By Vibeke, age 14, Conally High School, USA

This is not all about me I want this to be about all the people who were there for me and support me through the rough times especially to my best friend Meredith she has been the best friend a person can be and even though I feel I'm losing her she will always be there through thick and thin she will always have a special part of my life. this is to the people who read this friends come like floods they come and go some are strong some are weak but no matter what they will always be remembered. you will always be remembered my best friend Meredith no matter what happens.
Yours Truly,
Smurf Jr.

Best Friend

By Sanjana, age 14, Year 9, The Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

In the big bad city of New York there lived a shy, demure girl called Roberta. She went to Middle School and dint have many friends. She used to be the butt of all jokes and she used to hate going to school.

One day her father bought a computer for her. The computer had an internet connection. She started to familiarize herself with the internet. Then she met Rohini in the chat room.

Rohini was an Indian girl living in Bangalore. She and Roberta were really alike. They started developing a real good friendship.

Then one day when Roberta went to school, the popular girls of her school came and talked to her. They said that being friends with a colored person was below an American's dignity. They convinced Roberta so much that she stopped writing to Rohini and she ignored her mails. Rohini realized that Roberta was ignoring her so she too stopped writing to her.

Then, Roberta saw Lara, the most popular girl, kissing a black boy. Roberta realized her mistake and emailed Rohini again. Rohini was really glad to have her friend back.

Roberta dicovered that Lara and her gang had hacked into her email inbox and she got really angry. She accused them in front of her whole school and exposed their shallownes and selfishness. Then she asked her parents to take her for a visit to Bangalore. She met Rohini and her parents liked India so much that they decided to stay on in India. Roberta and Rohini remained best friends for life and both died at the same age of 80 yrs and on the same day.

The Friend that was Always There

By Kellen, age 11, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Be a friend that is always there,
be someone who will always care.
Be a person with a giant heart,
And when your friend falls,
Let them have a new start.
Let the light of their inside shine,
Let their talent show with a clear find
of whom your friend really is
and what they really have to give.
For a friend will never push you down,
But pick you up with a smile, not a frown

*Friends Forever*

By Janet, age 12, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Alone forever,
that's what I thought
until the new girl came,
With her clothes so old, and her braces like gold, and her voice, so very tame.
The part of the day
she sat alone,
no one to laugh with or talk to,
She seemed so shy, a lonely soul that could just cry, by herself, nothing she could do.
So then came lunch,
By herself she sat,
eating her meat on rye,
I said come sit with me, you'll see how fun am I.
So she came and sat,
we laughed and talked
just about her and I,
and as we joked about and provoked about the friendship we made, a tear rolled down her eye.

Best friends

By Raechelle, age 8, Southend, Essex, UK

You're my best friend.
We're away from each other but were still best friends.
I just can't stop thinking of you in my mind.
Everytime I see you I look into your eyes and cuddle you.
When I get home I start to miss you very much.
I think of you all the time, because I can.


By Sarah, age 13, Port Byron NY, USA

Me and my friends will always be together through rain or shine, wind or no wind, we will stick together whether she lives in Texas or I live in New York. Friends always stick by each other, they don't say what's not true, and they don't say nasty things about you, and when someone has told them you said something about them they don't just assume you did, they find out the facts first.

That's my friends, my friends are the best. They might not be perfect, but no one is. They are always there when I need them to be, and I am there for them. When we see each other we have a blast, that's what friends are for. They cheer you up when you are down and make you laugh when you are sad, but most of all they are just there and that's enough for me.

Are your friends the same way? I do hope so, because if they aren't what are they, friends or not?

Reply to Friends

By Katy, age 12, Cheadle Hulme School, STOCKPORT, UK

I totally agree with you. But some of my friends aren't like yours. I would like to know if you will be my friend. I think friends should be there for each other and be kind to one another. I am a really good and loyal friend.

