harold does not find him and he takes over the castle with the hand.
By Daniel, age 10 from New York, USA Sir Dylan escapes by hiding a nail file in his beard. First he files his nails. But then he files through the prison bars. Then, he files the guard to death and frees the prisoners. He steals all the princesses' makeup, puts it on and wins the Miss America award!
By Ariel, aged 11 from New York, USA Take the bench and move it under then two rings that are hanging from the walls. Then get the little bench your sitting on and put it on top of the bigger bench. Take your broom with you. Stand on it. It's going to be tall enough to reach the rings. Hold it and pull yourself up. Climb up by doing that until you reach an opening that is already half open. Take your broom and hit it so it opens and climb out! He can run some where far away. Get married, get a job and live happy.
By Danielle, aged 11 from New York, USA He will take all of the hard things in the dungeon and pile them on top of each other until he reaches the cuffs and then he puts his feet in them while his mouse looks out for soldiers coming to see him. The mouse sees some and warns Sir Dylan he gets down and puts everything back. During this time he came up with another plan. When the solider came in he ran through the door and locked the solider in there crying for help. Then he went to steel food from the people in the castle but he was caught by the queen when walking through the hallway. It was back to the dungeon for him.
By Michelle, aged 10 from New York, USA I think Sir Dylan escaped from the dungeon by distracting the guards. He said stuff like, "Oh my god there is a fire in the kitchen I smell it!" to one guard. To another he said, "There is a big huge bug in the room down the hall and the people their keep screaming!" Then there was one more guard he had trouble distracting but he did it. He told him that he really smelt and he should go take a shower!! Because if you don't shower then everyone will make fun of you. No one will want you to work for them. So the boss of the dungeon will fire you and you will become poor!!! Then he ran right out and he ESCAPED!!! When Sir Dylan escapes he runs all the way to where he used to live. But when he gets there he finds out that his family doesn't live there anymore. Now they live 2 blocks down. When he gets there his family is so happy to see him. But he lies and says that they let him out of the dungeon because he was good. So that they wouldn't send him back!
By Georgia, aged 12 from Danville, Alabama, USA He reached into his pocket and found a very sharp rock he used to cut food. He thought to himself that if he used his rock to start to chisel his way out. He could use the rock that he chiseled out to make a shovel. Then he could make a map of the castle. Then he could dig under the castle and end up in the village. Then he could fill in the hole and take his supplies. Then go hide them somewhere where no one would find them. Then he could cut off all his hair and get as ragged clothes as he can. Then he will still be allowed in the village. He decided to wait until his last meal came to eat it. Then he started chiseling. He got through with chiseling. Then he started to make the shovel. He got through with the shovel. Then he started on the map. He knew the place inside out because he had once worked in the castle. But then he got fired because he was trying to plan to take over the kingdom. He finished making his map. Then he started to dig. After he had dug a good way he came back still in the tunnel he started to fill in the hole. After he filled in the hole he took his torch and went back through the tunnel to where he was still digging. He put the torch on the ground and started to dig he worked all through the night. Finally he reached the center of the village it was the early hours of the morning. He dug the rest of the way through when he got out he got his supplies out filled in the hole took all his stuff and ran into the woods he slept the whole day. The next day he cut off all his hair that he could then he took some rags he had and made holes in them so he could wear them. Then he went back in the village. The next morning the guard who gives Sir Dylan his food looked in on him and he was gone. He ran to tell the king that a prisoner had escaped. When the king heard this he sent some of his best men to go look at where the prisoner was they went in and found where a hole had been the men decided to follow the hole so they did. It led up to the Village Square. They asked everybody at the square if they had seen a man leave there and everybody said no. They even asked Sir Dylan himself. He said he hadn't seen anybody like that.
By Ross, aged 9 from Chelmsford, England He stands on the chair he was sitting on and grabs on to the rings above him. He pulls himself up and climbs out of the window. But then he saw a guard. The guard drew his sword but Sir Dylan was too quick and pushed the guard into the moat. The guard was eaten up by a sea serpent! Sir Dylan ran away.
By Lauren, aged 12 from Palatine, Illinois, USA

Lifting up the stool he's sitting on and taking the broom, or doing something with the bars to lift them up.


Taking the broom and running back and forth to push open the wooden door.

He will take a water taxi down the river.
By James, aged 9 from Bayside, New York, USA Finding a hammer because the dungeon used to be where the blacksmith worked. Then he searched for a loose brick. When he found it, he started whacking it with the hammer. He whacked the other bricks around it too. Then Sir Dylan squeezed through the opening out of the castle. Guards were standing right by the opening so when they noticed Sir Dylan they threw him back in the dungeon.

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