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Should dragons be a protected species?

From Patrick, 9, Newcastle, UK

Save the dragons!

From Lucy, 10, Newcastle, England

Dragons should be protected because they haven't done anything to us. So we should protect them. Anyway they don't harm us!!!!

From Anita, 10, Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear, UK

Dragons are freindly. Someone should go and say to them "if you protect us we'll protect you."

From Charlie,Ben and Caity, 10, Newcastle,UK

Dragons rock like mad. If we had the chance we would protest all day and camp out all night just for the dragons. Every other wild animal is protected on this planet except for dragons, so save the dragons.

From Lauren, 10, Cullercoats, England

Why should they be, humans aren't especially looked after so why should they? Anyway,Dragons aren't real!

From Erin and Melissa, 9, Cullercoats, England

Yes, we think dragons should be protected because what have they done to us? We have posters of our best friend Dragoney and he would never lay a finger on us.

From Alexander, 10, Newcastle, England.

I don't think that dragons should be a protected spieces because they are extinct.

From Sean, 10, Cullercoats, England

I think they should die because they don't exist.

From Rachel and Derry, 10, Newcastle, UK

We think dragons should be protected because they have the same rights as any other animal or creature. There are alot of other creatures that are as scary as dragons and they are protected, such as sharks, crocodiles, lions and many more animals, these all could easily kill you!
In story books dragons look fierce and scary, but we think that if we gave them a chance they would be loving creatures.

From Christopher, 10, Newcastle, England

I think they should be a protected species because they are creatures I like and think are cool!

From Lauren and Sarah, 9 and 10, Cullercoats, UK

We think yes, dragons should be a protected
species, because they have done nothing to harm us.

From Georgina, 10, UK

They should be protected because they should have the same rights as humans. But with so many of them being killed they are probaly all gone. And they are amazing.

From Amber, 9, West Hartford, Conneticut, US

Yes, because the dragons didn't do anything to us, and all the dragons want is for children to visit Dragonsville and live peacfully and quietly. Dragons are also very cool creatures.

From Jordyn, 11, Utah, US

It all comes down to if dragons are endangered or not. I belive that too many people are trying to kill them because they are "evil" (which I hope you all know is not true). So, I say yes to dragons being protected.

From Victoria, 10, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I think dragons should be protected because they didn't do anything bad to us. You should not hide away because children will like you.

From Hailey, 7, Louisville, Colorado, US

Yes, dragons should be protected species. Even though they are horrible reptiles. You should protect them. Even though they can wreck your homes and buildings. You should take care of them and they will protect you.

From Alison, 10, Monsey, New York, US

A group of specially-trained warriors should set out to the mountains and caves to see where the dragons are. Then, when they find them, they should set up a huge secret hideout and keep all the dragons inside! If they didn't do that, then the dragons will become the thing that is all our worst fears...extinct. Save the Dragon World!

From Abbey, 10, Naugatuck, Connecticut, US

Yes, even though they are not seen around anymore

From Jessica, 10, Narborough, Leicester, England

If they are real then I think they should be protected but still left out in the wild for their own good.

From Evie and Jodie, 10, Narborough, Leicester, England

No we don't think that dragons should be protected because they aren't real and if they were they would be horrible and burn our homes. We think if dragons were real and friendly we would want them protected.

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