Best Mates

By Michael, age 8, Year 3, Kibworth C.E Primary School, Leicestershire U.K

Hi! I'm Michael from Kibworth in Leicestershire. I'm 8 and play Rugby. My best mates are: Sam M., Sam W., Ben S., Jack, Jacub, Ben G., George, Arren, James C., James Q., Tom F., Tom I., and Ben L.


By Susie, age 11, London, United Kingdom

Confide I am sad,
She persists,
I am reluctant,
She says she wants to know,
I say a keyword,
She says "Go on, you've started",
I tell,
She listens,
She comforts,
She confides,
I listen,
I feel better

My Friends

By Elizabeth, age 11, Pi School,

My friends are great
My friends are super
There always their when I need them
They never let me down
They help me
so I help them
We will get in to fights
but get together again
We go through some rough times
We go through some good
But most of all. . .
We got each other! !

Dedicated to all of my best friends!

I Never Knew Friendship Until Now!

By Charra, age 13

I never knew friendship until I met my two best friends. We've been best friends for a year and a half. Even though that seems like a small amount of time to really get to know a person as good as I know them, it seems like a century. I love them with al my heart and they love me, too.
I can talk to them about anything. Having them in my life has made me a much stronger person! I never knew friendship until I met them!

My best friend Emily

By Ellie, age 10, Year 5, Darlinton School, Australia

I have a friend called Emily. We ate the rest of her Rollo at recess. I went to her party and had lots of fun. I waited after school for her because of one of our teachers. She always sits next to me. We joke around about our horrible teacher. These are the things we have in common. We hate spanish lessons, our teacher and certain girls...

Reply To Ellie

By Rebecca, age 9, Year 4, Jesse Boot Primary School, Nottingham, England

Hello Ellie I have a best friend called Paige, and we would love to be yours and Emily's friends too.

We are Best Friends

By Eleanor and Eleanor, age 10, Year 6, Jesse Gray Primary School, Nottinghamshire, UK

Hi, It's Eleanor and Eleanor here.
We have been Best Friends for nearly 6 whole years now. But to be honest we have had a few break ups.
Got to go!!!!! Bye

My Sister My Best Friend

By Amy, age 12, New Zealand

Friends are cool,
make you happy,
when you're blue,

People are like flowers,
They come,
Look nice,
Then go,
Never coming back,

True friends are hard to find so if you find one keep them

My friend you know who this is for and if you want to be my friend well come and be mine too


By Alycia, age 11, St. Joseph Catholic School, Lincoln, NE, USA

Friends last forever
They have no end.

The months come and go,
But in my heart you will stay
. Like a present that never goes away.

I wrote this for you Sarah Lien. Please don't move!

Definitions of Friendship

By 3rd-graders, Olney Elementary School, Marion, Ohio, USA

A friend is a person that is nice and caring. A friend does not like their enemies. An enemy is not a good friend. Friends like their friends very much. Erin

Friends should be nice to each other. Friends should care about each other. Friends should be thankful for other friends and share their stuff. Friends should brush their teeth. Joy

A friends is a nice and loving person. A person you can trust. A cousin can be a friend too. A brother or a sister can be a friend also. Brianna

A friend is nice. A friend will play with you. A friend will share with you. A friend is not your enemy. Brandon

Friends care about you. They hang around you. They don't talk bad about you. Raheem is my best friend. Josh is my best friend also. R.J.

A friend is somebody that helps you. A friend will play with you. A friend should be responsible. A friend is nice. Benn

Friends are helpful. Friends are trustfull. Friends are nice. Friends are everything to you just like family. Friends do not fight. Kelsie

A friend is nice, thankful, friendly, is never mean, and is your best friend forever. Julie

A friend should be nice, helpful, responsible, and should not be your enemy. Elizabeth

A friend is nice. A friend is a friend. A friend helps you. A friend protects you. Nick

My friend is Raheem. He is cool. He watches my back. We play together. We play at his house and my house. Zane is my friend too. He is cool. We always go to his house. It is big. It is fun there. Nick

A friend is nice. A friend is funny. A friend is someone that shares their stuff. A friend cheers you up when you are sick. A friend does not fight. Kari

