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Devil's Lair from Melbourn Primary School

Slowly, they all tiptoe past the tribe without a sound.

"OW!" screams Ruby.

She falls over a tree root.The next moment Barry picks Ruby up and they are sprinting past the tribe with all their might.

"Get them!" shouts the tribe leader.

Slowly the tribe pick up pace running towards them banging their drums fiercely.

Larry, Barry,Garry and Ruby are sprinting towards a corner for their lives while the tribe are hot on their tails.As they turn the corner into a deep, dark and misty forest, they don't want to go any futher.

Larry grabs the three of them and drags them into the deep dark depths of the black forest.

"Look over there!" shouts Barry.

There is a large bright rainforest and now they are sprinting towards it.

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