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Naming Puddles

Drake the Dragon Cannibal

By Nookmax, 12, Athens, OH, USA

Drake is a dragon born from a human and a dragon his father was named the great Herculease and his mother was named Baal the Cruel one. Drake ate his mother at the age of 2 (dragon years - the same as 8 human years). His father found out that he only ate veggies and other dragons. Drake has eaten a total of 573 dragons in his life (172 years).



By Beatrix, 7, London, England

Cuddles is a very cuddly dragon. She is always there when a dragon is sad to give them a cuddle. Some people think it is a myth. So if you don't think it is a myth and you see a sad dragon you just watch and soon you'll see Cuddles appear.



By Tom, 11, Plymouth, UK

Arty can draw anything and bring it to life.He once drew a picture of hell and that came to life but he rubbed it out and it disappeared.



By Claudia, 7, London, UK

Fluffy has a two metre heart & her favourite food is dust ice cream. Her favourite drink is bubble foam. She likes sleeping under the
floorboards so BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!
Her favourite colour is turquoise. Emerald says: What a lovely baby dragon! She definitely lives around here somewhere. (June 2005)



By Oliver, 7, Nottingham,UK

He sits under a tree all day practising football for the big match.



By Polina, 12, NC, USA

Sweetie is a very cute dragon. She is always sweet and happy. She likes to play outside with her friends or catch butterflies. She traveled to Russia with me (she really liked her trip).
Sweetie likes to help other people and dragons. She is trying to help as much as she can. With others,she gets along fine. That's why everybody knows her in Dragonsville, for helping and getting along with others.Sweetie is the best dragon in the whole planet!!! ( that's why I love her)


Smog the Destroyer

By Nathaniel, 10, Athens, GA, USA

My dragon is mean and vicious. It eats other dragons, and is 10 feet tall. Smog breathes fire and has jewels on his stomach. He has mood swings, and loves to torture humans. Smog is greedy, likes to steal cash, and loves to create worldly disasters. Smog is the king of dragons.



By Lindsey, 12 years, Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.

Starrefire may look cute and cuddly, but on the inside, she's really a fire-breathing beast. She is the fiercest dragon in her family. Her name means "fire of black, starry nights". She loves to chew and nibble on the bones of turkeys. Sometimes Starrefire even goes out flying to hunt them herself!



By Hazel, 24, Philippines

My dragon's name is Mathoung. His name is originated from my country's native language. It is a combination of words that mean he is really flirtatious. His nickname is Mathu. He seems more like a girl dragon becuase he has flowers but he is a guy dragon because he is colored blue.



By Amber, 11, Granbury, TX, USA

Sweetpea is the sweetest dragon. She is pink with a little red bow. She is so cute. She gets a little grumpy sometimes when she doesn't get her way. She sleeps a long time. Then she never gets tired during the day. The reason I really named her Sweetpea was because she's sooooooooooo sweet. I've already said that but she really is. She's very smart and giving even though she's so little. She has a very big heart.

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