A friend should be nice and caring. Billie

A friend is someone who likes you. Who cares for you also. Wes

A friend is somebody who is nice. A friend is somebody who shares. A friend is somebody who gives you something. A friend is somebody who plays with you. Jason

A friend is a person that is nice and kind and has the best friendships with you. Just like Elizabeth, Mrs. Rowland, Sasha, Kelsie. A friend is responsible for things like Sasha, Kelsie, Elizabeth. A friend is someone that you can talk to like Elizabeth, Kelsie, Sasha, Mr. French, and Mrs. Rowland. A friend is someone that helps you, like elizabeth, Sasha, Kelsie, Mrs. Rowland, and Mr. French. A friend is a person that lets you borrow things, like Sasha, Kelsie, Elizabeth, Mrs. Rowland, and Mr. French. Brittney

Friends are nice people that have fun together. They're not mean. They play and have fun. Zane

Friends are people that care about you. A friend shares with you. A friend will not tell on you. A friend is nice. A friend is one who won't hit you real hard. Sasha

A friend is nice to you. They are good to you. They are not mean to you. They do not steal from you. Wendi

A friend is nice. They are not your enemy. If your friend is your friend, you will be friends forever spending time together. Cassie

Hi Sophie

By Emma, age 11, Year 6, Porchester Junior School, Carlton, Nottingham, UK

Just to say hello because you're still my best friend, hope you still remember me.

I miss you Wendy

By Jenny, age 12, Essex, England

Dear Wendy. I miss you loads. Please don't forget me and please come back to our school. P.S Hope you got your report Ok

Best Buds!

By Kaitlin, age 9, North Hudson Elem. School, Hudson

People- listen up! I have a story to tell about my best friend. Here I go! When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I met my cousin Casey. We played together all day, & from that day on & even now, we are the BEST BUDS! :)

"Make friends, make good friends, make best friends for life!"

A friend everyone could use

By Tara, age 12, Ohio, USA

My friend is one of those people that everybody knows as a friend. She is always there to listen to me and always cares. I'm a shy girl that doesn't like to talk to guys but, she taught me how to be brave and to be bold. She always makes me laugh and comforts me when I cry. We hardly ever fight and when we do we solve it right away. So I hope she reads this and I hope it touched her heart.

My friends

By Owen , age 8, Muscatine, Iowa, USA

My friends are very nice. It's nice to play with them but I don't get to very often. One day one of my friends played some football with me one time. I will get to play with him again.

Where are you Michael?

By Devin, age 12, Ireland

to Michael: I don't know if you can see this but I'm giving it a shot. I don't where you are. I met James he said you moved back to Togher but I don't think so I probably wasn't a good friend. I am totally bored here with nothing to do. I dont play with Zack anymore. I want to play with you. I hope you can see this. I miss you. I miss you from Devin.

Looking for a friend

By Kate, age 12, Homeschooled, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA

I am homeschooled so I don't get to talk to friends a lot so if you want to talk to a lonely girl and make a friend reply to me.


By CARL, age 11, Year 6, Sherwood Junior School, Nottinghamshire, UK

Dear Kate, i would love to be your friend. Have you really got no friends? That must be horrible.What does homeschooled mean? Your e-mail sounds so sad. I like Sabrina and Buffy the vampire slayer.I also like pokemon battle cards. PLEASE REPLY

To Kate, USA

By Layan, age 9, Year 4, West Twyford Primary School, London, UK

Dear Kate,
I read your letter and felt I should write to you. I would like to be your friend because I don't have a best friend. I am sure lots of people want to be your friend. So, get ready, you will be receiving a lot of letters.
Take care, Layan

Looking for a friend

By Rhona, age 13, Glasgow, Scotland

I would like to respond to Kate's message.

