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Naming Puddles


By Rachel, 10, Fayettville North Carolina, USA

Normy is an outgoing dragon with a lot of friends. He deserves to be in the cave of fame because he served as a mediator during the dwarf's seige and may have very well saved Dragonsville from ending up as tasteless soup. He also acted as the ringbearer during Emerald's wedding. He himself is about fifteen years old and he has made up his mind to move to the elvin city of Matarmoon to serve in Mary's monastery as a monk. He plans to take his friends, Fuschia and Max, to Matarmoon with him.



By Benjamin, 7, Honea Path, SC, USA

Goofy-woofy got famous because he tells good jokes. He's traveled everywhere, except Anarctica (he does not want to go there). He tells happy jokes everywhere he goes. It makes people happy. His jokes calmed people down and taught them how to get along with other people.



By Adam, 9, Portsmouth, England

He is very sweet. He plays the banjo.
He loves to eat scotch eggs and loves tea.
He loves to play the banjo by the lake with his friend.

The Mayor adds; This is the 10,000th piece of writing sent to Dragonsville - WOW!!


Cool dude

By Owen and Jay, 10, Waterlooville, UK

Cool dude is cool and is a skateboarder. He is ten years old.He is a person who likes to play lots of fun games and will try to make you laugh when you are upset. His favourite sports are football, boxing and karate. His hobby is all of his favourite sports.He favourite music is green day


Rainbow tooth

By Stef, 14, Nullawarre, Australia

Rainbow, well as you can tell loves painting. He has the job of painting rainbows onto the sky. It is a special job, for a special dragon. The dragon needs lots of resposibility to do this job. That is why it was appointed to Rainbow!



By Kierra, 12, Mount Vernon, Washington, USA

This is Funky. He is really cool. All the other dragons think so too. They all envy his coolness. He enjoys listening to music (mostly punk rock) and fixing his hair. His favorite color is green and favorite thing to eat is dragon bites. This cool dragon also enjoys raising the roof at all the best parties. O' yeah he also is the star quarterback on his school's football team.



By Camilla, 12, Peterborough, England

Flutterby is a very pretty fairy dragon. She got her name because she loves animals and all things natural. She is always bright and cheerful and is well known in Dragonsville for her sweetness. Flutterby enjoys exploring forests and helping small creatures. She finds it easy to make friends- you just have to see how sweet she is and you'll love her!



By Thomas, 6, Beccles, UK

Brian is a naughty dragon. Brian is on holiday on his boat. He normally lives in a cave on the side of a mountain. Brian is a naughty dragon because he eats too many sweets. When he eats too many sweets he breathes fire from his mouth and sets fire to all the houses in the village. So all the people in the village have stopped giving Brian sweets!!!!!



By Sasha, 11, New York, USA

Lily is a beautiful dragon she is also the bigest dragon on her kindergarden class. She loves to play jumprope, but sadly her only has two friends everyone elas teases her about being big. Lily can be very emotional, too. Even so she is on the track team and is all ready a star. Lily's favorite place is by a pond in a forest close to where she lives. Lily's favorite food is twinkes and meatloaf. Lily is a one of a kind dragon.


Sir Edwin

By Sara, 13, Cedar Park, USA

Sir Edwin is a fiery trumpet player. He is well known across the land of the dragons. He is kind and always make sure to visit on the king's birthday. He never tires of
playing, and he never runs out of songs. He knows he is always welcome, but he never tires of visiting Dragonsville. He would live there if he could, but he must grace other towns with his music.

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