My Teddy Bear

By Chido, age 11

My teddy bear, my teddy bear is so cute, it is fluffy and brownish. Every time I go to school I leave it lying on my bed. I never want to lose my teddy bear. I named it Cutie because of its cuteness. I was given the teddy bear as a birthday present, I like my teddy bear and never want to lose him.



The Mighty Daniel

By Willie, age 12

Once upon a time there was a boy named Daniel. He was strong and powerful. In the neighbouring lands there was a rich garden. In this garden gold apples grew. Under this apple tree lived a dragon. It was huge. No one could get near the tree. So one day Daniel thought of visiting the garden. It was a scary journey. Daniel took his weapons and set off for his journey. When he arrived he saw the giant dragon. He thought of boycotting the fight but it was too late. He fought like a man and killed the dragon. He took all the riches and he became rich.



What Have I Discovered

By Rue, age 12

I have discovered that in history Jesus is the rock of ages.
In home science he washed his disciple's feet and is the bread of life.
In chemistry he changed water into wine.
In biology he raised the dead to life.
In mathematics he balanced 5 000 people with five loaves and two fish.
In English he speaks with knowledge and wisdom. In physics he broke the law of gravity when he ascended to heaven.
In athletics he is the first and last ALPHA and OMEGA,
IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION he is the perfect teacher King of KINGS!! and Lord of LORDS!!




By Reginald, age 12

My name is Reginald I'm a boy in grade seven (7). I'm a sports man at my school. I'm also a prefect at my school. I'm a Zimbabwean .I'm looking for a pen pal and a friend. THANKS.

My Country

By Tuso, age 12

They call it Zimbabwe, located in the African continent. It is an independent country once under the British colony, many, many years ago before I was born. Now it is different, it is an Independent Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is not landlocked like many other countries, It is surrounded by four countries. South Africa to the South, Zambia to the North, Mozambique to the East, And finally & my favourite is Botswana to the West. Oh! Zimbabwe, MY DEAREST! MY LOVE!




By Ruvimbo, age 11

What is WAR?
War is very dangerous.
War has left many people homeless.
War killed our forefathers.
Many others to mention.
Many countries had WAR.
In Zimbabwe we had WAR.


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