Hi Kate! I'm thirteen, almost fourteen and I'd like to be friends. I love to read, write, play music, watch TV and loads of other things. I love Neighbours, Home and Away, Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LA 7 - don't worry, I do other stuff besides watch TV!! I play the flute and the piano; I've played for 4 and 7 years respectively. I also love animals; do you have any pets? We had a dog but she died four months ago, it was so sad. I'm trying to persuade my mum and dad to buy another one, I really miss having a pet around. My favourite subjects at school are French, English and PE. I love sports! My favourites are tennis and basketball, although I also like badminton and volleyball. I think that's all. Please write if you want chat to me.

Reply to Kate...Homeschooled

By Jack, age 11, South Wales

Dear Kate.
I was sad to read that you are lonely being homeschooled. I was taught from home for a while too, I learned a lot more than in school but I was missing my mates and they decided to send me back about a year ago. I would like to write to you and tell you all about life in a Welsh village!
Love from Jack
PS if you answer on here head it 'Reply to Jax'

Reply to Kate

By Beth, age 12, Brisbane, Australia

Hi Kate, my name's Beth and I would love to be your friend. I can't image being homeschooled. Is it fun? I love writing, I'm in a writers club at our school. I like listening to music and netball, and the band where I play the clarinet. Please we can comunicate by this website.
Reply to me by: ~ Dear Beth ~

A friend in need

By Katie, age 12, Sydney, Australia

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a friend. Her friend's name is Zoe. They always fight and make up again. But the girl is sick of it. They share a buddy in grade one. Zoe doesn't let her friend see her very much. They do swimming at school, and Zoe lies to her friend on what time she gets. Zoe is a show off. She is short and thin. She does cartwheels and handstands at school, and challenges everyone at her school and when she loses at something she makes up an excuse why she lost. Zoe's friend is me Katie. I still want to be Zoe's friend. Please reply to me with any advice.

A Friend In Need

By Erikah, age 12, Greenwood School, Houma, LA, USA

Hi, Katie I'm Erikah and I'm here to give you some advice to help you. The only thing I can tell you is to tell her how she makes you feel, and if she doesn't listen and she ignores you then she's not a real friend. Just to let you know I've been through the same thing. P. S please write back
hope it works out your friend, Erikah

Falling out

By Lu, age 13, Brighton and Hove School, Hove, UK

I have just fallen out with this girl who Iused to really like but I now can't stand! she gave me prank calls and blew down the phone how sad is that? and now she hangs around with the saddest people in our school and thinks she's really good but she won't for very long!!!!!!!!!

Chelle r u there?

By Liz, age 12, Newport, Wales

My bud Chelle comes on this page loads. i really like her. I totally understand her and she me. She's the best! I hope she reads this. Your best bud Lizzie!

chelle ru there?

By Michelle, age 13, Year 9, Cardiff, Wales

Yep Liz I'm here! Happy birthday, you are the best! I totally understand you too, and I hope we will always bestest buds! love you! M*

Friend needed

By Daniella, age 9, Neve Oz School, Israel

Hello, I was born in Canada and was seven when I moved to Israel. It's horrible here. I'm looking for a friend who will understand my problems, a friend who dreams a lot and who wants to be a writer. I don't care if the person is a boy or a girl or if the person is older then me (as long as the person isn't 15 or older). I'm going to be 10 in July the 5th. so who ever is out there if it's a boy or a girl I want him\her to write soon. I'd be very happy if the boy\girl was born on July the fifth 1990 and is a dreamer.

To Daniella of Neve Oz School Israel

By Lauren, age 10, Dinas junior mixed School, Tonypandy , Wales

My name is Lauren and I live in Wales which is in the U. K.
I am 10yrs old, I was born on the 12th of July 1990 and I would love to write to you.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Best Buds!!!!!

By Emily, age 12, Year 8, Lake Middle School, I.O.W., England

Hi! I'm writing this letter to tell everyone all about me and my best friend Georgina. She's a really great best bud to have!!!!!!! And also I'm trying to find out whether my penpal is still writing to me. Sam, please write soon. Also I'd really like a penpal on the net from America!!!!!!!!!!